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  • +Brasil: Vortex. Voiceprint Brazil VPB119CD. Street date: 09/07/07. +BRASIL is a fusion jazz and instrumental Brazilian band. The group was set up to continue the work vibraphone player Beto Caldas was developing with some other Brazilian jazz musicians. Beto Caldas is a famous veteran of the Brazilian jazz scene, having been played actively with several groups throughout the seventies, among them Pé Ante Pé, with percussionist Caito Marcondes and saxophonist Chico Guedes, as well as with Arrigo Barnabé and his band Sabor de Veneno. In order to keep his work as writer and arranger he felt the need to set up this group +Brasil in 2006, whose main characteristic is the peculiar, extremely pleasing and enthralling sound of the vibraphone, with support from the rhythm section with piano, bass and drums. His writing style leads us through new paths of the Brazilian instrumental music, samba, baião, bossa nova and plenty of room for improvisation. The sound evolves with surprising harmonies and melodies with influences from Tom Jobim, through Hermeto Pascoal to Progressive Rock where many colours and textures are explored through several dynamics and rhythms with a "Brazilian flavour". A refined work with subtleties that please the senses.
  • Adnet, Mario : + Jobim Jazz. Biscoito Fino. July 2011. This is the second opus of this project, dedicated to jazz interpretations of Jobim's music. The good thing here is that the track list presents 13 lesser known compositions by the maestro instead of indulging with another version of "The Girl from Ipanema" or any other worn out hits.
  • Antonio Adolfo: Chora Baião. Sala de Som. July 2011. Through the three traditional and popular styles Baião, Samba and Choro, the pianist delivers here an album dedicated to the spirit of Brazilian musicians Guinga and Chico Buarque
  • Aquarela Carioca: Mundo Da Rua. 2008. This is the 6th release by this much interesting quintet, founded in 1988. Electronics is here used as a mean of expression juxtaposed to roots moods (Nordeste but also Africa) or setting in relief a dance version of Rimsky-Korsavok's Sheherazade!
  • Avila, Felipe : Quase Tudo (EDITIO/LFSA02). 2008. For his third solo album, the guitarist and member of Percussônica teamed again with the great keyboardist Lelo Nazario but also brings in a stellar cast for his project, from legendary drummer and percussionist Nenê to Hermeto Pascoal's saxophonist and flutist Vinícius Dorin but with many more to discover! As usual, you can expect rich and complex musical structures with focus on beautifully crafted melodic material.

  • Banda Black Rio: two reissues of this mythical group mixing R&B, jazz and samba and much appreciated by DJ's who used them heavily for remixes.
    + Gafieira Universal. Their 2nd album from 78 is now available on CD and remastered. Sony/BMG Brasil CSB 664375
    + Saci Perere. 3rd and last record, released in 1980. The title takes its inspiration from a song written by Gilberto Gil
  • Barnabé, Arrigo E Paulo Braga: Arrigo Barnabé E Paulo Braga Ao Vivo Em Porto. Atração 2008. Experimental performance by two masters, Barnabé with his knowledge of electronics, Braga with his mastery of improvisation. Original, perfectly built and much emotional
  • Jorge Ben: Samba Esquema Novo. Doxy LP+CD (DOK225). April 2014. Ben's first full-length record, this 1963 release contains the hit singles "Mas Que Nada" and "Chove Chuva" and is replete with swirling bossa nova rhythms and soaring choruses. Its big-band-style accompa­niment, nicely off-set by Ben's signature minor-tone guitar workings, propels the set into an upbeat and enjoyable listening.
  • Luiz Bonfa: Brazil's King Of The Bossa Nova And Guitar. Doxy Audiophile Clear Vinyl Series (ACV2045). 02/02/15. Accompanied by an unidentified horn and rhythm section and recorded in Paris in 1962 and '63, the album features original compositions, many of them coauthored by Maria Helena Toledo, and features Bonfa's rhythmically charged guitar style and his extraordinary, expressive vocal. First edition of 500 numbered copies.
  • Cerebro Eletronico: Deus E O Diabo No Liquidificador. Tratore. July 2011. This is the third album by this band from São Paulo; post-tropicalia mixed with nu Brazil and pop accentuations.
  • Alaíde Costa: Alaíde Costa Canta Milton. Lua Music. MPB. 2008. One of the great Brazilian female voices and interpret of Brazilian songs meets one of the great composers of this country!
  • Lennie Dale: Um Show De Bossa... Doxy (ACV2051). Feb. 2015. Released on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV) and pressed on 140g vinyl, this album sees singer Lennie Dale backed by Bossa Tres, the renowned Bossa jazz combo lead by pianist Luiz Carlos Vinhas, with Edison Machado on drums and Tiao Neto on bass. The format is very spontaneous and relaxed, similar to an American live jazz vocal date of the time, but with a bossa groove instead.
  • Eumir Deodato! A very special set of six classic albums from the heyday of the Bossa Nova wave is available again in limited digipack edition reissues, released on the label Ubatuqui. Here's the list:
    - UBCD 101 Eumir Deodato / Impulso! Featuring Dom Um Romão. Recorded in Rio de Janeiro. Originally issued in 1964
    - UBCD 102 Eumir Deodato / Samba Nova Concepção. Recorded in Rio de Janeiro. Originally issued in 1964
    - UBCD 103 Eumir Deodato / Os Catedráticos: Tremendão. Featuring Dom Um Romão and trombonistRaul de Souza. Recorded in Rio de Janeiro. Originally issued in 1964
    - UBCD 104 Eumir Deodato / Os Catedráticos: Ataque. Recorded in Rio de Janeiro. Originally issued in 1965
    - UBCD 105 Eumir Deodato / Os Catedráticos 73. Featuring Azymuth's drummer (Mamao). Recorded in Rio de Janeiro and New York. Originally issued in 1973
    - UBCD 106 Eumir Deodato / O Som Dos Catedráticos. Featuring Dom Um Romão. Recorded in Rio de Janeiro. Originally issued in 1970.
  • Djavan: Aria ao Vivo. Biscoito Fino. CD (BF 389) or DVD (BF 137). Celebrating his 35 years career, the singer launches this live recording of a show captured in April 2011 at the Grande Teatro do Palácio das Artes in Belo Horizonte. Made available on CD, DVD and Blue Ray, it revisits many of his classics and hits
  • Do Vale, João : O Poeta Do Povo. Doxy LP+CD (DOK 335). Sept. 2014. JoÒo do Vale was a very important singer and composer noted for introducing the popular art of Brazil's Nordeste to the mass medium-classed people of major Brazilian cities.
  • Jane Duboc: Canção Da Espera. Biscoito Fino. 2008. An ambitious challenge is to release an album with focus on one of the most daring composers of modern Brazilian music: multi-instrumentist Egberto Gismonti. But singer Jane Duboc has the talent necessary for interpreting such pieces and she knows who to get around her for succesfully fulfilling the mission: the drummer on her first LP João Cortês, one of Gismonti's fidel partners, bassist Zeca Assumpção and another Gismonti alumni, saxophonist, flutist and true legend Mauro Senise; and more surprises to discover!
  • Duo Taufic / Barbara Casini: Terras. Via Veneto Jazz (VVJ107). February 2016 sees the release of Terras, Duo Taufic's first album with Barbara Casini, produced by Jando Music and Via Veneto Jazz. After several years of collaborating and touring, Duo Taufic, together with the most Brazilian of all Italian singers, record an album to celebrate the living tradition of a land: the Northeast of Brazil - a metaphor of all the "terras" in the world, where beauty and suffering are intensely mingled together. Duo Taufic and Barbara Casini do this with unequaled energy and love, which is felt in every note.
  • El Kinto: Complete Collection. Lion Productions (LION 612). Same reason here to include this band in our Brazilian pages! Inspired by the way the Tropicalistas like Os Mutantes were transforming the pop music of Brazil, El Kinto embraced their own native music forms'but, as always, they went a step further: yes, they integrated candombe and bossa nova into beat music, but they also added their own notion of "psicodelics". They experimented with newness in all its variety new sounds from their guitars, new types of vocal delivery, new ways of striking the drums (with little brooms, with gavels or with the hands), all very uncommon in rock music. This special slip-case edition comes with an oversized 36-page full-blown booklet packed with photos, detailed band history, and lyrics for this most important of Uruguayan bands.
  • Gemini V: En Mexico (ON On-39). Mexican release. Brazilian bossa-nova combo from the late 60's, this was formed by Luis Carlos Vinhas on piano, along with Bossa Tres trio and a couple of other musicians. This album was recorded live in Mexico while touring there. A wonderful bossa nova album, tracklist including "Samba De Verao", "Aqua De Beber", "Garota De Ipanema" and others.
  • João Gilberto: Bossa Nova! Doxy LP+CD (DOK 206). Feb. 2014. Reissue of the album from 1961, originally released as "João Gilberto".
  • João Gilberto: O Amor, O Sirriso E A Flor. Doxy LP+CD (DOK 201). Feb. 2014. Reissue of the album from 1960.
  • João Gilberto: Brazil's Brilliant. Doxy (DOT501TCD). 23/02/12. This 3CD boxset + booklet with lyrics includes the three seminal albums that have become known as the "Bibles of bossa nova": Chega De Saudade (1959), O Amor, o Sorriso e a Flor (1960) and João Gilberto (1961), here retitled "Bossa Nova!" . These albums influenced so many musicians both at home (Caetano Veloso, Jorge Ben, etc.) and abroad (Stan Getz, Herbie Mann, Charlie Byrd) that they effectively changed the way people both made and listened to music, along with putting Brazilian artists officially on the map.
  • João Gilberto: S/T. Klimt Records (MJJ332LP). LP with embossed cover, limited edition of 1000 copies. 16/02/12. Originally released in 1973, João Gilberto aka The White Album, is a timeless classic of the genre and one of João's definitive masterpieces. Featuring only the minimalist drumming of NY jazz drummer Sonny Carr and some backing vocals on the final track, João spins a delicate web of sound that from the first notes of Tom Jobim's anthem "Águas De Março" has the listener dreaming of Bahia, even though the album was recorded in a New Jersey studio with electronic music pioneer Wendy Carlos at the controls. This is bossanova at its very best.
  • Dani Gurgel: Viadutos. Boranda. Oct. 2011. Recorded live in São Paulo, this album will certainly confirm the talents of this songwriter: pop jazz with sophisticated harmonies and anchored in the many facets of the Brazilian musical traditions, performed with joy and passion!
  • H3O: La Música De H3O (OP-21). Another rare Mexican album from the late 60's, blending bossa nova, jazz and pop music. This is their only album and features covers of people like Jorge Ben, John Barry, Beatles and others. Mini-lp replica.
  • HB Tronix: São Paulo Acoustic Jazz House. Tratore. Nov. 2011. This nu Brazil project is a really interesting melting pot, gathering the best jazz and pop musicians, DJs and producers; the music could be described as a stuctured jam feeding itself in trip-hop, electronic, contemporary music and creative sonic researches, built on the compositions of Pepe Cisneros
  • Hamleto Stamato Trio: Speed Samba 4. Delira Musica. Nov. 2011. Yes, already 4th opus from this trio led by guitarist Hamleto Stamato. With Ney Conceição on bass and Erivelton Silva on drums, he moves between modern MPB and samba jazz, with a melodic lyricism, harmonic refinement and rhythmic flexibility. From well known jazz standards like "Softly as in a Morning Sunrise" to Jobim's classics or compositions by Luiz Eça (the Dolphin), the road is broad and varied.
  • Tom Jobim / Vinícius De Moraes / João Gilberto : Um Encontro. Doxy Audiophile Clear Vinyl Series (ACV2046). 02/02/15. Rediscovered and remastered this LP is the historical memory of an important moment in Brazilian music. Imagine yourself in the summer of 1962. You have never heard most of these songs. On stage Antonio Carlos Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes, Os Cariocas e JoÒo Gilberto, Milton Banana on drums. The venue is the restaurant Au Bon Gourmet in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. The date August 2, 1962. The rest, as they say, is history... First edition of 500 numbered copies.
  • Joyce: Curriculum. Microservice. May 2011. This album is a collection of the earliest recordings made by Joyce between 1964 and 1972; rarities and singles, traces of tropicalia and experimentation, starting with a track by the group Sambacana recorded at the instigation of Roberto Menescal and ending right at the time when she would make her cult-worshiped landmark album of pastoral acoustic psychedelia with Nelson Angelo in 1972.
  • Nara Leão: Nara. Doxy (DOK226). LP+CD. Street date: 15-06-14. Dig-A-Log release of the debut album by the muse of bossa nova. Nara sings beautiful samba, soft and sweet, moody and sensuous, and her sexy voice made her earn the reputation as one of the outstanding talents of her generation.
  • Lenine: Chão. Universal Music. Oct. 2011. New album and new songs, produced and played by his son Bruno Giorgi
  • Lenine: Labiata. Universal (2008). MPB. First album in 6 years featuring unreleased tracks, this is a collaborative work done with Arnaldo Antunes, Dudu Falcão, Paulo César Pinheiro e Bráulio Tavares. The album was mixed at Peter Gabriel's studio in England.
  • Lobo, Edu & Maria Bethânia: Edu & Bethania. Audio Clarity (ACL003). Street date: 02-08-18. Reissue on 180 gram vinyl!
  • Marco Lobo: S/T. Delira Musica. May 2011. This new CD by the percussionist, hailing from Bahia, is the result of five years of work. Produced by Lobo and his bass player Gastão Villeroy, here is a top class instrumental music with a lot of great players like Carlos Malta or Roberto Marques but also super guests like guitarist Toninho Horta or the legendary jazz-rock icon Billy Cobham on drums.
  • Los Dominc's: En Vivo (PL27). Absolutely unknown album from 1968. Los Dominc's were one of the most active combos in Mexico City where they played every night with a repertoire that included bossa nova as well as romantic melodies arriving from the USA, France and Italy. This rare album captures one of their shows (with good, perfect sound), where they perform classics by Luis Bonfa, Edu Lobo, Sergio Mendes or Jorge Ben, as well as cover tunes. Mexican release with mini-LP replica, with insert.
  • Some interesting records can also be found on the japanese label Avant. Like Romero Lubambo 's first solo album called "Lubambo". Lubambo is a brazilian guitarist with an incredible technique and imagination. Or Cyro Baptista "Vira Loucos", which delivers a fresh vision of the brazilian composer Villa Lobos. He is assisted on this record by the two guitarists Marc Ribot and Romero Lubambo, the saxophonist John Zorn and a bunch of percussion players!!
  • Carlos Malta: Prana. Delira Musica. July 2011. if you're playing the flute, this album is for you as it is entirely dedicated to solo playing of the instrument and its various types, here several from the ethnic Yawalapiti origin and the Chinese Di-Zi.
  • Tania Maria is again to be discovered! The Danish label Stunt Records has indeed released on a 2CD two albums until now only available as LPs. Those albums started Tania's reputation in Scandinavia. The first one is a live recording from 78 at the famous jazz club Montmartre. Tania Maria is here accompanied by her French rythm section: André Ceccarelli on drums and Marc Bertaux on electric bass. One year later she recorded a duo session with the late great Dane with the unending name, bassist Niels Henning Ørsted Petersen. Highly recommended!
  • Mariano, Cesar Camargo & Romero Lubambo: Duo. A great pianist and arranger together with the exceptional guitarist interpret here Djavan, Jobim, Clifford Brown and their own compositions.
  • Mariano, Pedro: 8. Nau. Nov. 2011. As the title implies, this is the 8th album by the man; what we may not know is that he is Maria Rita's brother, in other words the son of Cesar Camargo Mariano and Elis Regina. Having used the last years to achieve his independence in the hard money oriented music branch, he comes here with an album mixing pop jazz and MPB; especially noteworthy is the choice of a new generation of young composers like Tó Brandileone, Pedro Altério, Pedro Viáfora (all members of the band 5 a Seco) and the presence of Jair Oliveira, ensuring continuity and maturity
  • Mateo, Eduardo: Mateo Solo Bien Se Lame. Lion Productions (LION 613). Mateo was a Uruguayan singer, songwriter, guitarist and arranger. He played a key role in the development of the modern Uruguayan pop music mixing rock, jazz, bossa nova and local rhythms like candombe, in a similar way than Brazilian Tropicalismo. That's one of the reasons why we put him here as well as because of an often met comparison with Caetano Veloso. He was an enigmatic figure, moved to Argentina in October 71. With the explosion of candombe-beat music on the popular scene, he quickly became a living legend. The first Lion Productions volume of Mateo's solo recordings includes the entire "Mateo Solo Bien Se Lame" album, plus a variety of tracks from Mateo's early solo years. The eight bonus tracks include songs originally issued in Uruguay on the legendary "Musicasión 4 1/2" LP, two tracks live from a bowling alley (!), as well as four very special early recordings backing female singers: two sung by the lovely Diane Denoir, and two by the mysterious Verónica Indart. Special slip-case edition comes with an oversize 48-page full-blown booklet packed with photos, text, and lyrics, which tries to unravel some of the myth surrounding this great surrealist poet and drug casualty, whose decline and ultimate madness and early death have done nothing to diminish his stature as one of the greatest artists in South American music.
  • Mehmari, Andre : Canteiro. Tratore. Nov. 2011. This ambitious project recorded on a double CD is dedicated to the world of songs and the human voice; a host of singers and musicians are taking part in the project, for ex. Mônica Salmaso among the singers; all compositions are penned by Mehmari, surely a name to follow in the future!
  • Mehmari, André & Hamilton de Holanda: Gismontpascoal (A musica de Egberto e Hermeto). As the title implies, this is an album focusing on two vital Brazilian composers: Egberto Gismonti & Hermeto Pascoal and two instruments: piano and mandolin
  • Miltinho: Miltinho E' Samba. Doxy (DOK227). LP+CD. Street date: 15-06-14. Milton Santos de Almeida aka Miltinho has a respectable resume in Brazilian music. Singer and instrumentalist, leader in several sambas ensemble with great success. His first instrument prior to vocal duties was the tambourine. He was member of one of the first panderista vocal ensemble in Brazil combining two skills: singing and playing. And speaking of bands, Miltinho was present in one of the most successful group in the 1940s, the Anjos do Inferno, who came to tour with Carmen Miranda. This album also benefits of the accompaniment of Orquestra RGE with arrangements and musical direction by Maestro Rubens Perez (Pocho) and Nelsinho.
  • Marisa Monte: O Que Você Quer Saber De Verdade. EMI. Oct. 2011. New album, the first since "Universo ao meu Redor", from 2006. 14 musicians are called for duty to fulfill the mission!
  • Morello & Barth: Bossa Nova Legends. In+Out (IOR 77065). The two arrangers have here created a perfect backing for the sensual singing of Alaide Costa & Johnny Alf; but they also set in relief two stars of the bossa nova: Leny Andrade & Pery Ribeiro.
  • Morild: Brazilian Soundscapes. Gvito Records (GVR005CD). Street date: 13-11-20. Unusual on several aspects, this release is first of all a Brazilian jazz take by a Norwegian duo: guitarist Marius Gundersen and trombone player Dag Einar Eilertsen. Reinforced here with bass and percussion, they follow their critics acclaimed debut album «Nordic Landscapes» from 2018 with a new one, delving into compositions by among other Egberto Gismonti, Jobim or Caymmi. As on their first album , the second surprise comes from the sonic coupling of classical guitar to alt trombone but they already have received a lot of praise for precisely making this alliance sound brilliantly!
  • Nara: S/T. Doxy LP+CD (DOK226). 19/06/14. Nara sings beautiful samba, soft and sweet, moody and sensuous, and her sexy voice made her earn the reputation as one of the outstanding talents of her generation. This is her debut album.
  • Milton Nascimento: Anos 2000. Microservice. July 2011. This album is a collection of various special participations by the great singer for collective productions, soundtracks or guesting performances made between 2001 and 2010.
  • Milton Nascimento: E a Gente Sonhando. New album in celebration of his 45 years career!
  • Reissues of albums by Milton Nascimento on the Italian label Water!
    - Milagre Dos Peixes (water 172). One of Milton Nascimento's most experimental albums, originally released in 1974. It can be said that this album was especially suited for the talents of percussionist Nana Vasconcelos, who adds so much life to it. In addition to Vasconcelos, Nascimento works here with some of Brazil's most innovative jazz players of the '70s -- Nelson Angelo, Toninho Horta, Paulo Moura, and Wagner Tiso
    - Minas (Water 173). One of Milton Nascimento's beautiful albums from the 70's, originally released in 1976.
  • O Terço : O Terço Ao Vivo No Canecão. 2005 saw the return of one of the major representatives of Brazilian prog/psychedelic rock, the group O Terço. The show they gave has been fixed on both CD and DVD and presented most of the original line-up, singer and keyboardist Flavio Venturini being the most known of all since he never really left the musical scene after the split of the band and made a successful career in own name
  • Pascoal, Hermeto & Morena, Aline: Bodas de Latão. Following "Chimarrão", here's the follower, presenting both new and old things by Pascoal, one song by Aline, a Piazzola composition and some gaúcho folklore! While Pascoal deals with cavaquinho, piano, 10-string guitar (viola), trumpet, flutes, bass and the usual obscurities, Aline sings and plays the piano, some body percussion and zabumba drums.
  • Hermeto Pascoal E Grupo: "Mundo Verde Esperança" on the label ROB Digital.
  • Rosa Passos: É Luxo Só. Biscoito Fino. Nov. 2011. This is the new and 16th album by the singer, dedicated to one of the greatest voices of Brazil, Elizeth Cardoso.
  • Rosa Passos: É Luxo Só. Biscoito Fino. A tribute to brazilian diva Elizeth Cardoso; Sambajazz with small bossa combo: Bass, drums and Lula Galvão, leading the trio on acoustic guitar.
  • Rosa Passos: Romance. Universal (2008). Bossa. This is the 14th album by a singer today much acclaimed in the USA and in Europe after a lightning speed career! The album offers a selection of classics by masters of the genre: Jobim, Marcos Valle, Chico Buarque
  • Gilson Peranzzetta & Mauro Senise : Noel Rosa 100 Anos. Biscoito Fino. July 2011. Available on CD or DVD. The pianist and the reedman have worked together several times in the past with various projects; here's a new one, dedicated to the timeless and universal compositions of Noel Rosa, who would have been 100 years in 2010 had he lived that long. The duo piano / alt sax and flute is at times augmented with the voice of singer Alaide Costa.
  • Pescara, Jorge: Grooves in the Temple. Voiceprint Brasil VPB114CD. This is the debut solo album by the most important bassist in Brazil's contemporary jazz scene (Jorge Pescara), who has recorded and toured worldwide with Dom Um Romão. Pescara is backed by many living legends of the Brazilian jazz scene such as keyboardist Eumir Deodato (of CTI fame), conga master Laudir de Oliveira (Chicago, Joe Cocker, Chick Corea, Sadao Watanabe), Brazil's jazz diva Ithamara Koorax (voted one of the Top 4 best jazz singers in the Down Beat 2002 Readers Poll) , guitarist Luiz Bonfá (the legendary composer of "Black Orpheus", heard here in his last recording session) and many more ...
  • Pinheiro, Leila : Raiz. Atração. Nov. 2011. The new album by the singer is an ambitious and challenging project, centered around a musical search related to the huge Amazonia forest. Ethnically rooted but with a clear jazz perspiration, a team of great players around her, produced by Marco Bosco & Paulo Calasans, this is absolutely an album to check!
  • Powell, Baden : À Vontade. Jeanne Dielman (JD108). Street date: 28-04-16. À Vontade is one of his earliest recordings and a beautiful piece of early 60's bossa nova and samba. Featuring Powell's expertly accomplished acoustic guitar playing, along with an all-star cast of backing musicians, this is an essential title for any fan of Brazilian music.
  • Primo Quinteto: Bailando bossa nova en el Camichin (VR35). Very rare bossa nova album. Which year it is exactly from, we don't know! Should be late 60's I'd say. The album seems to have been released only in Mexico. Mini-LP replica.
  • Quarteto Em Cy & Tamba Trio: Som Definitivo. Audio Clarity (ACL004). Street date: 02-08-18. Reissue on 180 gram vinyl!
  • Quarteto Novo: S/T. May 2011. One more time reissued by EMI, this album from 67 was featuring a very young Airto Moreira and was one among the first in the great Hermeto Pascoal's discography.
  • Raivo Tafenau Band: Ice On Ipanema (2003). Musicians from Estonia, Finland, Brazil & Chile are gathered in this project to play a different music centered on bossa nova and Nordic jazz. It features among other singer and guitarist Sergio Bastos.
  • Elis Regina: Um Dia. Warner Brasil. Street date: 22/05/12. A joint release on a 2 CD, for the first time gathering all Elis' performances on her busy afternoon and evening in Montreux on July 20th 1979. And here is the extra afternoon concert she didn't know of before her arrival, the evening concert and the late set with Hermeto Pascoal. A great day in the history of music!
  • Maria Rita: Elo. Warner. Oct. 2011. New album by Elis' daughter (her fourth), recorded in studio in Rio.
  • Rozana: Rozana (VR-39) + Vol. 2 (VR-42). Obscure albums by Brazilian singer Rozana, only released in Mexico, the first mentioned being from 1966, I think. Bossa Nova.
  • Monica Salmaso E Paulo Bellinati: Os Afro-Sambas. GSP Records. Reissue. The Afro-Sambas mixed the popular bossa nova style with African musical elements into an operatic story-line in which rituals of the Orixás (Gods) are told. Baden Powell and Vinícius de Moraes, one of the most fruitful collaboration from Brazil, explored the Afro-Brazilian roots of Bahia, incorporating musical idea drawn from the regional Capoeira (a popular dance-like martial art form of Brazil) and the Candomblé (the main Afro-Brazilian religion). Produced and arranged by Paulo Bellinati, the challenge of this project was to reveal the musical language of Baden and Vinícius in a contemporary style, without losing the character of the original work. Going beyond the traditional accompaniment, the guitar parts are so intricate, they could stand alone as complete compositions! They help making this album a true duet of pure voice and guitar
  • Monica Salmaso: Alma Lirica. New trio album by one of the most beautiful voices of Brasil. With her are two big shoes who certainly contribute to lift the music: pianist and arranger Nelson Ayres and multi-reed player Teco Cardoso, here on flute. Classical influenced and generating some magical moments!
  • Jovino Santos Neto: See the Sound (Veja o Som). This is a two-CD set of duets performances that pair the acclaimed Brazilian pianist (and Hermeto Pascoal's arranger with a veritable pantheon of North and south American musicians: vocalists Monica Salmaso, Paula Morelenbaum and Joyce Moreno, instrumentists João Donato, Paquito D'Riveira, Bill Frisell, Airto Moreira, Joe Locke, Ricardo Silveira, Teco Cardoso, etc... Recorded in Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo over the course of a year, "See the Sound includes both original compositions and new arrangements of well-known songs by Antonio Carlos Jobim, Milton Nascimento, Hermeto Pascoal and Djavan.

  • Sonido 5: En Vivo. Zave (ZV-001). Obscure 1967 bossa-nova album by another fine Mexican combo. Recorded live, great performing! Very nice cover artwork, fine reissue in mini-lp replica and with insert.
  • Tamba 4: S/T (Orfeon, CSM-161). Looks like being Brazilian guys living in Mexico, this is a brilliant bossa-nova combo who released this rare album in Mexico in 1970, featuring cover of Jorge Ben (Pais tropical, Zazueira), Milton Nascimento (Veracruz) and others. Very nice album!
  • Sebastiao Tapajos / Maria Nazareth / Arnaldo Henriques: TAP. Vadim Music VAD003LP. LP Reissue (from the original master tapes) 15/06/05. It was in 1973 that the legendary Argentinean producer Alfredo Radoszynski discovered Maria Nazareth and Arnaldo Henriques during a party that Sebastiao Tapajos had organized in his home city of Rio de Janeiro. Impressed by the swing and sophistication of these two young Brazilian artists, he invited them to Buenos Aires, along with Sebastiao Tapajos, to record TAP, which would, during the following thirty years, become one on the most sought after Bossa records - a status that owed just as much to its artistic exclusive Argentinean pressing. TAP single-handedly symbolises the richness and diversity of the sound « do Brasil ». Universal for good.
  • Tibless: Afro Beat Ado. Tratore. Nov. 2011. Afro beat used as a creative mould, mixed with Brazilian influences (samba, soul, conga mineiro), electronic beats and percussion, pop patterns and brassy riffs, here's an interesting meeting of two cultures, fresh, sensitive, wide appealing and surely bound to gain popularity
  • Wagner Tiso: Outras Canções De Cinema. Biscoito Fino. Oct. 2011. Another chapter dedicated to music from movies. The pianist is accompanied by notorious musicians like guitarist Victor Biglione but a special guest also plays an important role: cellist Marcio Malard
  • Trio Curupira: Pés No Brasil, Cabeça No Mundo. 2008. This Brazilian trio from São Paulo was born in 1996 and is composed of André Marques on piano, keyboards, flute and percussion, drummer/percussionist and guitarist Cleber Almeida and bass player Fábio Gouvêa (also playing violin, flute, guitar and cavaquinho). With a direct inspiration of master Hermeto Pascoal (Marques has been his keyboard player!), the album - their third (the first going back to 2000) - offers a music open to the past and future, body and soul, the popular and the erudite. The trio interprets compositions of Tom Jobim, Ary Barroso, Luiz Gonzaga, Cartola and Hermeto Pascoal, among others. Another link to Pascoal is the guest performance of his saxophonist Vinícius Dorin.
  • Tunai: Tunai Eternamente. MZA. October 2011. A rich and super checked production with a stellar line-up: Wagner Tiso (piano and arrangements), Carlos Malta (sax and flute), Robertinho Silva (drums & percussions), Victor Biglione (guitar), Jurim Moreira (drums), João Baptista and Luiz Alves(bass). The repertoire is mainly based on hits from the 30 last years and opens the way to many singing duos with several guests.
  • V/A (Tropicalia): Ou Panis Et Circencis. Lilith Records Dig-A-Log (LR340LP). 28/06/12. 180 gram LP with free CD of the album. Originally released in 1969, this album is one of the most significant in Brazilian musical history, spearheading the musical Tropicalia revolution lead by Brazilian legends Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil, not to mention Gal Costa and mutant rockers Os Mutantes. Not only were the artists experimenting with the music, they were also making a very strong political statement that spoke out very harshly against the military regime in Brazil at the time. This album helped land Veloso and Gil a brief stint in jail and eventually in political exile in the UK.
  • Nana Vasconcelos "Fragments" is not especially a new thing but the label Tzadik released it at a time where it was only available in Brasil as "Fragmentos". This record shows clearly the original talent of Nana the composer. His voice(s) and percussion(s) are accompanied by Cyro Baptista and Egberto Gismonti. Strongly recommended!

  • Vento Em Madeira: S/T. Tratore. July 2011. This quintet features two musicians who have played together a lot as a duo, multi-reedman Teco Cardoso and flutist Léa Freire. It also features singer Mônica Salmaso as guest. The music is instrumental and strongly rooted at the confluence of the three main musical forces that coexist in Brazil today : African, European and Native Indian.
  • Walter Wanderley's Brazilian Organ: Samba É Samba + O Samba É Mais Samba. Blue Moon (BMCD861). Newly remastered, Stereo, 24-bit digitally remastered digipack. June 2015. With dozens of phony, unmusical albums of Brazilian jazz and pop music inundating American record shops since bossa nova happily emerged from Brazil in mid-1962, Walter Wanderley's swinging style at the Hammond console epitomized the finest in authentic Brazilian entertainment.
  • Chico Willcox / Erik Escobar / Igor Willcox New Samba Jazz. Altrisuoni AS206. 2006. This young trio will bring you to high levels of pleasure. With persisting distorded electric keyboards in front, backed by a continually pushing electric rhythm section, you'll be fixed to your chair with a high NRG music full of sweat and heat, melting the Brazilian musical traditions and repertoire into a smokin' pot, forging in front of you an authentic new form of extremely lively samba jazz

  • Zimbo Trio. A boxset of 6 CDs is released by Discobertas and reissues the 6 first albums made by the trio for the defunct label RGE between 64 and 69. Remastered from the original stereo sources with the authorization of the band and reproducing the original covers, here's a possibility of rediscovering the music of pianist Amilton Godoy and his successful trio.
  • Zimbo Trio: Zimbo Trio Autoral. Tratore. July 2011. This album is at the opposite reflecting the trio as it is today, with a new drummer Pércio Sápia joining alongside the original one (Rubens Barsotti) and a new bass player, Mario Andreotti, replacing founding member Luiz Chaves; the music is still based on the pianist's compositions and offers the same technical level and ease as we were used to in the original formation.

  • Itiberê Zwarg & Grupo: Intuito. August 2018. Recorded during the Sesc Jazz Festival, here's a new album by the bass player and his group. It will be launched in São Paulo on August 18 & 19. The album consists of new compositions by Itiberê, a testimony of his still ardent will of renewing instrumental Brazilian music!


    Summer & Fall 2010 Imports ... Summer & Fall 2010 Imports ... Summer & Fall

  • Gilberto Gil: Fé Na Festa. Universal (2010). Inspired by the musical universe of Northeastern Brazil, with emphasis on xotes and sorrel, initial musical passions of Gil, this new album also features a great deal of performing guests, among other Alcione, Gal Costa.
  • Itiberê Familia Orquestra: Contrastes. Saladesom Records (SLD0030). 2009. Still following Hermeto Pascoal´s school of complete freedom of creation, complex arrangements and breaking of aesthetic and stylistic thresholds, the bass player and his youth band offer here their 3rd album to date. Shifting formats, from chamber combos to whole orchestra, new compositions by Itiberê and one track exclusively written by Hermeto for the band. A lovely mature and greatly enjoyable work!
  • Lins, Ivan: Intimo. Som Livre (2010). the new album by one of the major names in modern MPB will present quite many singing guests, from the vocal group Take 6 to Concord Jazz performing artist Jane Monheit but also European musicians like German trompetist Till Brönner. The release seems to be delayed to July 2010. stay tuned!
  • Mahtrak: Panorama. Editio Princeps (EDITIO/17). 2009. Mahtrak is a band from São Paulo. They play a brand of jazz-rock full of references from the 70's and shades of prog, while listing Mahavishnu Orchestra, Caravan, Soft Machine, Jeff Beck, Return to Forever and Weather Report as huge influences. On this debut CD recorded in 2004, they explore the analog sounds of Hammond organ, Mellotron and Fender Rhodes pianos with astonishing results.
  • André Marques: Solo. 2008. First solo project by the young pianist, former member of Hermeto's group. Own compositions alternate with other from Cartola, Johnny Alf and his father Natan Marques. Marques is a raising star and an important name on the Brazilian scene (he is among other also part of the trio Curupira); this album reveals his many qualities.
  • André Marques & A Vintena Brasileira: De Baque às Avessas. Bugre Records (7 899004 724790). 2008. André Marques was for quite some years Hermeto's pianist and there's no doubt that the old man's spirit and ideas inhabit this album; harmonic and rhythmic complexity, richness of instrumental colours, joy in crazy positive creativity, spirited soli are what you can expect from this unique large ensemble, in which Marques himself is hardly playing, focusing his responsability in the composing, arranging and conducting.
  • Sergio Mendes: Bom Tempo & Bom Tempo Remixed. 2010. The first CD is a collection of remakes dedicated to the great Brazilian composers (Jobim, Nascimento, João Donato, Moacir Santos, etc...), treated with the usual Mendes smooth tone, though with heavier hip hop beats. The 2nd CD is a compilation of DJ and producer remixes of Bom Tempo album tracks. Aimed at club audiences, the album contains some radical rethinking of Mendes tunes.
  • Leila Pinheiro: Meu Segredo Mais Sincero. Biscoito Fino (BF 332). 2010. The new album by imho one of the best new Brazilian MPB interprets is an homage to rock singer Renato Russo and his band Legião Urbana. There is the usual Leila intimacy but also more modern sounding pieces with keyboards and electronic programming make their way throughout the album
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    Summer & Fall 2009 Imports ... Summer & Fall 2009 Imports ... Summer & Fall

  • Maria Bethania: Tua. Biscoito Fino (BF 914). New romantic album featuring Lenine
  • Maria Bethania: As Canções Que Você Fez Pra Mim. Filmed in 1994 by instructors Walter Salles and Andrucha Waddington, this show focuses on interpretations of songs by Roberto Carlos; originally released in 1995 on VHS, it has been now formatted to the DVD media
  • Maria Bethania: Encanteria. Quitanda (QUI 018). New album of religious songs and poems. Special participation: Caetano Veloso & Gilberto Gil.
  • João Bosco: Não Vou Pro Céu, Mas Já Não Vivo No Chão. Universal. July 09. This is the first album in 7 years that include new songs!
  • DJ Dolores: 1 Real. Rob Digital. July 09. Third album by an artist moving in the Nu Brazil spheres; this album is difficult to classify in one genre, as it borrows from many trends, from surf music to forró or afrobeat and even Caribbean moods, all treated with his special electronic trade mark
  • Jane Duboc & Victor Biglione: Tributo A Ella Fitzgerald. Rob Digital. Aug. 09. The jazz singer and the guitarist revisit the great American Songbook, in homage to the queen Ella! Apart is the track "Canção Bonita", composed by Tom Jobim & Ray Gilbert
  • Joyce: Slow Music. Biscoito Fino. July 09. Launched under the new artist name of Joyce Moreno (her husband is drummer Tutty Moreno), here's a new album of love songs, written by qualified names such as Johnny Alf, Chico Buarque, Marcos Valle, etc.... Besides the Moreno couple, we'll find bassist Jorge Helder and pianist Hélio Alves
  • Ricardo Leão : Cinematecla. Delira Música. Aug. 09. The pianist, composer and arranger comes here with music produced for the Movies. And the soloists invited to contribute are no less than either legendary players like Wagner Tiso or celebrities like guitarist Ricardo Silveira, saxophonist Nivaldo Ornelas!
  • Bruno Marques: S/T. Delira Musica. Aug. 09. Marques is saxophonist, flutist, composer and arranger. In this album engraved between 2005 and 2006, he musically transits through various rhythms and atmospheres. From bossa nova to frevo, from ijexá to samba, he searches to open many doors and if the basic core is a trio, there are strings and plenty of various horns and reed instruments(sax, flute, trumpet, trombone, clarinets, oboe, English horn, bassoon), at the service of an eclectic repertoire including own compositions
  • Marcio Montarroyos: O Rio E O Mar. EMI. Aug. 09. One of the best exponents of the instrumental Brazilian music, the late trumpetist Marcio Montarroyos was both an exceptional improviser with a much personal style and a fine technique but also a person with a great musical sensibility; this is a record made in the last years of his (too short) life!
  • Pascoal, Hermeto E Aline Morena: Chimarrão Com Rapadura. Originally released by Hermeto himself, the CD and DVD of those recordings are today reissued on the label Tratore. A magic duo to (re)discover!
  • Paulo Moura E Armandinho: Afrobossanova. Biscoito Fino BF 920. Aug. 09. The idea behind this album is to interpret songs written by bossa nova's father A.C.Jobim with instruments of traditional samba like the pandeiro, cuica and berimbau or other instruments of African origin. The album was recorded live and part of a planned tour that brought the musicians to most of the important Brazilian cities
  • Peranzzetta, Gilson & Nelson Faria: Buxixo. Delira Música. July 09. A refined piano/acoustic guitar duo with two reknown and respected musicians, able to provide various subtile sensations and emotions
  • Baden Powell: Baden Powell Ao Vivo No Teatro Santa Rosa. Biscoito Fino (BF 946). Unpublished live recordings from 1966!
  • Elis Regina: Elis Canta Edu. Universal. Aug. 09. One of the biggest representatives of the MPB sings songs by one of the greatest Brazilian composers. That's the essence and bottom line of this remastered album!
  • Simone: Na Veia. Biscoito Fino (BF 936). New album by the singer with a repertoire including new own compositions as well as new songs from Adriana Calcanhotto, Erasmo Carlos, Gonzaguinha and Marina. There is also a new version of the popular hit "Deixa Eu Te Amar".
  • Marcos Valle & Celso Fonseca: Página Central. Biscoito Fino (BF 929). 12 new unreleased songs and a dream team of special guests, from the groovy cult band Azymuth to cellist Jaques Morelenbaum. A true wind of fresh air!


    Spring 2009 Imports ... Spring 2009 Imports ... Spring 2009 Imports ... Spring

  • Bruna Caram: Feriado Pessoal. Dabliu. June 09. This is the 2nd album of this young artist, considered as one of the promising raising stars. Native of São Paulo, she is today played in Japan on important radio stations and the present album has plenty of juices, from sax grooves to guitars or el pianos rooted in an Afro-beat à la Fela Kuti
  • Nana Caymmi: Sem Poupar Coração. Som Livre. April 09. New album by the grand l ng many of her hits as well as covers, like Beatles' "I Wanna Hold Your Hand"
  • Dudu Lima: Ouro De Minas. Universal. March 09. This CD by a raising Brazilian star on bass features a special participation by Milton Nascimento & João Bosco
  • Ivan Lins: Ivan Lins E Orquestra. Biscoito Fino. May 09. Concert recording with the famous Metropole Orchestra. Featuring the Portuguese singer and composer Paulo de Carvalho, the Dutch singer Trijntje Oosterhuis and - coming from Lins' own band - guitarist Leonardo Amuedo
  • Milton Nascimento e Belmondo: S/T. Biscoito Fino. April 09. Finally available on CD, this is the new trio with the French Belmondo brothers, Lionel on sax and flute, Stéphane on trumpet. The three are backed by the Orchestre National d'Ile-de-France
  • Leila Pinheiro E Eduardo Gudin : Pra Iluminar Ao Vivo. Microservice. MPB. March 09. Dedicated to a composer from São Paulo with a 40 years long career behind him, here are 17 songs with Gudin on guitar, a sextet of musicians as backing band and the great voice of Leila Pinheiro (also contributing with some of her compositions).
  • Fernanda Porto: Auto-Retrato. EMI. May 09. This is the 4th album by this new singer, stylistically close to the nu-Brazil genre, a mix of MPB and electronic grooves, maracatu with drums & bass, electronic bossa and samba jazz.
  • Jovino Santos: Alma Do Nordeste. Adventure Music (AM1041-2). 2008. On this album, Hermeto's keyboardist explores several musical styles of the Brazilian North East in his new compositions, including baião, xote, forró, marcha and many more. This release will certainly please all lovers of jazz, Brazilian and Latin music. It features great Brazilian musicians like reedman Carlos Malta or bass player Dudu Lima.
  • Jovino Santos & Weber Iago: Live At Caramoor. Adventure Music (AM1041-2). 2009. In this concert at the Caramoor Jazz Festival, Katonah, New York on July 28, 2007, magical moments were captured in the musical exchanges between Hermeto's pianist and Weber Iago (also pianist). The hand crafted Fazioli pianos which they played sounded as if the notes were always meant to paint songs into sonic canvases. And there was that ultimate moment of absolute magic when Joe Lovano joined them on stage to bring the great Brazilian master Antonio Carlos Jobim back to life with a stirring rendition of "Wave".
  • Mauro Senise: Lua Cheia. Biscoito Fino. April 09. A double goal is to be found behind this project. First, the legendary Brazilian saxophonist and flutist wanted to interpret with his quartet the music of Sueli Costa. Secondly he wanted to pay homage to the music of Dolores Duran. Having both of them on one CD was the biggest possible tribute to those two main women and composers
  • Cuca Teixeira, Thiago E. Santo E Kiko Loureiro : Neural Code. Trattore. June 09. This trio consists of guitarist Kiko Loureiro, together with bass player Thiago Espírito Santo and drummer /percussionist Cuca Teixeira. This instrumental work bears elements of fusion, jazz, rock and Brazilian music
  • Claudia Telles: Quem Sabe Você. Lua Music. June 09. An album with a refined jazz atmosphere, offering the best of bossa nova with hits by Vinicius de Moraes, Carlos Lyra, Edu Lobo, Rosa Passos, Toquinho, as well as unreleased songs by Johnny Alf & Roberto Menescal and the special participation of Emilio Santiago
  • Wagner Tiso: Samba & Jazz. Microservice. Feb. 09. 12 tracks symetrically divided into sambas and jazz tunes and their biggest interprets, from Chico Buarque to John Coltrane, just to pick two possibilities
  • Caetano Veloso: Caetano Veloso 83-94. Universal. May 09. Monumental 11CDs boxset including the following albums: Uns (1983), Velô (1984), Totalmente Demais (1986), Caetano Veloso (1986), Caetano (1987), Estrangeiro (1989), Circuladô (1991), Circulado Vivo - a double album (1992), Tropicália 2 - Caetano e Gilberto Gil (1993), Fina Estampa (1994) and an album of rarities: Certeza da Beleza - Raridades
  • Brazilian Imports from late 2007 to Spring 2008

  • 8VB: Amicizia. Delira Música. 8VB is a duo project conceived by composer and bass player Bruno Migliari and guitarist and composer Chester Harlan. The word Amicizia means friendship, in Italian. And that friendship is what the duo celebrates through the eleven tracks of this 8VB debut album. Amicizia has also special guests performing on piano, drums and saxophones. Jazz fusion with a Brazilian touch, not unlike some of the releases made on Som Da Gente in the 80's
  • Adnet, Muiza: As Canções De Moacir Santos. Biscoito Fino. This is the first solo album by this carioca singer who chose to interpret and arrange songs by another great arranger, Moacir Santos, also playing on the album. Special guests include Milton Nascimento & Ivan Lins but the long list of players also features great names like guitarist Ricardo Silveira or saxophonist Zé Nogueira, to name just a few.
  • Borger, Ari: AB4. ST2 Records. AB4 stands for Ari Borger Quartet. He's a pianist fond of soul jazz, blues and funk, Rhodes and Hammond, urban and industrial Brazilian music. Electro jazz or soul jazz with plenty of references taken from USA and Brasil
  • Alexandre Caldi: Festeiro. Delira Música. This is the debut album by this musician playing all kind of saxes and flutes. He has backed many of the greatest MPB artists, been a member of the band Libertango, dedicated of course to the music of Astor Piazzolla, worked as arranger, etc... The music of this album has a festive character and a certain regional colour with plenty of typical percussion, his brother Marcelo on accordion, one tune by Jacob do Bandolim, a varied instrumentation
  • Companhia Estadual De Jazz: Via Bahia. Rob Digital. Quintet formed by pianist Sergio Fayne , saxophonist (tenor, soprano) and flutist Guilherme Vianna , guitarist Fernando Clark , drummer Chico Pessanha and bassist Reinaldo. Several guests appear as well on percussion, trumpet, trombone and sax
  • Gal Costa: Live at the Blue Note. EMI. Recorded in May 2006, this is a concert focusing on rereadings of the bossa nova great classics with an acoustic combo of sopran sax and flute, violão, acoustic bass and drums
  • Mauricio Einhorn: Travessuras. Delira Música. One of the most fantastic musicians ever produced in Brazil, Mauricio Einhorn is a master of improvisation and harmonica. From the 70's on, his name became synonymous of creativity and good taste, a myth between the musicians. With this album, recorded in 2007, Mauricio rebuilts his composer trademark after a rather long absence from the scene. Produced by Ricardo Leão, the CD features the arranger talents of great names like Cesar Camargo Mariano or Vittor Santos. Great names also flourish among the musicians, from guitarist Ricardo Silveira to the ex member of Pat Metheny's group, percussionist Armando Marçal or the special participation of saxophonist Leo Gandelman and so many more yet!
  • Mauricio Einhorn: Conversa de Amigos 2. Delira Música. Another fresh recording focusing on jazz standards and presenting us Mauricio's quartet, featuring bassist Luis Alvez, drummer João Cortez and pianist/keyboardist Alberto Chimelli
  • Fabio Fonseca Trio: Opus Samba. Jazz Station Records. Fabio's playing Hammond, clavinet D6, ARP Omni, Sequential Pro-One synth and Fender Rhodes; although he vocalizes just a bit, the main focus here is on his soaring keyboard lines and on the nostalgic 70's! Opus Samba also delivers funk, jazz, fusion, thanks to the great rhythm section of Pedro Leão on electric bass and Mac William on drums as well as a few guests
  • Tom Jobim: Tom Jobim Ao Vivo Em Montreal. Biscoito Fino. Previously launched as DVD and now as CD, this is taken from the Montreal Jazz Festival in 1986.
  • Ivan Lins: Saudade De Casa. WEA. This new release is available as CD and DVD and is dedicated to the rereading of old songs by Lins, set up in newer and more modern sounding arrangements. This unformal atmosphere opens the door to various guests, from his own son Cláudio to good friends like singer Leila Pinheiro or legendary figures like Chico Buarque.
  • Henrique Lissovsky : Tem Sambajazz Na Belazul. Delira Música. This is the debut album for the label by this acoustic guitar player, recently crowned as winner of the 11th Carrefour Mondial de la Guitare in the jazz category. This album features many top players like drummer Ivan Conti (Azymuth), reedman and unavoidable Mauro Senise, the great legendary drummer Robertinho Silva and bassist Paulo Russo. The CD also includes some live tracks.
  • Orquestra Popular De Câmara: S/T. Nucleo Contemporãneo NC 008. Orquestra Popular de Câmara brings a new sonority to the Brazilian musical universe by the encounter of contemporary and traditional world. Going from instruments typically connected to the urban culture, as the saxophone, piano, cello and bass to the rural sound of the viola caipira, mandolin, accordion, zabumba and pífanos, they are one of the best offers in modern instrumental music. They form a collective of 12 musicians who individually are all reknown or have worked with the best people around; pianist Benjamim Taubkin and the great Teco Cardoso (flute, saxes, bamboo flutes) are probably among the most known, together with the beautiful voice of singer Monica Salmaso; special guest on the record is the percussionist Nana Vasconcelos; this is a reissue of their first album
  • Orquestra Sinfônica Do Estado De São Paulo: Banda Mantiqueira com Mônica Salmaso. Biscoito Fino. This live meeting between the singer, Nailor Azevedo's band and the symphonic orchestra of São Paulo was presented to the audience in december 2006 and captured on tapes for CD release. This is a unique experience worth the listening!
  • Chico Pinheiro E Anthony Wilson : Nova. Buriti Records. New project by the two musicians and with the special participation of Dori Caymmi, César Camargo Mariano and Ivan Lins
  • Leila Pinheiro E Roberto Menescal: Agarradinhos. EMI. CD and DVD. An intimistic show - piano, guitar and voice - by two great song composers and performers, caught in 2006 at Leila's home in Rio and meant as a tribute to the traditional carioca samba school. 6 songs are unreleased.
  • Mônica Salmaso: Nem 1 Ai. Bicoito Fino (PB050). Those 11 tracks recorded in 2000 and composed by a host of people (Guinga & Aldir Blanc, Tom Jobim & Vinicius de Moraes, Dorival Caymmi, Villa-Lobos & Dora Vasconcelos, J. Cascata, Monsueto Menezes & Arnaldo Passos, DP, Rodolfo Stroeter & Gilberto Gil, Milton Nascimento & Fernando Brant, Monsueto Menezes & Arnaldo Passos, Chico Buarque), are finally released and available! As usual, the faithful Rodolfo Stroeter is part of the team as well as drummer Tutty Moreno and a few more
  • Dom Salvador: S/T. Biscoito Fino. The first record in 35 years by this legendary pianist and arrangers, master of samba jazz! His new opus takes its roots in the old Rio 65 Trio, which included drummer Édison Machado . This is a highly charged Afro-Brazilian jazz record, a mixture of samba, bossa-nova but also regional and lesser known styles such as maxixe, cateretê, baião. All wrapped in jazz!
  • Ricardo Silveira: Outro Rio. Universal. An almost acoustic album featuring among other João Donato on piano, cellist Jaques Morelembaum , percussionist Armando Marçal (ex member of Pat Metheny's group) but also blowers (tenor sax, clarinet) and a guest female vocalist
  • Wagner Tiso: Da Sanfona À Sinfonica. Universal. This 4 CDs boxset aims at give us a complete picture of all facets of musician, composer, arranger Wagner Tiso. The tracks are selected from his own albums as well as others, some of them being today rarities. This collection is therefore for those who know and appreciate Wagner Tiso and want to complete their knowledge about his work
  • Paula Toller: Sónós. WEA. 2nd solo album by the singer of Kid Abelha. Life goes on and Paula has one more time tied up a bunch of songs, carefully produced and crossing various areas, topics and music styles. She wants to touch or disturb us with wildly different emotions and she has the voice to achieve exactly this, be it saudade or jumping 60's feber.
  • Spring check 2007 .... Latest Import Releases .... Latest Import Releases .... Lat

  • Monica Salmaso: Noites de Gala, Samba na Rua. This new record (her 4th I think) by the singer has the supreme advantage of a fantastic backing band: no less than Pau Brasil! The arrangements provided by pianist Nelson Ayres fit perfectly with the musical sensitivity of Monica and the band's perfect playing lift the songs and music to new heights! Again this time, the production is due to bassist Rodolfo Stroeter
  • Nana Vasconcelos: Trilhas. Azul Music AMCD432. A collection of unreleased music composed and produced for soundtracks, documentaries, choreography and theater
  • Autumn check 2006 .... Latest Import Releases .... Latest Import Releases ....

  • Leny Andrade & Romero Lubambo: Lua Do Arpoador. Biscoito Fino. The Brazilian jazz diva with great scat singing meets here the precise and virtuous guitar playing of Romero. Their program is made of great bossa nova tunes, some of them being even still unreleased, like the title tune due to the collaboration work of Ivan Lins & Ronaldo Monteiro de Souza
  • Apollo Nove: Res Inexplicata Volans. Ziguiboom / Crammed Discs. 2006. The new generation meets the old! The producers of Cibelle offer here a project filled of various atmospheres, from psychedelic rock or folk to dark electronic. They spice the whole thing by calling for veterans of the 70's scene, like guitarist Lanny Gordin, whho played in so many records of tropicalism, drummer João Parahyba, today member of the well known Trio Mocotó. And there's a host of invited singers as well ....
  • Juliana Aquino: Disco Bossa. FNM/Universal. Disco hits ( Gloria Gaynor, Donna Summer, etc...) rearranged for bossa interpretations and the sensual voice of Juliana. Doing the work are many known professional actors of the Brazilian scene like reedman Leo Gandelman or new bossa nova singer Celso Fonseca.
  • Marcos Ariel: 4 friends. Delira Musica. Instrumental contemporary jazz by a group which somehow is a reformation of the Banda Zil, an outfit which functioned with much success between 1986 and 1991. This features guitarist Ricardo Silveira, bassist João Baptista and drummer Jurim Moreira .
  • Assas, Sergio & Odair : Two concertos For 2 Guitars. Rob Digital. Unreleased work performed with the assistance of the "Orquestra Sinfônica de St. Galles da Suiça" under the direction of the prestigious and much acclaimed in Brazil John Neschling
  • Assumpção, Marcos: S/T. 4th CD by a musician who offers here a 100% MPB release with the help of many colleagues, well or lesser known inside MPB (Popular Brazilian Music), like guitarist Victor Biglione for just quoting one. The instrumentation is rich, from brass to strings to percussion and accordion.
  • Maria Bethânia: Mar De Sophia. Biscoito Fino. Oct. 06. New album based on the poetry of writer Sophia de Mello Breyner.
  • Marcelo Caldi: Nesse Tempo. Musica Delira. Pianist, accordeonist, singer, composer and arranger, Marcelo Caldi is known for his participation as full member of the vocal group Garganta Profunda and the group LiberTango. Here is his work as composer with some of the most prominent young musicians from Rio. He offers a well balanced album, from popular to intellectual, elegantly crossing both the Brazilian and Argentinean cultures
  • Gustavo Carvalho: Arquipélago. Delira Musica. MPB album by a bass player who here comes with his first work as composer, arranger and producer. Many guests are invited, among other Milton Nascimento. Fresh melodies, serious sound research, a jazz-rock feel, all this contribute to a promising debut album!
  • Dori Caymmi & Joyce: Rio - Bahia. Biscoito Fino. A collection of good songs, some unreleased tracks being due to the pen writing of the tandem Carlos Lyra & Chico Buarque, other being recreations of older stuff. Noteworthy is the important presence on many tracks of US pianist Kenny Werner, alongside Joyce's usual partners, from drummer and husband Tutty Moreno to Teco Cardoso & Rodolfo Stroeter. This CD is also available on the British label Far Out Records.
  • Lica Cecato & Romero Lubambo: Live in Europe. Universal/Seven. The great popular Brazilian songbook interpreted by a contralto singer and one of the best guitar players in this country, giving the album a jazz touch.
  • Hector Costita Sexteto: Impacto. Som Livre. Remastered release of the '64 LP, which offered mostly some Jobim tunes, own compositions by costita and one composition by Horace Silver
  • Echosystem: Madaga. Presence Records. Due to release for January-February 2007. Echosystem is a 7-piece orchestra from Helsinki, playing funky tunes spiced up with sunny Brazilian rhythms. In a fresh way, they combine the Brazilian tradition with jazz, funk and contemporary club music producing a unique sound that varies from stylish/hip/chic latinjazz to hectic breakbeat. The band´s catchy groove is made up of sweet vocals accompanied by an improvising rhythm section with colourful flute and saxophone solos as the icing on the cake.
  • Leo Gandelman: Radamés E O Sax. Biscoito Fino. A special project by the saxophonist: the 100 years birthday of composer Radamés Gnattali, who brought a modern language to the Brazilian saxophone. Gandelman selected some of his works for alto or tenor. Let's also note the guesting of singer Zélia Duncan on the record!
  • Gilberto Gil: Gil Luminoso. Biscoito Fino. Reissue of a '99 album showing various aspects of his personality and background: tropicalism, philosophical, political and humanist
  • Francis Hime: Arquitetura Da Flor. Biscoito Fino. This digipack CD contains a very relaxed music by one of Brazil's great writers; simple, sung gently with this typical Brazilian sweet and lowered voice and played on piano with small combo backing which work fresh and spontaneous .
  • Itiberê Orquestra Familia: Calendário Do Som. Maritaca. 2nd album by this enormous band gathering the best young Brazilian musicians (27!) under the leadership of Hermeto Pascoal's bass player. The music is of course marked by Hermeto's spirit.
  • Jobim, Antonio Carlos : The Prime Of Antonio Carlos Jobim. 3CD boxset released on the label DBK Works. It comprises the 3 following albums released on Warner: The Wonderful World of Antonio Carlos Jobim (1965), Love, Strings & Jobim (1966), A Certain Mr. Jobim (1967). The first pairs Jobim to good effect with Sinatra's longtime arranger Nelson Riddle. On the 2nd album, Eumir Deodato lends his arranging skills. This is first of all a set for fans of Brazilian, Latin jazz, Bossa Nova, easy listening and lounge.
  • Jobim, Tom: Ao Vivo Em Montreal. Biscoito Fino. DVD. From the festival in 1986 where he had lined up a great band featuring cellist Jaques Morelenbaum, drummer Paulo Braga, flutist Danilo Caymmi. As bonus, there is an interview of Jobim at his home in 1981
  • Rita Lee: Rita Lee Jones. Trama Rock. DVD. This is the performance of a show recorded for the TV station Globo Channel in 1981. The drummer in her band at that time was no less than Ivan Conti, who is mostly known today as a vital part of the fusion band Azymuth!
  • Lenine: Acústico MTV. Sony/BMG. 7th album by one of the big names in today's Brazilian music. Lenine covers here with passion a broad repertory by various Brazilian composers
  • Lins, Ivan: Acariocando. EMI 2006. New album with great compositions showing a renewal of energy and inspiration in the writing! Several singers are also invited for vocal duos
  • Lúdica Música: Então Eu Canto E Não Sei Para Onde As Coisas Vão. Tratore. Led by Rosana and Isabella, this band offers a rather entertaining and eclectic music (from MPB to reggae) and the participation of Ivan Lins, coming here with two unreleased compositions!
  • Meirelles, Pascoal: Quarenta. Rob Digital. This is actually a compilation album presenting the drummer's work throughout time and albums, with his own trio or sextet as well as with the jazz-rock band Cama De Gato. Half of the material being currently out of print on the original releases, this compilation may be a good choice for anyone willing to check out a versatile and very solid drummer.
  • Ed Motta: Ao Vivo. Trama. Double CD by one of the most followed actors of the new Brazilian scene
  • Lelo Nazario: Africasiamerica. Editio Princeps Editio/10. 2006. For Africasoiamerica, his first solo CD in eight years, Lelo takes a bow to the rich cultures which developed in those continents and stayed pretty much alive, even with centuries of imposition of European culture. It was all absorbed and became something else... Several keyboards wander over complex rythmic structures, taking the listener through an exciting musical journey. Lelo has a career spanning four decades and is known for his work in the contemporary classical and avant-garde jazz fields. He was together with his brother Zé Eduardo and bass player Zeca Assumpção one of the founding members of Grupo Um. He also joined the jazz-rock band Pau Brasil for several albums, after the release of his solo album "Se". There are few players like him who really dedicate themselves in depth to keyboards instruments and their sonic possibilities!
  • Nosso Trio: Vento Bravo. Delira Musica. CD + DVD. Guitarist Nelson Faria (author of the great book "The Brazilian Guitar Book", published by Sher Music) is a very respected player and pedagog in Brazil. Together with bassist Ney Conceição and drummer Kiko Freitas, they form the Nosso Trio, a band who has been accompanying for quite some time veteran João Bosco but also toured paralelly for themselves. Being alert players on their instruments and having gained a natural empathy by playing so much together, the result is a well forged CD consisting of improvisations on own compositions or well known tunes. The DVD was filmed at the Maria Clara Machado Theater, Rio, on November 1, 2005. It also contains comments by João Bosco, Leila Pinheiro and Leny Andrade.
  • Hermeto Pascoal & Aline Morena: Chimarrão Con Rapaduro. Produced on his own label, this is a double release, CD and DVD, presenting the new duo work of Hermeto and his younger wife Aline. her mainly contribution is singing but she also plays on piano, acoustic guitar and percussion. Those buying the DVD will also benefit from her dancing! While Hermeto is as usual everywhere, from cavaquinho to piano, accordion, bandoneon, flute or various other oddities specific to his always inventive mind. Hermeto is composing most of the music. The show is taken from a workshop they gave in London.
  • Pereira, Marco: Camerístico. Biscoito Fino BF676. For his first as composer and orchestral arranger, the guitarist calls for 3 different formations from trio to quartet to quintet, thus giving an increasing dynamic to the album.
  • Elis Regina: Elis: Os Primeiros Anos. Som Livre. This 2CD is a remastered release of the singer's two first albums: "Viva a Brotolândia" from 1961 and "Poema de Amor" from 1962, originally released as LPs. In 1961, Elis was only 16 years old!
  • Vittor Santos: Renovando As Considerações. Biscoito Fino. A broad rereading of many composers, from Moacir Santos to Ian Guest via Joyce, Idriss Boudrioua, Mario Adnet and Fernando Clark. Rich instrumentation (sax, trombone, toquote but a few), incursions into choro with guesting by Hamilton de Holanda, and more yet to discover
  • UFR Jazz Ensemble: Paisagens Do Rio. Rob Digital. This band has existed in 10 years and they celebrate this by releasing an album full of great instrumental music by composers such as Hermeto Pascoal, Francis Hime, Wagner Tiso. They also invite a hell of special guests: Guinga, Jovino Santos, Carlos Malta, Gilson Peranzzetta, Nivaldo Ornelas, Thiago Trajano and Henrique Band. Woow!
  • Caetano Veloso: Caetano Veloso 67/74. Universal. Boxset lovers, this one is for you! 11CDs here to cover the production of this period. The albums belong of course history and are already known by the collectors. They are entirely remastered and there is one CD of rarities with texts and unreleased photos.
  • Released in 2005

  • Antônio Adolfo: Carnaval Piano Blues. Kuarup. For his new album, the pianist decided to play a best of Carnaval songs.
  • Banda Eva: Banda Eva 25 anos. Universal. This commemorative show is available as CD or DVD. Live concert at the Olympia in Sao Paulo in June 2005 celebrating the group's 25th Anniversary. Among the special guests: Ivette Sangalo and Daniela Mercury.
  • Teco Cardoso & Léa Freire : Quinteto. Maritaca. Instrumental. Produced by Teco Cardoso (flute and sax) and co-produced by Lea Freire (flutist), it has been recorded at Kampo Studios, NY, on Sept 30th, 1998. Mixed in San Francisco in July 1999 and mastered in São Paulo in August of the same year. It gathers 8 tunes, six by Lea Freire, one by Benjamim Taubkin who plays the piano and also includes jazz tunes like "In A Sentimental Mood" by Duke Ellington or Coltrane's Giant Steps, here medleyed with an original. Sylvio Mazzucca Jr. plays acoustic bass and A.C. Dal Farra drums.
  • Clube Moderno Esquina com O Mundo. Dubas / Universal. A compilation of songs by artists who belonged to the famous intellectual "Clube Da Esquina". Many artists are featured here: Nascimento, Toninho Horta, Nelson Angelo and Joyce, Elis Regina, Nana Caymmi, Lô Borges, Beto Guedes, Alaide Costa.
  • De Mello, Thiago: The Right Seasons - Heart to Heart. Tratore. Thiago invited classical guitarist Daniel Wolff to perform two songs for this CD made of Thiago's own compositions and arrangements by Wolff, written for guitar & string Quartet. Also features known players such as Carlos Malta or Sergio Santos
  • João Donato & Maria Tita: João Donato Reencontra Maria Tita. Lumiar / Trema.MPB. New meeting

  • Mauricio Einhorn: Conversa De Amigo. Delira Música. The jazz harmonicist plays here mostly jazz standards and paid an homage to his colleague Toots Thielemans during a concert organized in July 2002 by the Cultural Center Banco Do Brasil.
  • Giba Favery: Hard Samba. Tratore. Giba Favery is coordinator and teacher at the Drumming Department of E.M.T the School of Music and Technology, a leading music school in Sao Paulo. This is his first album in own name and it is strongly related to fusion jazz with Brazilian feel and rythms. Fantastic drumming!
  • Walmir Gil: Passaporte. Tratore. This is the debut solo album by one of Brazil's most respected trumpet players. All of the tracks were composed specially for this project, with the objective of creating a texture and space over which the solo could freely improvise, passing through various moods and acoustic ambiances, as if providing the soundtrack to an imaginary film. This also involves computer programming and electronics.
  • Mariana Leporace & Williams Pereira: A Canção, A Voz E O Violão. Tratore. MPB. The female singer and the guitarist plays here a very simple and fresh music built on a solid choice of compositions by older or newer Brazilian composers: A Voz do Dono e o Dono da Voz (Chico Buarque), Violão (Sueli Costa/Paulo César Pinheiro), quotes from Igreja da Penha (Guinga), O Cantador (Dori Caymmi/Nelson Motta), Voz de Mulher (Sueli Costa/Abel Silva), Viola Violar (Milton Nascimento/Márcio Borges) e Certas Canções (Milton Nascimento/Tunai), quotes from Pilar (Toninho Horta), Cordas de Aço (Cartola), Uma Canção Inédita (Chico Buarque/Edu Lobo) and a medley of Canções e Momentos (Milton Nascimento/Fernando Brant), Amanheceu, Peguei a Viola (Renato Teixeira).
  • Haroldo Mauro Jr.: Bossa Na Pressão. Delira Musica. This young pianist was member of two groups led by musicians who shaped Brazilian jazz: Victor Assis Brasil & Edison Machado. He is here backed up on all tracks by two outstanding musicians: bassist Sergio Barrozo and drummer Duduka da Fonseca. Half of the CD is from his pen while the rest comes from bossa nova classics.
  • Roberto Menescal E Trio: Balansamba. Albatroz/Sony/BMG. Produced by his son Marcio, this record gives us a music inspired by his bossa style from the 60's and mixes new songs with classics such as Nanã (Moacir Santos), Tem Dó (Baden Powell & Vinicius de Moraes) and Mas Que Nada (Jorge Ben Jor).
  • Daniela Mercury: Balé Mulato. EMI. Axé. This is the 10th solo record by the lady with many skilful reinterpretations of classics like "Aquarela do Brasil" by Ary Barroso but also compositions by Pierre Onassis & Edílson (Levada Brasileira and Balé Popular), Chico César (Pensar em Você), Márcio Mello (Toneladas de Amor) and Vinícius e Toquinho (Meu Pai Oxalá).
  • Marco Pereira & Gabriel Grossi: Afinidades. Biscoito Fino. Acoustic guitar and mouth harmonica in fine arrangements, played by virtuoso musicians with exceptional instrumental technique.
  • Gilson Peranzetta: Manhã De Carnaval. Rob Digital. MPB. A rereading of the Brazilian popular classics by one of the finest pianists and arrangers in Brasil. The main core is a trio piano/bas/drums with Paulo Russo on bass and João Cortez on drums. But the list of special guests is not to be overseen: Ivan Lins, Joyce, Mauro Senise, Wanda Sá
  • Maria Rita: Segundo. WEA. MPB. Behind the name is Ellis Regina's daughter and this is her 2nd album. A very quiet and sensual album leaving a lot of place to her voice and feelings, only backed by el piano, bass and drums.
  • Mônica Salmaso: Voadeira. Eldorado / Trama. MPB. Reissue of her 2nd album from 1999. Beautiful voice and a repertory going from Itamar Assumpção to Chico Buarque
  • Paula Santoro: S/T. Biscoito fino. Says Paula: "This CD is an homage to some of my favourite composers. I wanted to enclose diverse references, to search musical different ancestries." The critically acclaimed debut from the Brasilian singer includes duets with Banda Mantiqueira, Chico Buarque & Toninho Horta.
  • Moacir Santos: Choros E Alegrias. Biscoito Fino. Santos is a legend in Brasil and he is today 80 years old. The present CD focuses on the composer and especially on his compositions from an early period. Mario Adnet - who already previously produced Santos big success "Ouro Negro" - is the man responsible for the reorchestration of those old works. Taking also part in the recording is trumpetist Wynton Marsalis who compared Santos to Monk and Beethoven for his incredible inventiveness and to Ellington for his orchestral clarity.
  • Simone: Ao Vivo. EMI. Live concert from the Teatro João Caetano in Rio de Janeiro. Illustrious special guests are present such as Milton Nascimento or Ivan Lins.
  • Marcos Souza: Chapada Diamantina. Delira Música. Original soundtrack of the movie "Brilhante" by Conceicao Senna. Features some well known musicians such as Mauro Senise and newer ones like violinist Nicolas Krassik. 19 tracks.

  • Tastho Aguiar Trio: Sambaqui. Tratore. Instrumental. Guitar trio playing modern Brazilian music with a jazz spirit. Featuring Toninho Horta, Guinga, Zé Menezes, Flavio Goulart and Yuri Popoff.
  • Released in 2004

    + 01/09/04 Moacir Santos: Coisas. Universal - MPB/ Jazz. Originally launched in 1965, this is the 1st record of Santos, who teached many masters of the MPB (Popular Brazilian Music) like Roberto Menescal, Dori Caymmi, Airto Moreira & Flora Purim, Joäo Donato, etc... Santos, who is a talented multi-instrumentalist and reknown arranger, creates music which has a big influence on the national scene.
    + 01/09/04 Marcus Vianna: Olga. Sonhos E Sons - Original Soundtrack. Mostly known in the progressive fields as the violinist and composer behind the group Sagrado Coração da Terra, Vianna presents here his first work for film. It took him more than a year to finish it and is firmly implanted in the instrumental classical vein of the 30's with violins, violas, celli and choirs. The music goes through melancholic and heroical moments, from trist to euphoric.
    + 11/08/04 Torcuato Marinano: Diários. Visom - Jazz. This ex artistic director at EMI between 1988 and 2002 presents here his 3rd opus of personal compositions. Features Carlos Bala (dms), Marcelo Martins (sax) and Armando Marçal (percussion).
    + 02/08/04 Elis Regina & Tom Jobim: Elis E Tom. CD + DVD AUDIO. Trama - MPB. This is a reissue (licensed by Universal) of the encounter of Ellis Regina in 1974 with the master Tom Jobim. The DVD has two bonus tracks (Fotografia & Bonita) as well as an exclusive remix, presented here for the first time and featuring conversations of Rom and Ellis during the mastering of the record. The producer is Cesar Camargo Mariano. Tracklist: Águas de Março, Pois É, Só Tinha de Ser com Você, Modinha, Triste, Corcovado, O Que Tinha de Ser, Retrato em Branco e Preto, Brigas Nunca Mais, Por Toda a Minha Vida (Exaltação Ao Amor), Fotografia, Soneto de Separação, Chovendo na Roseira e Inútil Paisagem.
    + 02/08/04 Péricles Cavalcanti: Blues - 55. Tratore - MPB. 2 unissued records on this CD by the Brazilian composer, musician and singer. "Blues" was recorded live in the studio in 3 days and is mainly acoustic while "55" was recorded during several monthes and is a more experimental work, calling for electronic and studio technology. "Blues" features Lincoln Antonio (keyb.) and Cláudio Faria (tp).
    + 23/07/04 Nana, Dori and Danilo Caymmi: Para Caymmi Ao Vivo. WEA - MPB. Recorded live in Rio on the 90th birthday of Dorival Caymmi, April 30, 2004. This homage to the old man is also dedicated to his music, arranged by his son Dori and is available as CD and DVD. The DVD also features an interview of Dorival, poem readings, making of, etc..
    + 23/07/04 Terra Brasil: Atlântico. Zabumba/ Rob Digital - Instrumental. The new opus by this quintet is a thematic work composed of bossas, waltzes and ballads played in an intimate and relaxed way with a jazz flavour. Marcelo Gomes (guit.), Zeli (bass), Sergio Gomes (dms), Vítor Alcântara (sax) and Antonio Barker (piano).
    + 23/07/04 André Geraissati: Canto Das Águas. Delira Música - Instrumental. The guitarist, known for his legendary participation in the guitar trio D'Alma and on records by Egberto Gismonti has a rich solo production behind him. This record is one of them, released as a SACD.
    + 14/07/04 Paula Morelenbaum: Berimbau. Universal - MPB. Paula recreates the successes of Vinícius de Moraes in a more electronic environment.
    + 02/07/04 Djavan: Vaidade. Luanda Records - MPB. Reissue of Djavan's first record as singer, much acclaimed back then by the critics.
    + 21/06/04 Simone: Baiana Da Gema. EMI - MPB. Unissued Ivan Lins songs sung by Simone with Ivan playing the piano. Also featuring the talents of Vítor Martins ( Ò Vida), Martinho da Vila (Saravá, Saravá), Aldir Blanc ( Por Favor) and the samba expert Dudu Nobre.
    + 23/01/04 Arrigo Barnabé, Tuca Fernandes & Quinteto D'Elas: : Luar. MPB / Trama. Interpretation of Barnabé's music by a violin/viola/cello/contrabass/piano quintet.
    + 11/01/04 Meirelles E Os Copa 5: : S/T. Jazz / Dubas/Universal. 3 albums gathered on this CD: the legendary O Som, O Novo Som (samba and bossa nova) and Samba Jazz.
    + 11/01 /04 Luiz Avellar: : Ciclos Ao vivo. Jazz / Delira Música. Live and including an interpretation of Carmen (Bizet) as a jazz suite.
    + 11/01/04 Turíbio Santos: : O Guarani. Jazz / Delira Música. Interpretation of works by Chiquinha Gonzaga e Henrique Alves de Mesquita.
    + 09/01/04 Jane Duboc: : Languidez. MPB / Ouver. Reissue of her first album from 1980.
    09/01/04 Uakti: : Clássicos. Instrumental / Sonhos E Sons/Sony. Classical masters played on PVC tubes, bikes wheels or other materials .....
    + 01/12/03 Ricardo Silveira & Luiz Avellar: : Tocam Milton Nascimento Ao vivo - MPB/ UNIVERSAL. Covers of Nascimento + Beatles. Features also Robertinho silva on percussion.
    + 01/12/03 Grupo Curupira: : Desinventado. MPB Instrumental / Jam Music. New music based on traditions
    + 01/12/03 Gilson Peranzetta & Mauro Senise: : Frente A Frente. MPB/Independente. 3rd album by the pianist and saxophonist duo with long experience in jazz improvisation and brazilian rhythm arrangements.
    + 01/12/03 Pascoal Meirelles: : Tom. MPB Instrumental / Perfil. The drummer gives us here a samba jazz album together with Alberto Continento: elb and Nelson Faria: guitars. + 01/12/03 Bojo & Maria Alcina: : Agora. Electronic / Tratore. A cross between a MPB singer and electronic music.
    + 01/12/03 Nelson Ayres: : Perto Do Coração. MPB Instrumental / Atração. 1st solo album from 1981.
    + 25/10/03 Joyce: : Passarinho Urbano. Reissue of her album from 75, originally released in Italy on Fonit Cetra.
    + 23/11/03 Celso Fonseca & Ronaldo Bastos: : Caixa Celso Fonseca & Ronaldo Bastos. MPB / Dubas/Universal
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  • Bossacucanova. The new wave of bossa nova is back, almost 40 years after it swept through the Americas
    + Revisited Classics. 1998 (ZIR 01). An updated album of smooth soulful themes recorded by new and classic Bossa Nova stars. The songs were reconstructed by three young Carioca DJ/Producers (Marcelo Da Lua, Alexandre Moreira and Marcio Menescal, son of original Bossa Nova master Roberto Menescal).
    + Brasilidade. 2001 (ZIR 06). Jazzy electronic bossa nova which heavily features the unique guitar and scat styles of veteran bossa hero Roberto Menescal
    + Uma Batida Differente. 2004 (ZIR 18). This could be presented as the culmination of years of research and love for the past, the present, and the future of Brazilian music. There is in the new album the classic sound of key figures from the original bossa nova generation, the ultramodern beats and production of Amsterdam's Zuco 103, the samba soul grooves and vocals of Trio Mocotó and a rare appearance by the amazing Orlann Divo (on his evergreen tune "Onde Anda Meu Amor", also featuring the great Bebeto on guitar). And much more yet!

  • Cibelle is probably Brazil's most exciting new musical talent today. 25 years old and Cibelle Cavalli from her real name, she has already garnered many valuable years of experience in recording studios, on live stages and at the bars, clubs and restaurants that make up São Paulo's vibrant live scene. Her discography can be summed up as follows:
    + São Paulo Confessions. 1999 (ZIR 03). This album is by musician, composer and producer Suba, born in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia. He became in a very short time one of Brazil's leading producers and was part of the new generation of Brazilian artists who are reappropriating electronic sounds & beats, blending them with elements from all styles of Brazilian music. Cibelle performs here some songs as main vocalist on several tracks. Other guests appearing on the album include among others Nordeste band Mestre Ambrosio and guitarist Andre Geraissatti (D'Alla trio, Egberto Gismonti). Tragically, Suba passed away in a fire in 1999, a few days after the release of this album
    + Suba Tributo. 2002 (ZIR 13). Tribute album organized by the label Ziriguiboom and Suba's close collaborators. It comprises new tracks, posthumous collaborations, remixes and live recordings. + Cibelle. 2003 (ZIR 15). Undoubtedly a "Brazilian" album, it is just as much a jazz album. And an electronic album. And a spiritual album. Cibelle takes us on a sonic journey into bossa nova and downtempo electronic music via tropicalia, samba soul, psychedelic post-rock and jazz.The project is peppered with a host of venerable musicians and guest vocalists from Cuba to France, mixed in London. Also noteworthy is the presence of bossa Brazilian veteran Johnny Alf.
    + Cibelle: About A Girl. 2005 (ZIboom 12). This dual disc contains a CD audio side with 4 brand new songs and a DVD side presenting 4 videos made by Cibelle and Elsa Dahmani. + the much awaited 2nd album should be ready for October 2005.

  • Fonseca, Celso . Regular collaborator of Gilberto Gil, Marisa Monte, Caetano Veloso & more, this seductive Brazilian singer/guitarist has now 2 albums released.
    + Natural. 2003 (ZIR 14). With a smooth and silky voice, Fonseca revisits the very roots of bossa/samba, sporting an instrumentation purposefully stripped down to his caressing sensual voice and magical acoustic guitar playing topped with percussion and acoustic bass. Recorded in Rio in 2002.
    + Rive Gauche Rio. 2005 (ZIR24). The follower is an extension of what we heard in "Natural": warm, inspired, elegant, sensual, and dominated by Celso's caressing voice and splendid guitar playing. The instrumentation on this new album is a touch fuller than on the previous (several songs have a definite band feel, with drums, bass, a '60s-style Fender Rhodes as well as sparse woodwinds)

  • Gilberto, Bebel. Daughter of João Gilberto and surely one of the strong exponents of the new Brazilian scene of bossa nova updated with cool electronica. Her debut album has sold over a million copies around the globe! The discography is:
    + Tanto Tempo. 2000 (ZIR 05). 7 original compositions and four reinterpretations of classic songs by Chico Buarque - her uncle by the way -, Marcos Valle and more ...
    + Tanto Tempo Remixes (ZIR 10). A collection of 13 reworkings of songs from Tanto Tempo by some of the hippest and most creative producers of electronic music originating from no less than 8 different countries
    + Bebel Gilberto. 2004 (ZIR 20). Helmed by producer and keyboardist Marius de Vries (Björk, Annie Lennox, Madonna), Bebel Gilberto was recorded in New York, London, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, the capital of Bahia in Brazil's musically fecund northeast region. Covers, collaborations (Carlinhos Brown), originals and plenty of guest musicians are on the menu.
    + Bebel Gilberto Remixed (ZIR 25). A collection in which all the tracks from the "Bebel Gilberto" album are given fresh, electronic interpretations by an international cast of dance / hip hop / electronica producers. The initial pressing will be a limited edition including a second, bonus CD containing 6 additional remixes.

  • Trio Mocotó. Referred to by many as the "Fathers of the samba soul beat", the band was formed in the late '60s. Trio Mocotó was brought to fame in 1969, when they were invited by Jorge Ben to be his backing band. After several hit singles (including "Coqueiro Verde") under their own name, the Trio went on to record three albums, which have now become collectors' items. They're back now for a second life!
    + Samba Rock. 2001 (ZIR 09). Their comeback album and first release since 1977. Super-original grooves and vocals, innovative power, tremendous humor and charm, a fresh new take on the style they contributed to create in the 70's (and which is becoming popular again today: there's a real samba soul/samba rock craze on the rise, in Brazil, Europe and North America). The album features a host of guest musicians (keyboards, guitars, percussion, horn section) plus a sprinkling of subtle electronic touches.
    + Beleza ! Beleza !! Beleza !!! 2004 (ZIR 17). There are some changes in the band by now and a new vocalist / guitarist: Skowa makes his debut in this even stronger, funkier and groovier album. Around half of the songs on the album are new versions of classics, while the other half are brand-new compositions by the Trio members.

  • Zuco 103. Ever since the release of their debut album Outro Lado, the music of Zuco 103 has been acclaimed as one of the most exciting mixtures of electronics and Brazilian music. The growing discography has now:
    + Outro Lado. 1999 (ZIR 04 ). Minimal & powerful electronic beats of a Dutch drummer fused with the jazz harmonies of a German keyboardist and topped by the extraordinary voice of Rio de Janeiro's Lilian Vieira. This cocktail will position them right at the forefront of the new Brazilian movement.
    + The Other Side Of Outro Lado. 2001 (ZIR 08). Re-readings of tracks from their first album by an interesting collection of remixers from the UK, France and Brazil. In addition to the remixes, "The Other Side" also includes a totally re-recorded version of "Zabumba No Mar" featuring the entire brass section (six horn players) from jazz band The New Cool Collective as well as a live version of "Outro Lado" recorded by the Dutch television at the Paradiso Club in Amsterdam, in which Zuco 103 are joined by the mythical Airto Moreira, Brazil's most famous percussionist (known for his collaborations with Miles Davis, Chick Corea, etc...).
    + Tales Of High Fever. 2002 (ZIR 12). With this album, they continue to push musical boundaries and draws their inspiration from traditional Brazilian rhythms and melodies, R'n'B, electronic beats, jazz & afro-beat.
    + One Down One Up. 2003 (ZIR 16). 2CD presenting them on CD 1 at their acoustic, jazzy best. 9 tracks, recorded in a spirit similar to that of many jazz albums of the 60's : acoustic instrumentation, very few overdubs, warm & intimate atmosphere. CD2 contains a live recording of one of the band's legendary shows + 3 bonus tracks (2 remixes plus the mighty new version of "Get Urself 2gether")
    + Whaa! 2005 (ZIR 22). To the now familiar jazz, Brazilian and electronic components of their music, Zuco 103 have added Afro-Cuban, Ethiopian, West-African and dub spicings, collaborating this time with a master in the latter genre, Lee Scratch Perry.
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Brazilian reissues on the French label Dare-Dare!
    + Le Trio Camara: S/T. Reissue, available as CD or LP (DD008). Recorded in Paris in 67-68. Bossa piano trio with Edson Lobo, Fernando Martins & Nelson Serra.
    + Felicidade A Brasil: S/T. CD Reissue. DD021CD. This reissue has some nice surprises such as the presence of two French legendary musicians: drummer André Ceccarelli and bassist of Magma fame, Mr. Francis Moze.
    + Teca & Ricardo: Cade O Povo. Reissue on LP and CD. DD029. Born in Rio, the singer, writer, composer & guitarist Ricardo is leading a carreer between France & Brazil. He arrived in Paris in 1970 & made himself known to the French public, who discovered him opening Claude Nougaro concerts with his duet Teca & Ricardo. Recorded in Paris in 1976, the album is filled with a Tropicalia smell and features the great Nana Vasconcelos.

  • Great releases from Editio Princeps, check it out!

    + A Divina Increnca: S/T. Editio Princeps (EDITIO 14). This CD brings together, for the first time, the complete sessions for the sole album by Divina Increnca, pioneers of the instrumental avant-garde scene in São Paulo between 1976 and 1981, together with bands such as Grupo Um & Pé Ante Pé. The band was a trio, featuring Felix Wagner on piano, alto clarinet, vibes, percussion, flute, the today quite known bass player (and producer) Rodolfo Stroeter and drummer, percussionist (including vibraphone) Azael Rodrigues. Besides the special 20-page booklet filled with previously unpublished photos and all-new liner notes by the artists themselves, this edition also includes 6 unreleased bonus cuts.
    + Armazém Abaporu: Pedra Grande. Editio/11 2006. Armazém Abaporu was born in 2000, pushing the work boundaries of Brazilian masters like Hermeto Pascoal and Egberto Gismonti one step further, mixing traditional rhythms with jazz and contemporary music. This CD brings the complete first recordings of the band (released in 2002 in a small private edition), fully remastered, plus five live tracks, recorded in France at the beginning of the 2005 European tour.
    + Grupo Um: Reflexões Sobre a Crise do Desejo? (1981). The long awaited second album, carefully remastered, with bonus tracks and extensive booklet. New liner notes by the musicians and unreleased photos, just like the "Marcha Sobre a Cidade" reissue (EDITIO/01).
    + Zé Eduardo Nazario: Poema da Gota Serena (EDITIO/22). 2015. This album, recorded in 1982, is the first solo release by the drummer and features the same Brazilian avant jazz music that brought him great reputation while working with the likes of Hermeto Pascoal and Egberto Gismonti. This CD also includes several unreleased bonus tracks recorded between 1977 and 2004, complementing the original album by presenting takes made with Grupo Um, Duo Nazario, Quinteto Zen or his own Grupo Experimental de Percussão de SP.
    + Nenê: Minuano + Bugre. The album "Minuano", recorded in Europe in 1985, is Nenê's third solo effort and his masterwork. Including only original compositions, this record showcases an outstanding musician: besides an incredible drummer and pianist, he is also a bold arranger, following the creative paths of masters like Hermeto Pascoal and Egberto Gismonti (whose groups in which he played a major role for a long time). As a bonus, this CD brings the full "Bugre" album, his first solo work, recorded in 1982.
    + Nivelo Ornelas: À Tarde. Editio Princeps (EDITIO/13). Nivaldo Ornelas is one of the greatest instrumentists in Brazilian music. In the seventies he was part of Som Imaginário, as well as Hermeto Pascoal's & Egberto Gismonti's bands. In 1982 Nivaldo released his second album, "À Tarde", in France. In the following year he took some of those tracks, added some new material and released the Brazilian album, "Viagem Através De Um Sonho". This special CD edition includes "À Tarde" and the 1983 recordings as bonus tracks.
    + Pé Ante Pé: Imagens do Inconsciente (1980/82). Like Grupo Um, Pé Ante Pé was the greatest exponent of the instrumental / jazz-rock indie scene from São Paulo in the early 80's. Featuring a superb team of musicians (Homero Lotito, Caíto Marcondes, Teco Cardoso, Nico Assumpção), the band released two albums in 1980 and 1982, both very rare today. This package features everything ever recorded by them, including a faithful reproduction of the original art and new liner notes.
    + Percussônica: Hoje. This is the most recent project of the Nazario brothers (Zé Eduardo and Lelo, ex members of Hermeto Pascoal, Grupo Um, Pau Brasil), along with guitar player Felipe Ávila (ex-Sexo dos Anjos, Os Cinco, etc). This CD brings you an outstanding fusion of avant-garde jazz with Brazilian rhythms and contemporary music, mixing acoustic and electronic sounds with bags of energy and improvisation.
    + Ivo Perelman: The Complete Ibeji Sessions. Editio Princeps (Editio 16). 2008. This double CD set contains all the material recorded for the independent label Ibeji: the albums "Soccer Land" (1994) and "Tapeba Songs" (1996), both recorded in São Paulo during sessions with Brazilian musicians, plus four unreleased bonus tracks. It's a special limited edition (500 copies), celebrating the 20-year career of one of the main names of Brazilian sax. An incredible meeting of Ivo's tenor sax - raw free-jazz energy (with influences from Albert Ayler, Archie Shepp and Peter Brötzmann, among others) - with the exquisite drums and keyboards from brothers Zé Eduardo & Lelo Nazario of Grupo Um fame. It doesn't stop here since also members of the group Pau Brasil are present on the album. Bassist and today much active producer Rodolfo Stroeter and guitarist Paulo Bellinati
    + Projeto B: A Noite. Editio Princeps (EDITIO/12). On their second CD, Projeto B keep developing their own personal style, mixing, in a unexpected way, modern classical influences like Stravinsky and Messiaen with selected elements from avant-garde jazz and rock. Ranging from Frank Zappa and Miles Davis to Bill Frisell & John Zorn, the result is a challenging album, full of sharp compositions, incredible mood variations, lots of improvisations and instrumental virtuosism.
    + Protofonia: A Consciência Do Átomo. Editio Princeps (EDITIO/23). 2nd album by the band!
    + Raiz De Pedra: Trajetória. Editio Princeps (Editio 15). 2008. This CD brings, for the first time, the debut album by Raiz De Pedra, recorded in 1984 and released independently in 1985. Their original progressive jazz-rock, mixing Brazilian (Egberto Gismonti, Hermeto Pascoal, Clube da Esquina) and foreign influences (Jan Garbarek, King Crimson, Passport) drew a lot of attention around the world. This edition also includes 3 live bonus tracks and their first ever recorded composition.


  • Antonio Adolfo: Destiny. Far Out (FARO121CD). In the late 60's and 70's Antonio was known as the master of funky-Brazilian breaks and beats, and Destiny could be described as a tribute to that period, as it sounds like beamed straight from that era, full to the brim with choppy wah-wah guitars and slick-bossa breaks; Antonio is also joined on the album by his two daughters Carol & Luisa whose crystal-clear, tone-perfect voices float perfectly over Antonio's inspired Brazilian grooves that combine influences from jazz, classic Brazilian 60's pop, Tropicalia, easy-scoring and funk.
  • Victor Assis Brasil: Esperanto. Far Out Recordings (FARO201CD). Street date: 09-02-18. This release combines the reissue of two albums: Esperanto and "Toca Antonio Carlos Jobim", as well as adds two bonus tracks of previously unreleased alternative versions. The band consists of some mercurial greats of Brazilian music: Dom Salvador (piano and electric), Edison Machado (drums), Hélio Delmiro (guitar) and Edson Lobo (bass). Both albums were recorded around 1970 and are reissued as part of the Quartin Records catalogue, named after the famous producer and director behind those releases (as well as many other): Roberto Quartin.
  • Azymuth: Demos (1973-75) Volumes 1&2. Farout Recordings (FARO210). Street date: 31-05-19. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Far Out Recordings proudly presents two albums of previously unheard Azymuth demo recordings from 1973-75, with Ariovaldo Contesini on percussion at that time. If two of the tracks did appear respectively on the band's first album and their first album later for Farout (Carnival in 1996), the remaining eight are still unheard, as only a handful of these demos were ever professionally recorded, making this the first opportunity to hear many of these early Azymuth compositions in their raw, original form. On every track the frenetic energy in the studio is palpable, giving the recordings a beautifully personal feel and a sense of the phenomenally creative vision Bertrami, Malheiros and Conti were realising at the time. The demos are also available as two separate LPs (FARO210LP1 and FARO210LP2), pressed on 180 gram vinyl.
  • Azymuth: Fênix. Far Out Recordings. Street date: December 2016. Since the passing of keyboard maestro Jose Roberto Bertrami in 2012, remaining members - drummer Ivan Conti and bass player Alex Malheiros - have worked tirelessly to keep the spirit of Azymuth alive, and to continue the legacy of Bertrami's genius. Fênix also marks a new era as the Azymuth trio is complete once again, with a very special guest, keyboardist Kiko Continentino. A hugely talented pianist, composer and arranger, Kiko has worked with the likes of Milton Nascimento, Gilberto Gil and Djavan, so the fresh energy and inspiration he has brought to the group is undeniable. The album also features Brazilian percussion legend Robertinho Silva. Welcome to a ten-track journey through the full spectrum of Azymuth's brilliantly coloured expressionist fusion, with all the cosmic energy and masterful musicianship you'd expect from the world's greatest three-man orchestra.
  • New Far Out Release!
    Azymuth: Brazilian Soul (FARO 091). This is the 6th release for Far Out and the new album sees them borrowing from the musical vocabulary that has always been one of the most exciting narratives of Brazilian music, as well as indulging their enthusiasm for new sounds that still makes them heroes and inspirations to a generation of 21st Century producers. Quite a few guest appearances can be seen as their present to us for this 30th anniversary of a fruitful career; singers Emilio Santiago, Marcio Lott, Fabiola, Sabrina Malheiros or an appearance on flute by Leo Gandelman. Azimuth is still going strong!
  • Azymuth "Partido Novo" was released in april 2002 on Far Out Records. Covering a range of styles, with jazzy interludes and soothing Bossa Novas, this delicious new album from Rio's finest, finds them older, wiser and in reflective mood. The Afro/ House producers Faze Action from the late Nuphonic stable should deliver in 2003 a stunning remix track guaranteed to rock any dance floor around the globe.
  • Banda Black Rio : Super Nova Samba Funk. Far Out Recordings (FARO159CD). Street date: 04/07/11. BBR defined the Black Rio movement now enjoying a revival headed by Magalhães' incarnation with the passion of soul and funk again linking Rio and New York for a feel-good blast that also takes in hip-hop, samba, pop and bossa. Brazilian icons Seu Jorge, Marcio Local and Elza Soares feature alongside bossa pioneers Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil
  • Ivan 'Mamão' Conti: Poison Fruit. Far Out Recordings (FARO208). Street date: 25-01-19. New album - his first in over twenty years - by the drummer and percussionist for legendary Brazilian jazz-funk outfit Azymuth! Reflecting his experience collaborating with Madlib, the album dabbles in house and techno, with London based producer Daniel Maunick (aka Dokta Venom) and Mamão's son Thiago Maranhão, helping to bring the sound more directly onto the dance floor. It also features his Azymuth partners in crime Alex Malheiros (bass) and Kiko Continentino (keyboards)on a number of tracks. Released on CD, LP and digital files. The two last formats also feature the previously released remixes and dubs from some of today's most forward-thinking producers with a penchant for percussion, including IG Culture, the 22a Crew, Max Graef and Glenn Astro.
  • Democustico: S/T. Far Out (FARO112CD). Fusing Brazilian samba and folk with Indian vibes, London beats and the phattest global breaks, the music of Democustico is a contemporary world musical odyssey that will appeal to fans of downbeat/lounge as well as nu-jazz and nu-Brazil. From folk and trip-hop to 60's sitar-funk & samba, the different styles used combine symbiotically to produce a coherent world musical fusion with Gabriela Geluda's mellifluous vocals joining the dots from Brazil to London via India.
  • Dila: S/T. Far Out Recordings (FORDIS05). Street date: 26-07-19. Reissue of the first and only album from the mysterious Brazilian vocal sensation Dila. Having reportedly died in a car crash shortly after the album's release in 1971, there is very little known about the woman behind the voice. With original LPs extremely hard to come by, this rare treasure of Brazilian soul, which fans of Gal Costa, Celia, Evinha and Elis Regina will love, gets a much- deserved official reissue: remastered and pressed to 180g vinyl. Arranged and produced by Durval Ferreira
  • DJ Dolores: Banda Sonora Musica Para Filmes. Far Out Recordings (FARO183CD ). Street date: 12/01/15. DJ Dolores is one of the leading champions of traditional rural music from Brazil's Northeast. His latest album is an earnest insight into the magical mind of one of Brazil's brightest, most inspired producers and acts as a collection of his musical memories of time spent making music for Brazilian cinema.
  • Dos Cafundós: Capitão Coração. Far Out Recordings (FARO 167CD). 2012. Often frenetic, ever evolving, morphing through time signatures, moods and intensity, the band's first full length release is a post neo funk, prog-jazz, samba punk hybrid showcasing the musical craftsmanship and diversity of Rio. Ten years percolating, distilling and honing a musical identity firmly rooted in the canon of sonic experimentation and hybridization, this album is far more than a mere collage of disparate genres competing for the listener's attention. Instead, a procession of musical movements flowing through the raw energy of ska and punk, the ferocious musicality of jazz and fusion, the cultural traditions of samba and folk, the rhythmic underpinnings of funk and metal culminates in a listening experience akin to a psychedelic opera of Brazilian proportions, a beating heart tale of the manic circadian rhythms of life. Also available in a limited LP edition!
  • Amaro Freitas: Sankofa. Far Out Recordings (FARO225CD). Street date: 25-06-21. With the help of Jean Elton (bass) and Hugo Medeiros (drums), who have formed the Amaro Freitas Trio since the very beginning, Amaro employs intricate rhythmic patterns and time-signature variations as if reimagining the ancient designs of his ancestors, and every track is imbued with a message or a story Amaro is compelled to tell. Like all Amaro?s albums, Sankofa has taken around two years to make, with the trio spending eight hours a day, four days a week in the studio. Amaro's message is clear: "Let's slow down, let's give ourselves more time, let's do deeper things. Let's stop swimming in the surface, let's dive."
  • Leo Gandelman: Vip Vop. Far Out Recordings (FARO165CD). May 2012. Saxophonist Leo Gandelman is a celebrated Brazilian musician in both MPB and classical music. He returns here with his unique take on jazz music with a new studio album full of remarkable Brazilian samba-jazz compositions. This deluxe package features the full high-definition CD album and a bonus DVD featuring the record played live in its entirety plus a documentary shot during the making of Vip Vop. This is a high-quality sax-led jazz record full of invention and intrigue.
  • Grupo Um: Starting Point: Far Out Recordings (FARO 235CD). Street date: 17-02-23. Reissue of the Brazilian band's debut album, made under the military dictatorship in 1975. Starting Point was to mark the inception of one of Brazil's most daring instrumental groups and their struggle to find a label to release the album failed. Keyboardist Lelo Nazario kept the tapes safe in his archives, which is where they sat for almost half a century. Finally, almost fifty years later, this mesmerising piece of history is here! Also available on vinyl!
  • Joyce: Feminina (Produced, Arranged & Conducted By Claus Ogerman). Far Out Recordings. In anticipation of the monumental forthcoming and still unreleased Natureza album (going back to 1977), a 12" vinyl release including the 11' long Feminina on side 1 and a 20 mn long interview of Joyce by Far Out's owner Joe Davis (made in November 2021), will come out for the Record Store Day on April 23rd. "Feminina" was recorded at Columbia Studios, New York in 1977, for the as yet unreleased Natureza album. With Joyce came fellow Brazilian icon Mauricio Maestro, while Nana Vasconcelos and Tutty Moreno were already living in New York. It was produced, arranged and conducted by the great Claus Ogerman Ogerman, who employed North American jazz legends Joe Farrell, Michael Brecker, Buster Williams, Mike Manieri and a full orchestra for the sessions.
  • Joyce Moreno: Cool. Far Out Recordings. Planned for release on October 14, 2016. After having been requested for it over 20 years, Joyce finally decided to release her new album, her very personal take on classical North American jazz standards, from Cole Porter's "Love for Sale" - which was the trigger during a soundcheck where she started playing it ... just for fun - to Monk's 'Round Midnight, Invitation, The Shadow Of Your Smile and more, including one original tune: Joyce's jazzy samba "Mingus, Miles & Coltrane", a tribute to three of her personal jazz heroes, who inspired her a lot since she was a kid. Coltraneis also remembered here in her arrangement for "My Favourite Things", inspired by his classic recording, but mixed with an improvised Jobim quote in the end! Joyce's current band include Tutty Moreno on drums & percussion, Helio Alves on piano and Rodolfo Stroeter on bass
  • Joyce: Raiz. Far Out Recordings (FARO184CD). Street date: 12/01/15. Paying tribute to the singer's personal musical roots, the album is made up entirely of Joyce's stunning new versions of some beautiful Brazilian standards, originally penned by the likes of Tom Jobim, Vinicius de Moares, Carlos Lyra, Baden Powell, Ze do Norte and Roberto Menescal (the very person to first capture Joyce's talent on record fifty years ago). Fifty years on, Joyce has decided to reciprocate Menescal's invitation, appointing him as special guest on Raiz!
  • New album from JOYCE!
    It is on the label Far Out and titled "Just A Little Bit Crazy!". Joyce wanted to try something different and one of the results of this decision is her collaboration with the scandinavian pianist Bugge Wesseltoft. Alongside Joyce and Bugge Wesseltoft, Tutty Moreno (drums), Robertinho Silva (percussion), Teco Cardoso (flutes, sax), Nailor Proveta (clarinet, sax) and producer Rodolfo Stroeter (bass) contributed to the albums make-up under the name Banda Maluca.
  • Sean Khan: Palmares Fantasy. Far Out Recordings (FARO203CD). Street date: 11-05-18. Multi-instrumentalist Sean Khan ventures here in a collaboration with legendary Hermeto Pascoal (featured on Rhodes, vocals, melodica and the usual fancyful finds, like this time a solo on tea pot or his more classical glass with water). But the line up also includes other great musicians like Azymuth's drummer Mamão, bass player Paulo Russo, British guitarist Jim Mullen and guest vocals from Brazilian singer Sabrina Malheiros (daughter as you know of another Azymuth member, his father and bass player Alex Malheiros). Expect deep grooves, a journey in the history of jazz, insisting polyrhythmic back-boning and much more!
  • Sabrina Malheiros: Clareia. Far Out Recordings. Street release: 28-07-2017.
  • Sabrina Malheiros: Dreaming. Far Out Recordings (FARO161CD). 19/09/11. The third record from Rios nu-bossa star Sabrina Malheiros combines the minimal electronic soul inspired sound of her debut Equilibria with the sweeping organic Brazilian pop of New Morning, traditional sounds of Brazil and the melodic electronic London soundscape. Featuring leading Brazilian musicians including her fatther Alex Malheiros (Azymuth), this album confirms Sabrina Malheiros as one of the finest female Brazilian songwriters of her generation! Also available on LP.
  • Ana Mazzotti: S/T. Far Out Recordings (FARO213CD). Street date: 13-09-19. CD & LP reissue. In 1977, Mazzotti took her debut album - Ninguem Vai Me Segurar [1974] - back to the studio, releasing the album with a new running order and new ethereal cover art, ostensibly another crack at commercial success following the small scale of the independently funded first release. With intimately re-recorded vocals, and the bonus of gorgeous horn arrangements and a new track: the carnivalesque "Eta, Samba Bom", replacing Roberta Flack's hit "Feel Like Making Love", the revisited album delivers Mazzotti's refreshingly cool musical style even more effortlessly, while retaining the all magical energy of her debut.
  • Tutty Moreno with Joyce: Magica. Far Out (FARO113CD). Recorded in Rio De Janeiro in 1981, a year after Joyce's seminal "Feminina" album, Magica showcases Tutty Moreno's outstanding mastery of samba jazz. Tutty Moreno, one of Brazil's leading drummers, was born in Bahia in the north of the country and has been an important figure in Brazilian popular music from the days of bossa nova through to the jazz influenced fusion of the 70's, 80's and beyond. He is also Joyce's husband and she's featured here mostly on violão, singing only on two tracks.
  • Hermeto Pascoal: Hermeto. Hermeto Pascoal's seminal debut album set for vinyl & cd reissue on Far Out Recordings for March 31st, 2003. The album featured North American titans including Ron Carter, Hubert Laws, Joe Farrel, and Brazilian stars Airto Moreira and Flora Purim (who also produced the album).
  • Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo Vice Versa: Viajando Com O Som. Far Out Recordings. October 2017. A lost recording from a '76 studio session by the maestro and cultural icon, this seems too good to be true, right? Then wait and read! The sessions featured Hermeto's go-to "Paulista" rhythm section of the day: Zé Eduardo Nazario (drums), Zeca Assumpção (bass) and Lelo Nazario (electric piano), as well as saxophonists Mauro Senise, Raul Mascarenhas and Nivaldo Ornelas, guitarist Toninho Horta and vocalist Aleuda Chaves. Just incredible! What happened? Almost everything recorded on the first take ended up staying in the final mix. After the mixdown, Lelo Nazario would ask sound engineer Renato Viola to make him a copy of all the material, from machine to machine. As far as we know, the master tape eventually got lost over time, but Lelo kept his copy in his studio's archives, where it stayed for over forty years. With the tape rescued and restored, this release fills a void in time. Recorded at an especially experimental period in Hermeto's career, it's a beautiful insight into the incredible efforts of this group, who under Hermeto's revolutionary vision, created a unique musical language which would have a profound influence on countless artists to come. Also released on vinyl and digital files!
  • Edu Passeto & Gui Tavares: Noite Que Brincou de Lua. Far Out Recordings (FORDIS01). Street date: 16-03-18. 180 gram vinyl-only reissue, a super rare and largely unheard masterwork of MPB, originally released in 1981.
  • Emilio Santiago: S/T. Far Out Recordings (FORDIS 04). Street date: 27-07-18. Vinyl reissue of the 1975 self-titled debut album from Brazilian vocalist and bossa nova luminary Emilio Santiago. Nicknamed "the Nat King Cole of Brazil", Santiago was a master bossa balladeer and a top-class crooner. But he is celebrated equally for his Brazilian funk, soul and boogie classics like album opener 'Bananeira' and his version of the Jorge Ben track 'Brother'.
  • Som Imaginario: Banda Da Capital. Far Out Recordings (FARO 237CD / FARO 237LP). Street date: 02-06-23. On the 4th of October 1976, having finished a spell of recording and touring with Milton Nascimento, Som Imaginário performed a concert in celebration of Nature Day in Brasília. The recordings of the show would become "Banda Da Capital", which, for the past half century, has laid dormant, waiting for its mystical power to be untapped. The CD version (digipak) offers further live bonus tracks, recorded at Museu de Arte Moderna in Rio de Janeiro, October 6th 1975.
  • Marcos Valle: Sempre. Farout Recordings (FARO211). Street date: 28-06-19. The original Rio beach boy returns in style, with a new record of unabashedly feel-good Brazilian party music. Featuring Azymuth bassist Alex Malheiros (responsible for some of Brazil's all-time funkiest low-end licks), a horn section including Valle's go-to high-trumpeter Jesse Sadoc, and percussion master Armando Marcal, Sempre has all the masterful composition, exceptional musicality, and forward-thinking ideas you'd expect from the Brazilian titan, and it's fresher than a fruity caipirinha in the Copacabana sunshine.
  • Marcos Valle: Nova Bossa Nova. Far Out Recordings (FARO 022CDX). Street date: 28-09-18. 20th Anniversary Edition with enhanced artwork and updated liner notes.
  • Naná Vasconcelos: 4 Elementos. Far Out Recordings (FARO177CD). Street date: 28/10/13. This new offering reveals Brazil's most revered percussionist in his best form yet. Naná Vasconcelos creates and shapes sounds and ideas in his original compositions, with inventive and provocative results.
  • Arthur Verocai: Encore. Far Out (FARO122CD). Highly anticipated follow-up to eponymous debut album (1972) from Verocai (a multi talented Brazilian guitar player, composer and arranger, considered by many as Brazil's answer to David Axelrod!). Responsible in the 70's for the orchestration of albums by Ivan Lins, Jorge Benjor, Elizeth Cardoso, Gal Costa, Quarteto em Cy, MPB 4 and Marcos Valle among others, hired by Brazil's biggest TV station, TV Globo, as musical director and arranger, he nevertheless vanished into obscurity after only one album, unfortunately panned by critics! Fast forward to 2004 where the Far Out team rediscovered the man and decided to release a new album, which like his debut 35 years earlier, combines Brazilian influences with a unique take on American soul and cinematic experimentation. Eleven epic tracks of stirring samba-soul and experimental cinematic movements that will certainly appeal to fans of Marcos Valle and Azymuth!
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  • João Donato: A Blue Donato. Whatmusic WMCD-0066/WMLP-0066. The never-before-released masterpiece from 1973, featuring Edison Machado and Edson Maciel! With scat vocals from Donato and Tita Lobo! Donato's love for jazz is evident throughout his career and all the more so in this particular album.
  • Projeto III: O Trio. Whatmusic WMCD-0070CD. From the group that became Azymuth! The bass and rhythm sections croon as they are softly but consummately enamoured by the most elegant of pianos, while the organ delicately sweeps you far, far away. Remastered from original tapes.
  • Quarteto Edison Machado: Obras 2 - O Pulo Do Gato (Whatmusic WMCD-0031). 2nd album of heavyweight drummer Edison Machado's extraordinary group. Recorded in 1971, a year after the much sought-after original "Obras", this album has never been released before!

  • Quarteto Edison Machado "Obras" is the first ever worlwide release of a post Coltrane samba-jazz group. This is the kind of surprises you can expect from the fantastic research work team at Whatmusic. Or what about the release of Ana Mazzotti's debut album from 1974, backed up by 3 members of Azymuth Or Edson e Tita Lobo "Partiu Do Alto" featuring João Donato and Celia Vaz, Paulo Moura "Quarteto" with Wagner Tiso, the MPB/psych-bossa of the one and only recording by Vox Populi. So much more to name… AND: most of it is ALSO available on LP! DJ's take note!
  • Salvador Trio: Salvador Trio. WMCD/LP-0067. A vintage 1967 blend of bass, drums and piano distilled into a fine musical aperitif. Dry, refreshing and very, very cool.
  • Talento Brasileiro 7: As Musicas de Milton Nascimento. WMCD-0087. An original experimentation from the duo bursting with 60's soul and Brazilian melodies. It features beautiful choral arrangements, floating folk ballads and bossa laments.
  • WHATMUSIC.COM in 2004!

    - Mailbag Blues: Ronnie Biggs' Story WMCD-0065. presents 'Mailbag Blues', the 1974 original soundtrack to the life of Ronnie Biggs. This is Ronnie's story expressed by some of the great musicians of the day in Brazil, led by his friend and fellow music lover, the American Bass player Bruce Henry. Recorded in Rio de Janeiro 30 years ago, this is the first time this album has ever been released! [NB. For Export Only; Not for release in the UK]
    - Trailer Happiness: Velvet Voodoo WMCD-0100. and Trailer Happiness present 'Velvet Voodoo', a collection of 12 exquisite tracks all dug out of the catalogue! The first ever Whatmusic Compilation! [NB. For Export Only; Not for release in the UK]
    - Celso Murilo & Conjunto Drink: Isto é o Drink WMLP-0075 / WMCD-0075. A celebration of Rio's legendary "Drink" nightclub from funky organist Celso Murilo and guests mixing cuban and bossa includes the first recording of soul superstar Wilson Simonal!
    - Vitor Assis Basil. Trajeto WMLP-0061 / WMCD-0061. 2nd album from the legendary alto saxophonist. Recorded in Rio for Equipe, "Trajeto" features a galaxy of young brasilian jazz stars and exudes the urgency and fire of a killer late 60s modal jazz date!
    - Marcos Ariel: Bambu WMLP-0085 / WMCD-0085. Bambu is a classic samba-fusion date showcasing Ariel on Fender Rhodes and acoustic piano, supported by world-class players like for ex. guitarist Ricardo silveira!
    - SOM AMBIENTE: S/T WMLP-0086 / WMCD-0086. This cool and funky covers album showcases the anonymous talents of brazilian supergroup Azymuth!
    - RIO 3: Valley Samba WMLP-0044 / WMCD-0044. Recorded in Brazil in 1968 by the US-based trio that became Sergio Mendes' Bossa Rio, this album has never been released until today.

  • It has been much delayed but it is ready NOW! Edson & Tita Lobo's album Gosto Tanto .... is available since october 20, 2003.

  • Whatmusic releases planned for march 2003:
    Jorge López Ruiz 5 - De Prepo. 1972. From the argentinean bass player.
    Jorge López Ruiz - Bronca Buenos Aires. 1971. Funky big band mixed with scat vocals and spoken word
    Orlann Divo - Samba Em Paralelo. The last of his trio recordings.
    Celso Murilo & Conjunto Drink - Isto É O Drink. Cuban and bossa mixed by the organ player C. Murilo.
    Celso Murilo - Mr Ritmo. A cult album from João Gilberto favourite organ player. Heavy afro cuban influence.
    Danilo Caymmi - Cheiro Verde. 1977 with members of Vox Populi and Milton Nascimento sidemen.
    Jazz Band De Free - Ego. Music and drumming from Carlos "Pocho" Lapouble. Argentinean & Uruguayan musicians in some kind of electric, free latin jazz.
    Luiz Claudio - Entre Nós. Singer/songwriter from the 60's.

  • More from Whatmusic:
    Luciano Perrone - Batucada Fantastica Vol 3 (psych batucada from 72)
    Ze Bertrami & Projecto III - Encontro (early Azymuth on top form)
    Orlann Divo - Samba Em Paralelo (remixed & mastered - throw out those dodgy bootleg copies!)
    Miguel Angel - Samba No Onda (featuring Os Ipanemas)
    Breno Sauer 4to - 4 No Sucesso (1966 follow up to great '4 Na Bossa')
    Julinho & Seu Quinteto -O Som do Julinho (rare brazilian jazz w/ Dom Salvador & Oberdan from 1969)
    Marisa - Marisa (featuring Cesar Camargo Mariano, Som 3 and Jongo Trio)
    Tema 3 - 1.30 Na Madrugada (expanded trio set of great covers & modal bossa!)
    D'Angelo - D'Angelo (1971 soul funk w/ femvox) Tim Maia, Cassiano & Jorge Ben covers)
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    DVDs ... DVDs ... DVDs ... DVDs ... DVDs ... DVDs ... DVDs ... DVDs ...

  • Lenny Andrade: Ao Vivo. Universal. Subtitled in Portuguese, Spanish and English.
  • Lenny Andrade & Cesar Camargo Mariano: Ao Vivo. Universal. Subtitled in Portuguese, Spanish and English.
  • Banda Eva: Banda Eva 25 anos. Universal. See description above
  • Maria Bethânia: Dentro Do Mar Tem Um Rio. Biscoito Fino. June 09. Based on the repertoire of the albums "Mar De Sophia" and "Pirata", this DVD documents a concert from the tour in Säo Paulo, filmed and recorded in December 2007
  • Maria Bethânia: Brasileirinho. DVD. Biscoito Fino - MPB. A RIO show recorded in march 2004 and featuring many guests like Nana Caymmi (Sussuarana), Miúcha (Cabocla Jurema / Ponto de Janaína), the choros band Tira Poeira in the samba "Padroeiro do Brasil" and the group Uakti, opening the DVD with an interpretation of Villa Lobos Bachianas.
  • Maria Bethânia: Tempo Tempo Tempo Tempo. Biscoito Fino. A big star, one big show and the performance of a "best of" with a lot of friends and guests!
  • Chico Buarque: Chico E As Cidades. Biscoito Fino. June 09. Reissue - with this time among other extras excerpts from the music of "Injuriado e Futuros Amantes" - of a DVD originally released in 2001 and conceived as a documentary about the composer
  • Chico Buarque: Bastidores. EMI. Documentary showing the composer and the text writer at work (amon others his work for theater). Filmed in Brasil and in France. Many special guests comment: Antônio Pedro, Bibi Ferreira, Edu Lobo, Elba Ramalho, Flávio Santiago, Francis Hime, Marieta Severo, MPB-4, Nara Leão, Otávio Augusto, Paulo César Peréio and Zizi Possi.
  • Chico Buarque: Anos Dourados. EMI. This is another document taken from the Buarque series and it shows moving scenes together with Jobim. On the special participation side and besides Jobim can be noted: Caetano Veloso, Edu Lobo, Milton Nascimento, Paula Morelenbaum
  • Chico Buarque: Estação Derradeira. EMI. This one is focusing on his work with the samba school Mangueira in 1998.
  • Cartola E Leci Brandão : Programa Ensaio 1974. Trama. Samba music.
  • Gal Costa: Gal Costa Ao Vivo. Trama. This is the integral recording of the "Hoje" project with special participation of Chico Buarque & Gilberto Gil. Also included are TV programs recorded by canal DirecTV. Also available as CD alone.
  • Kiko Continentino, Leonardo Amuedo E Mauro Senise: Caixa De Música. Delira Música. 2008. While the first is the pianist in Milton Nascimento's band, the second guitarist working with Ivan Lins and the third a true legend in Brazilian music, mostly known for being a member of the band Cama De Gato, the result of such a meeting is a recording of great delicacy and intimacy, surfing on compositions by traditional (Buarque, Jobim, Adolfo)as well as contemporary (Hermeto Pascoal) icons or even cooked by themselves
  • Yamandu Costa: Ao Vivo. Biscoito Fino. Yamandu is a guitar player, composer and arranger that does not fit into a single music style, yet he creates his own when he combines all of them playing his 7-string guitar. He revisits here great names like Baden Powell, Caetano Veloso and Radamés but also plays his own compositions
  • Eumir Deodato Trio: Ao Vivo No Rio. Biscoito Fino. Live concert and tribute to A.C.Jobim
  • Djavan: Programa Ensaio 1999. Deckdisc. This comes from a program recorded for TV Cultura in 1999. It features interview and stage footage.
  • João Donato: Nasci Para Bailar. Biscoito Fino. Bossa jazz in Cuba! a legendary moment in which Donato's trio visits Havana to play at the International Jazz Plaza! The set's a mixture of performance footage and documentary on this great chapter of Donato's late life, very well put together, with a clearly sympathetic eye for the way in which the two spirits of each culture come together on the journey. Donato's Brazilian musicians include Robertinho Silva and Luiz Alves; the film is also a great chance to see the warmth we've always loved in Joao's music, up close and personal. The DVD also features subtitles in English and Spanish and a few extras too.
  • João Donato: Donatural. Biscoito Fino. Recorded live on January 10, 2005 at the Espaço Cultural Sergio Porto, this DVD gathers many guests and friends: Angela Ro Ro, Emilio Santiago, Gilberto Gil, Joyce, Leila Pinheiro, Marcelinho da Lua, Marcelo D2. In the band, let's note the presence of Luiz Alves on piano. Technical data: NTSC. All regions. 129 mn. English & Portuguese sub-titles. Audio 6.1 & 2.1 . Making of
  • Zélia Duncan: Eu Me Transformo Em Outras. Universal. MPB. This is the recording of the show which gave earlier birth to the CD and now the DVD. Recorded live at the Carioca Cultural Center in Rio.
  • Celso Fonseca: Ao Vivo. EMI (2008). First DVD by this excelent singer. 19 tracks, NTSC, All areas. Guests: Gilberto Gil and a few lady singers.
  • Leo Gandelman: Leo Gandelman Ao Vivo. Microservice. Nov. 2011. Reissue of this DVD, originally launched in 2001 and celebrating one of the great Brazilian instrumentists, saxophonist Leo Gandelman, whose work unites classical and pop emotions, smooth jazz and MPB.
  • Leo Gandelman: Sabe Voce. EMI 2008. NTSC, all areas. Studio recrodings. With Luiz Melodia, Ney Matogrosso, Chico Buarque, Leila Pinheiro, Caetano Veloso, Lirinha, Milton Nascimento, Leny Andrade & Joel do Bandolim.
  • Gilberto Gil: São João Ao Vivo. WEA. Show from 2000, already released as CD and now as DVD. the bonus is a long interview with Gil in December 2000.
  • Gilberto Gil: No less than 3 DVDs released: Eletracustico + 'Kaya N'gan Daya + Unplugged
  • Gonzaguinha: Programa Ensaio 1990. This is a program mixing songs and interviews, recorded for TV Cultura in 1990
  • Francis Hime: Brasil Lua Cheia. Biscoito Fino. The CD was released in 2003 and got such a big success that the label now gives us this DVD, following Hime at work in the studio with a bunch of reknown musicians (Lenine, Adriana Calcanhotto, Paulinho da Viola, Joyce and Moraes Moreira), showing the composer and orchestrator in action
  • Tom Jobim: Box Tom Jobim. Biscoito Fino. Directed by Roberto Oliveira, this documentary has a lot of features, from his duo with Elis Regina on "Águas de Março" to his studio meeting with Edu Lobo or two anthologic shows of Jobim with Banda Nova, captured in Sao Paulo in 1985. The DVDs are also available separately
  • Joyce: Joyce Ao Vivo. CD + DVD (15 tracks each). EMI 2008. Roberto Menescal, João Donato, Dori Caymmi, Leila Pinheiro & Francis Hime are featured on this brand new and live album, recorded and filmed at FECAP in São Paulo, April 2008.
  • Rita Lee: Multishow Ao Vivo. Biscoito Fino. May 09. 40 years of career are included in this DVD by an artist often crowned as the Brazilian rock queen. It documents her ultimate tour (Pic Nic) inside and outside Brazil, presenting many of her hits as well as covers, like Beatles' "I Wanna Hold Your Hand"
  • Dudu Lima: Ouro De Minas. Universal. March 09. (See description above under imports)
  • Ivan Lins: Ensaio MPB Especial. Biscoito Fino. May 09. Produced in 1974 by Fernando Faro for the Brazilian TV Cultura, this is an excellent document on the early period of composer Ivan Lins.
  • Edu Lobo: Vento Bravo. This DVD follows Lobo in his work for movies or theatre, his visits to other musicians or friends, etc... and contains a second part consisting in a concert given in 2006 under the musical direction and piano performance of Cristóvão Bastos, with Jorge Helder on bass and Rafael Barata on drums
  • Roberto Menescal: 50 Anos De Bossa Nova. Sony/BMG. Sept. 2008. Celebrating the 50 years of bossa nova with special participations of Danilo Caymmi, Leila Pinheiro, Emilio Santiago, Wanda Sá, Peri Ribeiro and Miele.
  • Daniela Mercury: Bale Mulato Ao Vivo. EMI. Following the CD release, here is the recording of a show agreably combining samba-reggae, axé, batidas de capoeira, romantic ballads, pop, MPB and samba. Special participation of Gilberto Gil, Marilene de Castro, Jammil and Banda Didá
  • Monte, Marisa : MM. EMI. Live Show with Ed Motta, Paolo Moura, La Nouvelle Cuisine
  • Milton Nascimento: Musicalmente. Coqueiro Verde. Filmed in 1980 by the Swiss TV RTSI, this concert featured keyboardist and arranger Wagner Tiso as well as 13 other musicians
  • Milton Nascimento: Pietá. Som Livre. This is a recording of the tour which was called so, following the success of the album "Perfil Milton Nascimento". There are performing guests, among them the singer Marina Machado
  • Milton Nascimento: Tambores De Minas. Released in 2003 and now at a good price, this DVD consists of a revisiting of his greatest hits.
  • Milton Nascimento: Sede De Peixe. DVD. EMI - MPB. 109 mn of a digitalized and remastered show featuring the greatest names of the popular Brazilian music. Extra features, texts in Portuguese, English and Spanish. Track list: Para Lennon E MacCartney, Um Girassol da Cor Do Seu Cabelo, Paixão e Fé (with Fernando Brant, Lô Borges, Tavinho Moura & Beto Guedes), Viola Violar (with Skank), Caíco / Cantigas + Ponta de Areis (with Wagner Tiso), A Terceira Margem do Rio (with Caetano Veloso), Circo Marimbondo (with Alcione), San Vicente (with Zélia Duncan), Cais (with Nana Caymmi e Wagner Tiso), Clube da Esquina nº2 (with Lô Borges), Me Deixa Em paz (with Alaíde Costa e Wagner Tiso), Canção do Sal (with Elis Regina), Samba Lelê + Cravo e Canela (with Carlinhos Brown), Zamba Catumba Zambi (With Grupo Catopés), Os tambores de Minas, Lágrimas do Sul (com Uakti), Raça (with Gilberto Gil).
  • Nascimento, Milton : Tambores De Minas. Performing his best successes. WEA.
  • Nosso Trio: Nosso Trio Ao Vivo. Delira Música. This trio, featuring guitarist Nelson Faria, drummer Keiko Freitas and bassist Ney Conceição has been in many years the backing band of João Bosco. They are here recorded and filmed live at Maria Clara Machado Theater, Rio de Janeiro, on November 1st, 2005.
  • Os Cariocas: Os Cariocas Ao Vivo. Universal. MPB. A great vocal group finally visualized. 16 songs played here.
  • Os Mutantes: Mutantes Ao Vivo. Sony / BMG. 2CD + DVD recorded at the Barbican Theatre, Londres, 2006
  • Hermeto Pascoal, Zimbo Trio e Egberto Gismonti . For about 60 minutes, listen to the 3 artists recorded at the Sala Cecilia Meireles no RJ. Pascoal plays 2 improvisations + "Este Meu Piano", Gismonti plays "Anéis", "Infância" and "Forró". The Zimbo Trio interprets "A Felcidade" and "Aquarela do Brasil".
  • Leila Pinheiro "Mais Coisas do Brasil", Ney Matogrosso "Ao Vivo" and "Batuque", Rita Lee "Acustico MTV", Zizi Possi "Per Amore Ao Vivo", Caetano Veloso "Un Caballero De Fina Estam" are some of the new DVD releases from Polygram Brasil.
  • Zizi Possi: Para Inglês Ver E Ouvir. Universal. MPB. This is the recording of a show in Sao Paulo and Tom Brasil. For this project, Zizi Possi chose to sing great names and classic songs from the English language repertory. Cole Porter (Love for Sale), Queen (Love of my Life), Elvis Presley (Fever), Bob Marley (Redemption Song), Ray Charles (Ruby) and The Beatles (Come Together) are a few examples to be found here. Also released as CD
  • Baden Powell Quartet: Tristeza Live 1970. Coqueiro Verde. August 2011. CD+DVD. This is an historical document filmed in Saarbrucken, Germany, in November 70. Accompanied by Helio Schiavo (drums), Ernesto Gonçalves (bass), Alfredo Bessa (percussion) and with vocals by Dulce Nunes, the guitarist delivers many Brazilian classic tunes (Manhã de Carnaval, Tristeza, Garota de Ipanema, Samba Triste, etc...).
  • Quaternália: S/T. Trama. This is the recording of a 2004 show by the classical guitar quartet, interpreting various composers who are part of Brazil's history, ancient as well as modern.
  • Elis Regina: Box Elis Regina. EMI. 3 DVDs with titles "Na Batucada Da Vida", "Doce De Pimenta " and "Falso Brilhante" gather the greatest moments of the singer's career, from recorded shows to TV productions, meetings and interviews. Directed by Roberto Oliveira. The DVDs are also available separately
  • Elis Regina: Elis Regina Carvalho Da Costa. Trama. The first coloured DVD in her career, this TV show was originally recorded for the program "Série Grandes Nomes" at the end of 1980 and the camera totally focuses on Elis; her musicians are seldom shown, except a few tunes where one can see Cesar Camargo Mariano on piano behind Elis.
  • Maria Rita: Samba Meu. Recorded in Rio at the Vivo Rio venue in 2008, this DVD (NTSC All zones / Dolby Digital 2.0. / 5.1 DTS Surround / 4:3 Fullscreen; 16:9 Widescreen / 93 mn. ) includes 19 tracks, a making of, slideshow, 2 videoclips. Maria Rita is the daughter of Elis Regina.
  • Moacir Santos: Ouro Negro. The 2CD which brought Santo to success is now also available as DVD!
  • Mauro Senise: Casa Forte: Mauro Senise Toca Edu Lobo. Biscoito Fino. Recorded at the Sala Cecília Meireles, Rio, on november 30, 2006 and entirely dedicated to the music of Edu Lobo, this concert presents Mauro Senise on alto and soprano sax as well as on flute and includes the special participation of pianist Gilson Peranzzetta, bassist Paulo Russo on acoustic bass, drummer Mamão, yes the one beating on the fusion band Azymuth, vibraphonist Jota Moraes (another Azymuth alumni) and more yet!
  • Simone: Em Boa Companhia. Biscoito Fino. Captured in April 2010 in Recife at the Teatro Guararapes, this ambitious show marks the return of the singer on Brazilian soil and she has gathered to this purpose an efficient band able to interpret old successes as well as new songs presented for the first time. Also marketed as 2CD or DVD + 2CD package.
  • Simone: Ao Vivo. EMI. This is the filming of the show that followed consequently after the release of "Baiana da Gema", featuring the music of Ivan Lins & Vitor Martins. Note that the DVD has 7 tracks more than the CD version. If the previous DVD was some kind of "Making Of", this one is witnessing a show and the recording is made even more attractive by the addition of a few special guests (see above).
  • Sivuca: O Poeta Do Som - Sivuca. KDVD504. Jan. 07.
  • Hamleto Stamato: Gafieira Jazz. Delira Música . 2008. DVD + CD. In 2003, the pianist, producer, composer and arranger Hamleto Stamato launched the first part of a series titled "Speed Samba Jazz" (the 2 next volumes were released in 2005 and 2006). Now comes this DVD (17 tracks) + CD (14 tracks) as a sort of "Speed Samba Jazz" live! Filmed in RIO, it presents besides the leader Augusto Mattoso (bass), Erivelton Silva (drums), Paulinho Trompete (trumpet), Widor Santiago (sax) and Roberto Marques (trombone).
  • Wagner Tiso: Um Som. Dubas/Universal. Also available as CD, this is a project completed and recorded in december 2005 at the Teatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro. With the help of the Orquestra Petrobrás Sinfônica, the concert commemorated a career spanning over 45 years, with a host of illustrious performing guests: Milton Nascimento, Gal Costa, Cauby Peixoto, Paulo Moura, Som Imaginário, Grupo Uakti, Tizumba e a Guarda de Moçambique do Divino.
  • Paula Toller: Nosso Ao Vivo. NTSC, all areas. Live, recorded in August 2008, in Rio. With Dado Villa-Lobos & Kevin Johansen.
  • V/A: Viva Brasil. Eurpa Filmes. Parisian Show from 2005, on the national Bastille day: July 14. 2005 was declared Brasil's year and this gave the excue for bringing up a plethora of current Brazilian stars. The show is patronized (and also performed) by Brasil's culture minister, a certain Gilberto Gil
  • Caetano Veloso : Multishow Ao Vivo - Cê. Universal. Show recorded in June 2007. Extras include an interview with the artist, videoclips and making of the music of "Odeio" and more
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • New artists in the Series Brazil De A a Z (3CDs compiled in a boxset):
    BETO GUEDES: Contos da Lua Vaga, Viagem das Mãos & Alma de Borracha.
    CHARLIE BROWN JR.: Nadando com os Tubarões, 100% Charlie Brown Jr. & Bocas Ordinárias.
    CLEMENTINA DE JESUS: The eponymous album + 2 unissued on CD: Clementina de Jesus & Clementina de Jesus Convidado Especial Carlos Cachaça.
    EGBERTO GISMONTI: Água e Vinho, Academia de Danças & Corações Futuristas.
    ELIZETH CARDOSO: taken from the albums Preciso Aprender a Ser Só 1, Preciso Aprender a Ser Só 2 & Muito Elizeth. All 3 not issued before on CD.
    FLÁVIO VENTURINI: Nascente, O Andarilho & O Trem Azul.
    GONZAGUINHA: Gonzaguinha da Vida, De Volta Ao Começo & Grávido
    LEGIÃO URBANA: As Quatro Estações, V & O Descobrimento do Brasil
    LEILA PINHEIRO: Isso é Bossa Nova, Catavento e Girassol & Na Ponta da Língua.
    MARINA LIMA: O Chamado, Abrigo & Marina Lima.
    MILTON NASCIMENTO: Clube da Esquina 1, Minas e Geraes.
    NANA CAYMMI:Só Louco, A Noite do Meu Bem & Nana Caymmi
    RITA LEE: Fruto Proibido, Refestança com Gilberto Gil & Entradas e Bandeiras
    SIMONE: Quatro Paredes, Gotas d'Água & Face a Face
    TRIO IRAKITAN: A Bossa que Gostamos de Cantar, Os Sambas Que Gostamos de Cantar & Nós Gostamos de Cantar Samba.