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Avant Garde! This word has only been chosen because it's short and an ideal index name; it also happens to encompass the kind of music we want to talk about. BUT you can expect to also find here musics labelled by OTHER people with OTHER words. Like: experimental, improvised musics, electronica, art rock, alternative, new musics, etc… We DO care about the music, not what it may be whimsically called. So here you are: a wide eclectic bunch of releases waiting for you!

If you're already in the know of such label names as: Ambiances Magnétiques, Atavistic, Avant, Impetus, In Situ, Intakt, Knitting Factory, Konnex Atonal, Kopf, Leo, Materiali sonori, Recommended, Tzadik, Victo and many more …. Be sure we follow them closely (thanks to a competent distributor) and will be able to easily get you any title still on catalog.

  • 48 Cameras: After All, Isn't Tango The Dance Of The Drunk Man ? Carbon 7 (C7-079). This is the 8th release by this international collective of artists coming from different backgrounds (film, music, dance, theater). The music could be placed within the ambient genre since the basis is nearly without decided rhythms. The focus is on the interaction between the many instruments and their sounds ( didgeridoo, clocks, samplers, drones, field recordings, string instruments, Würlitzer, organ, tuba, various reeds, accordion, etc...), the use of the voice with its many aspects and contours, reinforced by the presence of prestigious vocal guests like the American Sandy Dillon, the richness of textures giving the music a real poetic quality.
  • New Series on ACT Records!
    27/10/03 What's NU. A compilation by several artists (Esbjörn Svensson Trio, Tim Hagans, MC Jazz, Geffen Mirron ) of this new trend called Nu-Jazz, mixing various styles and symbolized by freedom and openness. ACT 9600-2
    27/10/03 Elbtonal Percussion with Christopher Dell: Drumtronic. This german band from Hamburg founded in 1996 inspires audiences with a high quality of broad-based percussion music and is influenced by a whole palette of styles such as classical, contemporary and world music as well as jazz and rock. ACT 9601-2
    27/10/03 Roberto Di Gioia's Marsmobil: Strange World. Inspired by the trashy analogue sound aesthetic of the 60's and 70's, Marsmobil brings together Nu-Jazz, minimalist electronica, lounge pop and Burt Bacharach-style orchestrations. Début album featuring a lot of illustrious guests including among others Klaus Doldinger, Nils Landgren, Frank Möbus, The FleshQuartet and last but not least, Wigald Boning. ACT 9602-2

  • Ahvak: S/T. A Cuneiform release. The music can have some connection with groups like Univers Zéro or Thinking Plague. The group features drummer Dave Kerman (5 UU's, U Totem, Blast, Present) and the music calls also for two keyboards, guitar, bass and computer.
  • Alog: Unemployed. Rune Grammofon (RCD2116). 11/11/11. This new album finds the band on top of their game with what is arguably their finest effort so far. It was recorded in a wide range of spaces and places, from recordings of Haugan and Eide as street musicians in San Francisco while touring, to scavenging old collections of 78-records in the mining town of Bjørnevatn in the far North-Eastern part of Norway. From on-the-spot recordings of Sigbjørn Apeland´s legendary collection of vintage harmoniums in the St. Jakobs Church in Bergen, to high-end capture of the unique sounds of Alog´s many custom built instruments in the studios of Notam in Oslo and BEK in Bergen. For a period of three years Alog collected material from all kind of sources, times and situations and made new songs that constantly pushed their creative freedom in unexpected directions. Playful, adventurous, mysterious and exploring, this is 76 minutes of experimental, yet accessible, music of the very finest sort and comes highly recommended.
  • Angeli, Paolo / Takumi Fukushima: Itsunomanika. Recommended Records (RERPA5). 22/03/11. This is Paulo Angeli's fifth release, this time with ex-Volapuk violinist and singer Takumi Fukushima. A high quality, hi-fidelity concert performance in which Paulo and Takumi deliver an impressively well integrated, complex - and largely composed - programme of sharply focused pieces, somehow, managing to sound like a much larger ensemble. Partly because of their sheer virtuosity, partly because of the exoticism of the instrumentation - in particular, the sonorities of Paulo's extended, customised, prepared Giant Sardinian guitar, which does extraordinary, chameleonic work as bass, chord accompaniment, melody instrument, viola, cello, and sometimes percussion. There are some palpable After Dinner atmospheres here, but mostly the music occupies its own ambiguous, highly convincing, cultural space.
  • Art Fleury:I Luoghi Del Potere (1979. CD cardboard BOX + poster (DS 14 CD). Art Fleury's rare avantgarde / new wave rock album from 1979 is now available again in a special reissue CD cardboard box edition by the very active DS indie label. Close to Picchio dal Pozzo's and early Faust music style. Art Fleury was founded in Brescia, North Italy, in the mid-seventies. In the following years they extensively toured and played with Henry Cow, and in 1980 they were finally able to produce and release their first record, "I luoghi del potere" (The places of power), which they started recording in 1977. At times included in the "prog" genre, "I luoghi del potere" (originally conceived as the soundtrack of an imaginary movie), is a very personal and radical experience, at times recalling Faust's free-form kraut riffing, or the industrial sound collages of Nurse With Wound. The music is articulated through an outstanding dynamic juxtaposition of instrumental parts, with frequent structural and harmonic fragmentations, and a diverse array of unusual sound elements: from a sort of brass-band progression to radio frequencies, from cacophonic intermezzos to expressionist tape-collage techniques. Through this free flow of sounds, only apparently casual, the group wanted to expose the alienation, the folly, the hopes and fears of their times, through a creative act that pushed to the limits their expressive means.
  • Art Zoyd / Eyecatcher: L'Homme à la Caméra. In-Possible Records (AZ 2011). Sept. 2011. Keeping up with their work of shows built on films, the French band presents here on this 2CD the music conceived for a film from 1929 by Russian film director Dziga Vertov. Conceived by Gérard Hourbette, the show was premiered in Valenciennes in 2007. A few other pieces round the content of this CD, having one thread in common: the eye!
  • Pure Noise / Art Zoyd Studio: Expériences de Vol # 7. In-Possible Records (AZ 2010). Oct. 09. Following the two 3CDs boxsets making respectively Expériences de Vol #1-2-3 and #4-5-6, here's the new offer by three composers (we find again Kasper T. Toeplitz, who seems to represent the new Art Zoyd generation), three approaches of "pure noise", taken as a workable material that will finally form a new music, like the result of a cataclysm. Besides other technical tools like live electronics or computer assisted developments, there are also wind instruments this time (clarinet and saxophone), as well as percussion and even bass where a familiar name for French proggers pops up: Erik Baron (remember the slightly Zeuhl marked D-Zakord?)
  • Art Zoyd: La Chute de la Maison Usher. Fairplay / Impossible Records AZ2009. Jan. 08. This French film by Jean Epstein is based on a novel written by Sir Edgar Allan Poe. Film music is nothing new for Art Zoyd but with this one, the band wanted to go further the Metropolis experience and tackles via a different writing more impressionistic aspects of a certain style of French movie. Composer Gérard Hourbette says: "Prolonging the experience of Metropolis, which superimposed up to 5 different soundtracks, I wanted to fancy some kind of ritual music filled with quiverings and fulgurances which would not represent chaos but suggest the hidden, the evanescent and the haunted. I wanted to interlace or intertwine those musics as as many chimerical tales, figuring the conversations of spectres or those we hold in silence with and inside ourselves". Patricia Dallio & Yukari Bertocchi-Hamada are in charge of keyboards and samplers, Jerome Soudan & Daniel Koskowitz of percussions. Gérard Hourbette triggers pads and samplers and Laurent Dalleau plays the theremin.
  • Art Zoyd: Le Champ Des Larmes (AZ2008). July 06. The Hell was crossed by 5 rivers and The Styx was the one at the border of "the fields of tears". This theme is the basis of a new musical construction conceived by Gérard Hourbette (long time AZ member), Kasper T. Toeplitz & Dominik Barbier (the first being one of the recent AZ contributors while the latter is a newcomer). Besides Hourbette on samplers, do we meet another long time AZ member, here on keyboards: Patricia Dallio (sharing the place with Yutari Bertocchi). Completing the formation are two percussionists, Daniel Koskowitz & Jérome Soudan. Says Koeplitz: "to diversify the limits of an audible field, sharpen them or at the opposite blur them, accelerate a static movement, change the gravity point of an inert mass, give some weight to a continuous movement, are as many behaviours found in my music and sensations to associate to the idea of water".
  • Art Zoyd & Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles: Expériences de Vol 4,5,6. The follower to the 3 first "flight experiences" is now ready and offers the meeting of Art Zoyd with 13 various composers, each coming with one work. Among the 13 we'll have the pleasure to find Daniel Denis from the Belgian legendary Univers Zéro. Again this time Gérard Hourbette (for Art Zoyd) & Jean Paul Dessy (for Musiques Nouvelles) are standing as musical directors of the project.
  • Artemiev, Edward: Solaris. Song Cycle (CY001BCL). Street date: 22-10-21. Here's a massive boxset of a cult film and music! LP + CD + Book. Music and noise composed and recorded on the photoelectron synthesizer ANS by Edward Artemiev. LP and CD remastered in San Francisco, CA in May 2013. Exclusive photo book with unreleased images of the movie set and essays about music and cinema of the duo Artemiev/Tarkovsky. CD and LP have the same track list.
  • Artemiev, Edward / Tarkovsky, Andrey: Solaris. Sound And Vision. Song Cycle (CY001). Feb. 2018. This collector's edition box set, limited to 500 numbered copies worldwide, includes the soundtrack realised by the great Russian composer Edward Artemiev for Andrey Tarkovsky's masterpiece film Solaris (1972). The box includes the soundtrack in two formats: LP 180gr high-quality virgin vinyl and, for the first time, CD. It is also accompanied by an exclusive photo book with unreleased images of the movie set and essays about music and cinema of the duo Artemiev/Tarkovsky, and the BluRay version of the film, in original language with English subtitles.
  • Babbitt / Feldman: Clarinet Quintets. Innova Recordings (INN 746). June 09. Those two quintets for clarinet and strings present the works of two different but complementary North American contemporean composers: Milton Babbitt with his hyper tight writing, side by side with the suspended chords above Morton Feldman's vacuum. Interpreted by the Phoenix Ensemble
  • Beat Circus: Boy From Black Mountain. Cuneiform RUNE 294. Sept. 09. This nine-piece unit features among other Alec K. Redfearn and is craftfully led by singer-composer Brian Carpenter. Song oriented, this is a very artful-yet-accessible album with great lyrics, memorable songs and rich orchestrations. In addition to the songs are a handful of haunting instrumentals which help to frame the overall work of the songs to a larger canvas.
  • Beat Circus: Dreamland. Cuneiform RUNE 264. This nonet features Alec K. Redfearn and has a wide eclectic instrumentation: harmonium, trumpet, violin, accordion, tuba, trombone, saxophone, percussions, etc...
  • Berthet, Pierre & Frédéric Le Junter: L'enclume des Jours. Mini CD, July 2011. Raw concrete music. Tubular dums, horns, nails, wind and rotary organs, water droplets, automatic bow, springs, foot bass, iron wires, tins, barrels, mirrors, singing... are many indicators to approach the music of those two french artists, performed in the mid 90's.
  • Biro, Daniel: Elegant Enigmas. Sargasso S28028. Dec. 08. If you love the Fender Rhodes, here's an album entirely dedicated to it, played by one of its most internationally reknown interprets. From solo to a duo with harpsichord and passing by a cover tune of a theme taken from Fellini's "La Dolce Vita", this is a unique and passionate dedication work!
  • Box: Studio 1. Rune Grammofon RCD 2070. Behind this curious name and title is actually to be found some kind of a super group! Raoul Björkenheim: guitar (Scorch Trio) + Trevor Dunn: bass (Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, John Zorn) + Ståle Storløkken: keyboards (Supersilent, Humcrush) + Morgan Ågren: drums (Mats / Morgan, Zappa´s Universe)! Hand-picked by writer and film-maker Philip Mullarkey to record and play live as part of the art/film project "Box", the four musicians met for the first time in Atlantis Studio in Stockholm for two short days of recording without having planned, scored or prepared any music in advance. It quickly became apparent that this avant-garde juggernaut was heading in the right direction - the musical interplay making it hard to believe that these complex pieces were actually improvised on the spot - again, a testament to instant music making at the highest level.
  • Bruckmann, Kyle: On Procedural Grounds. New World Records (NW80725). Featuring among other the Rova Saxophone Quartet, here are four compositions in solo, duo or in company of the groups Wrack or SF Sound, mixing post-modernistic jazz with improvisations and electronic treatments; to be placed between contemporary music (Ligeti, Feldman) and the continuum of Afro-American music favoured by Anthony Braxton, whom Chicagoan oboist Bruckmann has worked with.
  • Buckethead: Kaleidoscalp (TZ 7409). Nov. 2005. Rock star? Cult character? Cartoon hero? Guitar virtuoso? This recording, produced together with Dan Monti (who takes in charge programming and the computer based music), presents us all the facets of the man as well as his visionary approach of rock in 2005. Intense, crazy, brutal, hilarating but in all cases extreme!
  • Cacciapaglia, Roberto: Sonanze. Mirumir (MIR100702LP). Feb. 2013. 180 Gr. vinyl LP + bonus CD of the album (with 15 bonus tracks!). Roberto Cacciapaglia is an influential member of the Italian avant-garde and has spent the last four decades blurring the lines between classical and electronic music, developing a sound that has never been restricted by genre. Sonanze was his debut album from 1975, a mix of electronic (Moog, synth) and classical instrumentation (guitar, oboe, trombone, clarinet) that was experimental in a *Kosmische* sense, but with the musical chops and superior vision of a classically trained musician. The bonus CD features 15 bonus tracks recorded between 1972-74, but not released until 2000.
  • Cacciapaglia, Roberto: Sei Note In Logica. Mirumir (MIR100703LP). Feb. 2013. 180 Gr. vinyl LP + bonus CD of the album (with 2 bonus tracks). Cacciapaglia's second LP dateds from 1979, a minimalist album that features one continual composition "for four voices, computer, and orchestral ensemble", in the same vein as Fred Rzewski, Steve Reich and Terry Riley. Unlike anything else coming out of Italy at the time, Cacciapaglia (who worked for Italy's national Department of Phonology) was also quite advanced in his use of computer-based technology. A major influence on the likes of Jim O'Rourke and others of his ilk. The bonus CD features an acoustic version of the entire album!
  • Roberto Cacciapaglia Ensemble: Transarmonica. Mirumir. Format: deluxe CD with booklet / LP with insert (Catalog numbers respectively MIR100732CDD / MIR100732). 26/01/15. Recorded live at Glance Studios in Milano on June 28, 1988.
  • Calcagnile, Cristiano: St()ma. LP+DVD (heavy box). We Insist! (WEIN02). Street date: 14-06-19. This is the debut solo work of Cristiano Calcagnile, one of the most creative and versatile drummers and percussionists in the Italian Jazz field. This is a solo "tour de force" for drums, percussion, objects and table guitar. An extended sound narrative based on the gradual transformation of sound, space, noise and images.
  • Camisasca, Juri: Evoluzione Interiore. Black Sweat (BS037CD). April 2018. Juri Camisasca is one of the towering artists of Italy?s remarkable musical avant-garde. The recordings which make up Evoluzione Interiore, Camisasca's sixth full length release, are lost artifacts from a crucial period from the composer's creative development. Recorded at the end of the 70's, they fall within the unheard shadows of the period between the release of "La Finestra Dentro" and the appearance of his second LP, "Te Deum", in 1988. Evoluzione Interiore is the product of solitary journey, momentarily capturing a territory which American Minimalists like La Monte Young, Terry Riley, and Pauline Oliveros spent decades hunting for. Across the album, Camisasca's voice, with an shimmering nod to North Indian Classical music, sketches a series of incredible, stretched melodic passages, accompanied by a lone, droning harmonium for three of the four works, and by Roberto Mazza on Oboe for the remaining - each haunting, beautiful, and imbued with such emotion and depth that the entire cultural history of music seems to be gathered at the root. Available on Double LP and CD
  • Coleclough, Jonathan : Period (NOM4CD)
    Period is an unlimited reissue of the out of print Anomalous Records LP (released 2001 in an edition of 530 copies only) with new cover artwork. This reissue sees the original A side extended from the original length of 17 minutes to the new length of 50 minutes. It still includes Colin Potter's 17 minute remix "Periodic" which was featured on the B side of the LP. Period" is beautiful piece based entirely on sounds from a Bluthner grand piano, looped and extended into long, drifting, calm drones with occasional punctuation of recognizable notes slowly resonating. The piece becomes "Periodic" at the hands of Colin Potter, whose remix turns it into a more dark and haunting experience which reveals even less of the characteristics of a piano than the original. Two complimenting, yet also contrasting, views of the same material which both show a great deal of depth and cohesion. All wrapped in a full color cover designed by Jonathan and featuring his photographs.
  • Collectif Sonocité: Sonocité. SC 1159. This is a special and original project by a collective association of artists around the themes of town, garbage and recycling. 15 plasticians and composers have realized it, calling for an armada of communication means: film, games, photos, music, interactive programs. The arborescence in the DVD menu allows you to choose the objects from the garbage location and to find them again in a transmuted form in one or several creations. The collectif also plans to present through time various shows in different towns. The technical data for the DVD: compatible Mac OSX, Mac OS9, Windows XP > 500MHz, 64 Mo RAM, 800x600.
  • Coluccino, Osvaldo: Neuma Q. Die Schachtel (DSC4 CD). April 2010. The newest addition to the Die Schachtel 'Composers' series, a deep immersion into the purest electronic sound, exploring a broad spectrum of electroacoustic phenomena, low-end drone, magically constructed and sequenced in a way that preserves an intimate feel.
  • Congotronics 2: after the explosive Konono N°1, the Congotronics series presents 6 other astounding bands from the suburbs of Kinshasa, including Kasai All Stars, Masanka Sankayi and Basokin. More heavily-distorted sounds, more DIY amplification... but also a whole array of different rhythms, buzzing drums, swirling guitars and hypnotic balafons. A DVD will be included to show it all.
  • Coniglio, Enrico: Combicom. TRI 030. Featuring ex-Cluster member Roedelius as well as other well known names of the ambient scene like Nicola Alesini
  • Tony Conrad With Faust: Outside The Dream Syndicate. Superior Viaduct SV048CD (CD) / SV048LP (LP). Street date: 31-03-16. Outside The Dream Syndicate, originally released in Europe only in 1973, is a stunning debut. Two side-long tracks "The Side Of Man And Womankind" and "The Side Of The Machine" show just how far Conrad had moved beyond his minimalist peers. Werner Diermaier's repetitive drum beat and Jean-Hervé Peron's stripped-down bassline conjure a tense, ascetic groove, while Conrad's seamless violin, initially so controlled, reveals a surprising adaptability. The music shifts almost on a subliminal level, pushing and pulling to the drone's internal pulse. This first-time vinyl reissue and long out-of-print CD release have been carefully been carefully mastered from the original master tapes and include liner notes by musician Jim O'Rourke and author Branden W. Joseph.
  • Cora, Tom: It's A Brand New Day. Knitting Factory Works FKW271. Sept. 07. This is some kind of "best of" of unreleased tracks recorded at the Knitting Factory between 1989 and 1996. Cora, who left us in 1998, was one of the most exciting cello players in the world, always pushing the technical boundaries of the instrument and present in so many different musical projects, from The Ex to Skeleton Crew or Curlew. Many known faces appear here on those unreleased bits, from guitarist Fred Frith to the experimental singer Catherine Jauniaux or trumpetist Dave Douglas, to name but a few. The CD also includes an homage to the cellist, played by an orchestra of his closest musician friends
  • Curran, Alvin / Laneri, Roberto / Schiaffini, Giancarlo: Beat 72 Lost Date. Eargong Records (EG01CD). Street date: 18-09-20. An unearthed treasure from the 70's Italian Avant Garde archives! A previously unreleased recording from the legendary Beat72 club in Rome in 1973, featuring a one-off Italian-American All-Star ensemble with Roberto Laneri, founding member of the experimental vocal group Prima Materia; maverick American composer Alvin Curran co-founder of Musica Elettronica Viva; trombone specialist Giancarlo Schiaffini from the historical Gruppo di improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza; cello virtuoso Frances Marie Uitti, close collaborator of the likes of J. Cage and G. Scelsi; bassist Bruno Tommaso, from the legendary Gruppo Romano Free Jazz and American composer Tony Ackerman from the obscure Suonosfera group. Highly creative Music which defies categories and boundaries. An historical document!!! An additional booklet contains extensive liner notes and photos.
  • Curran, Alvin: Maritime Rites. New World NW 80625. Those 10 radio concerts allowed representative musicians in US jazz and avant garde to add their touch to a pre-recorded sound environment focusing on sea concept. Among them are names like John Cage, Steve Lacy, George Lewis, Wadada Leo Smith, Pauline Oliveros ...
  • Cut Iowa Network: Projector Gunship Held {Ø}. Released as a 180Gr. 2LP, this is the first release in an expansive trilogy that combines earth shattering drums with guitars, bass and effects to produce a sprawling series of instrumental atmospheres. The album arcs through different interpretations of drone-rock from the heavily blissed out haze of "The Sun Was Gone But Our Faces Shone" through the shimering loops and sonics of "Super Futures Axis Neo Tokyo" to the destructive dirge of "Kill Command (Arc Light Operations)" taking in kraut-rock, drone, electronica and avant-garde influences on the way to produce a jaw dropping cinematic explosion of sound. Simply awesome.
  • Dallio, Patricia has a new recording ready: L'Encre Des Voix Secrètes (The ink of secret voices). The member of Art Zoyd has come now to her 7th solo record and the recurring thematique here is the voice, treated as an instrument.
  • Dallio, Patricia : Champs De Mars. Sept. 2005. Reissue on Art Zoyd's label of the music written in 1992 for a choreographic show. Sensual and hypnotic.
  • New from CIP Audio!
    After performing bass or sequencer solo concerts, musician Erik Baron decided to create a real group: Desaccordes where real performers replaced machines. This ensemble of 19 guitars and el basses under high voltage is open to all kind of sound manipulations such as prepared strings, ebow, chinese sticks, overdrives, use of metal, etc... The album is titled "Cordeyades".
  • Desaccordes: In C. May 2005. GA8681. A current musical ensemble led by the French bass player and composer Erik Baron. The band includes no less than seven classical guitarists (Among whom a certain Philippe Cauvin), nine electrical guitarists, seven bass-players, a harpist, two cellists, a drummer and a percussionnist (the former Pseu keyboards player Thierry Jardinier). With their second opus "In C", Desaccordes aims at reproducing the famous eponymous work composed in 1964 by Terry Riley. This quite original transcription has been given the form of a classical symphony, an originality still reinforced by the use of electric instruments. This is the ideal opportunity to discover again this masterpiece of music of the XXth Century.
  • DNA: DNA On DNA. No More Records NO 12. Founded in New york in 1978, DNA was to seriously affect the evolution of No Wave as well as the Downtown scene. This CD compiles in their integrality the recordings appeared on vinyl in the early 80's: the first EP, the cult album "No Wave No New York", the much sought after "A Taste of DNA" and unreleased tracks in studio or live version. The 16 pages booklet includes rare photos, concert flys, and texts by several writers. The abrasive and destructured sound of DNA can remind of the greatest hours of the Velvet Underground and has been forged by great names such Arto Lindsay (guitars and vocals), the Japanese percussion wizzard Ikue Mori, here on drums, Tim Wright, previously bassist of Pere Ubu who in DNA took the place of keyboardist Robin Crutchfield. The group was to have a decisive influence on people like Thurston Moore, John Zorn or acts like Blonde Redhead
  • Dockstader, Tod: Aerial Volume 1. SR 223. Jan. 07. This concept was conceived in the 90's by the American composer and consists of recordings of AM air waves, a slow evolution of sounds mixed with ethereal voices, bringing for sure an ambient character to the music
  • Drake, Bob: The Shunned Country. CTA 1. 5th solo album and a suite of 52 miniatures
  • Dresher, Paul: Cage Machine. New Albion NA 125. Expressionist chamber music performed by the Electro-Acoustic ensemble, mixing with great art the sounds of synthesizers and samplers to the purest acoustic sounds (violin, marimba, piano). The composer, born in Los Angeles, has written for theater, dance and film. He has worked with such many great names as Ned Rothenberg or Pauline Oliveros.
  • Ebtekar, Ata And The Iranian Orchestra For New Music: Ornamentalism. Sub Rosa / Quatermass (SR284). June 09. Alireza Mashayekhi is one of the great names of contemporean Iranian music and his orchestral compositions are here freely transformed under the leadership of Ata Ektebar with the help of the electronic tool. This *electrocution* of the acoustic material gives us a new lightning angle, transcending the beauty of the original performance by a careful balance of sounds and silences as well as the electronic treatments applied. A unique experience that will make date!
  • Embrace Of Disharmony: De Rervm Natvra. My Kingdom (ECHO140). Street date: 14-06-19. After their debut album in 2014, the group offers us this time a fascinating journey into a unique musical universe. It stands out thanks to its original language featuring dark atmospheres, complex progressive structures, epic orchestral scores, extreme metal contaminations and a peculiar vocal style, based on a continuous intertwine of different melodies a female and a male voice. The lyrical theme of the album is based on Lucretio's poem "De Rervm Natvra" and his theory of the universe. It is mixed at Outer Sound Studio with Giuseppe Orlando (Novembre, DGM) and mastered at the legendary Finnvox Studios with Mika Jussila (Nightwish, Stratovarius and many more). It's a top release for fans of Avantgarde, Experimental Extreme and Dark Metal (Arcturus, Borknagar or Opeth) or great orchestral outfits such as Therion.
  • Emmerson, Simon: Points and Pathways. sargasso S28060. Dec. 08. Master at the Leicester's Montfort University of a teaching course titled Music, Technology and Innovation, Simon emmerson is a firm adept of electronic music in real time. He receives frequent commisioned works from the French GRM Institute and presents here a collection of works from various periods. Pathways was created in 1989 for the Shiva Nova Ensemble and oppose West and East in different instrumental combinations ( sitar/tabla versus cello/flute) treated by interactive electronic filters. The Points Trilogy presents harpsichord bathing in a universe of electronic sounds; in "Points of Return", the kayagun (a Korean plucked string instrument) is called to duty, while "Time Space" is a composition for bass flute, harpsichord and live electronics
  • Ergo: If Not Ineptia. Cuneiform (RUNE 339). Jan. 2012. Ergo is a unique electro-acoustic jazz ensemble, who mine areas in sound that no one else in jazz approaches. While all the players have a strong background in conventional jazz, they are also all young players who have grown up listening to a wide variety of music and they have also grown up with contemporary technology. On this, their third album, they continue to use the same basic sonic palette that has characterized their work from the beginning: Brett Sroka performs on trombone and computer, Sam Harris plays piano, prepared piano and Fender Rhodes piano and Shawn Baltazor is the drummer. But guests also appear this time, under the sign of guitar! Acclaimed new-music/new-jazz guitarist Mary Halvorson appears on nearly half of the album and acoustic guitarist Sebastian Kruger on the final track. The guitarists add a new texture to Ergo's sound; a sound unique in jazz today!
  • Fille Qui Mousse: Se Taire Pour Une Femme Trop Belle. Futura Red 03. May 2010. Re-issue of an obscure album recorded in 1971. Fille Qui Mousse was a leftist political collective led by journalist/musician Henri-Jean Enu in the very early '70s in Paris. Part of the venered list set up by the band Nurse With A Wound and often referred to as the French Faust, the album mixed collage, psychedelic rock, surreal poetry, and organically tapped noise purity with the absolute best of experimental 70s rock-and-beyond. Only for lovers of much experimental music!
  • Frith / Kihlstedt / Wishart: The Compass, Log And Lead (IN 103). Recorded in Oakland in 2003. If Fred Frith doesn't need any introduction, maybe we shall remind you of where you heard of Carla Kihlstedt; she is member of the groups Tin Hat Trio and Charming Hostess to name a few. She is at ease in many styles and genres, from Stravinski to Klezmer. Here the focus is more on collective improvisation and experimentation
  • Frith, Fred: Clearing Customs. Intakt IN 176. May 2011. Recorded in 2007 in Baden-Baden and Saarbrücken, this 75minutes long composition use a loop as leit-motive to bind to each other the several and heterogeneous parts of the work. Drums, electronics, trumpet and a few ethnic instruments like mridangam, tablas and guzheng are the instruments assisting the guitarist.
  • Garcia, Orlando Jacinto: Fragmentos Del Pasado. New Albion NA 124. The perception of passing time is one of the characteristics in the writing of this young Cuban composer living now in the USA. An extreme care has been given to nuances, eclosion or termination of sounds, exploration of instrument registers, sound densities, timbers, time forms.
  • Gies, Joachim: Rilke Anthology. Music for sopran sax, mezzo-soprano voice and electronic composed on writings by Rainer Maria Rilke.
  • Grossi, Pietro: Combinatoria. Die Schachtel (DS20 Box 2xCD). April 2010. A comprehensive guide to the core recordings of one of the most visionary and inspiring, subversive and radical musicians from Italy, this 2CD Box Deluxe Edition captures Grossi's mid 60's truly magic and eclectic electronic/digital approach, presenting a wide selection of his studio early recordings.
  • The Group (Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza): The Feed-back (1970). Somewhere in between psych-rock, avant-garde jazz and funky jams. The sound is definitely experimental and ostentatiously "underground". The music, anyway, is thrilling. The drum patterns, in particular, are extraordinary: regular, tight, groovy, and incredibly close to the "motorik" beat of Can and Neu!. "The Group" was not a band of young beatniks. As a matter of fact, it was a side project of well known soundtrack composer Ennio Morricone - here playing trumpet - alongside other experimental (and lesser known) musicians. The rock-focused attitude of the record is quite surprising for such a team of classically-trained men already in their forties. Available both on CD or LP+CD
  • Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza: Azioni (1969). CD + DVD (DS13). This deluxe box edition presents some of the most compelling improvisations of this extraordinary improv group active in the Sixties and featuring such names as Ennio Morricone, Ivan Vandor, Roland Kayn, Franco Evangelisti, Walter Branchi, Mario Bertoncini and John Heineman. Spanning from free-jazz to total abstract noise and wild electronic sounds, these pieces were recorded between 1967 and 1969 are released here for the first time. The enclosed video DVD, shot in a stunning black and white and taken from the archives of the NDR (Norddeutscher Rundfunk) is a unique document that captures the rehearsal of the thrilling concert that the group gave in Rome in 1967. It also features some interviews with the members of the Group which shed a completely new light on the Group's activity and way of thinking. Want to know Frederic Rzewsky opinion on improvisation? Or Roland Kayn talking about composition? And what really interested Ivan Vandor? Last but not least, a number of close up shots clearly show the extreme sound-making techniques employed by the group to produce "the strangest music ever made". There are both English and Italian subtitles.
  • Grutronic: Essex Foam Party. PSI 0907. Nov. 09. Improvised electro-acoustic music made by a collective fond of sound experiences calling for synths, samplers, droscillators, electronics. Among the protagonists we'll find the British resident vibraphonist Orphy Robinson. Recorded in London (2006 and 2007) and Lancaster (2008).
  • Haco: Riska. ARC1122. This 9th album by the Japanese musician will catch our attention by its falsely naive feel, its emotive and simple melodies, partly sung in English or Japanese, its delicate instrumentation (marimba, cello, keyboards, percussion) closely related to its predecessor After Dinner. Beautifully decorated digipack edition!
  • Harmograph/Matteo Scaioli: Ambienti Elettroacustici. Soave (SV23). Street date: 14-06-19. Matteo Scaioli summarized his latest research on sound by building various electromechanical instruments, one of which he called the "Harmograph", which gives the name to his whole project. Harmograph is basically a gong remodeled with a unique sound. Scaioli blends the sound of the Harmograph with other self-made instruments including Melodon's Voice / Phonograph Tape / Dhin "Tan" Pathè / and finally his favorite Synth: the Prophet 5. Matteo Scaioli - being a percussionist in the end - built the Dhin "Tan" Pathé, a percussive instrument inspired by the Indian Mridangam, conceived and built starting from a 78rpm Pathè bakelite disc of the early 1900s, where Scaioli assembles records in bakelite prepared by him creating rhythms and unpredictable sounds. The artisan dimension of the project is a further step in the continuous personal invention of sound machines and in the search of obsolete instruments, combined with contemporary electronic feel.
  • Het: Let's Het. AD 03. Reissue of the rare album of the group led by Dominique Weeks & Cass Davies (ex-Furious Pig). They are seconded by Catherine Jauniaux & Tim Hodgkinson. Recorded in 1983 in the mythical studio of This Heat. Those tapes evoke as much The Residents as the American composer Harry Partch
  • Ikeno, Kozo: Trumpetronics. MG002CD. Kozo Ikeno is a trumpet and electronics player from Japan. He creates experimental jazz, abstract break beats and field recordings. He is out now with this new album produced in Italy by Braxtone Records. It is a real must for experimental music connoisseurs!!! All compositions by Kozo Ikeno, composed and recorded in 2001, but only now available on CD!
  • Jeanrenaud, Joan: Metamorphosis. The cellist from Kronos Quartet concentrates here on a total exploration of her instrument coupled with electronics. She interprets pieces by Philip Glass, Mark Grey, Karen Tanaka, Steven Mackay, Hanza El Din and one of her own compositions.
  • K-space: Going Up (AD 12). This is the 2nd album of this trio whose *K* in the name is based on the Russian astro physician Kozyrev. Trance like rhythms are established by drummer and the ex-Henry Cow member, here on Hawaïan guitar, keyboards and sax, Tim Hodgkinson. On top of it flows the throat singing of Tuwa's shaman Gendos Chamzyrin
  • Kilhstedt, Carla: Two Foot Yard. The violinist of the Tin Hat Trio releases here her first record on her own name and presents us with a collection of vocal and instrumental miniatures.
  • KK Null: BaryoGenesis. Vivo Records (vivo0312007CD). The album opens up with the sound of insects & birds recorded live in the Kakadu National park in Australia, that symbolizes organic life/organism (including our human bodies) composed of baryons. Then abstract electronic noise overlaps them and takes you into a journey through deep inner and far outer spaces at any scales.
  • Klimperei: Improvisation with Myself. In september 2008, Klimperei initiated a new series of 5 CDs: improvisation with myself. « Each opus is entirely composed and recorded, half improvised with myself (hence the title). Partly improvised indeed as playing with myself obviously diminishes the nearly continuous surprise component one could find playing with different people, even if my memory is quite short » stated Klimperei in 2007. Volume 4 "Los Paranos" & 5 "De quelques directions" are now available. Jan. 2011. In vol. 5 the artist proposes long and evolutive tracks, built around themes and atmospheres that could remind the 70's, without some heavy structures that occured sometimes at that period. However, the typical childish style of Klimperei is still present, with the same sound and instrumentarium, as well as the numerous breaks in the ternary rythms.
  • Klimperei: Octogonale Imperative. Gazul (GA 8652). June 2010. 8th volume of the series called "Zut-O-Pistes", made in collaboration with Musea, "Octogonale Imperative" is in fact an anagram of "Mecanologie Portative", which can be translated to "laptop mechanisms" and will give you an idea of what to expect!
  • Klimperei: Improvisations With Myself. Klimperei is the solo project of Christophe Petchanatz, a French composer. Our man's sparkling and cunning music may seem simple and naive at first but could be heard as a meeting between Satie and rock music. A bit in the vein of Pascal Comelade, toys can become instruments, immersing us in the sweet world of our childhood. The present improvisations are a series in 3 volumes, an original conception of improvisation both tonal and amusing, a spontaneous and quick approach to overdubbing.
  • Jacek Kochan / Greg Osby / Franz Hautzinger: One Eyed Horse (2005). GOWI Records CDG 61. Jacek Kochan, composer, arranger, producer and drummer from Poland begun his adventure with music in the 70's. After moving to New York in early 80's, playing and recording jazz, funk and R&B, studying among others with Jaco Pastorius, he moved further to Canada, first to Montreal and then to Toronto in 1990 where he further expanded his musical experience, including now writing for choirs and orchestra as well as playing and recording ethnic music. In 1995 he returned to Europe where he then met Greg Osby (here playing alto sax) and trumpetist Franz Hautzinger (who on this record plays a quarter tone trumpet). Kochan is here in charge of drums, laptop, sampler, bass, keyboards and voice, leading us to new directions in electronic musical environment but with an organic sound.
  • Kondo, Toshinori: Nerve Tripper. This studio recording was done in Amsterdam in collaboration with DJ Sahib on turntables. Released on the label DIW.
  • Konono N° 1: Congotronics. Crammed Discsare very excited to release the first volume of Congotronics, a series devoted to the spectacular styles of music which bloom in the suburbs of Kinshasa. Konono N°1 is a band founded in the '70s and featuring three electric likembés (thumb pianos), megaphones, hand-made microphones and percussion built from old car parts. They draw on traditional trance music, to which they've incorporated the heavily-distorted sounds generated by DIY amplification of their instruments, making their music a sonic cousin of some extreme forms of experimental rock and electronic dance music. Congotronics 2, to be released during the first quarter of 2005, will be entitled Buzz'n'Rumble (from the Urb'n'Jungle) and feature no less than five different Kinshasa bands, plus possibly a couple of bonus remixes by luminaries from the electronic & avant-rock scenes.
  • Robert Kyr: Violin Concerto Trilogy (NA 126). On the Nature of Love, On the Nature of Harmony, On the Nature of Peace : 3 violin concertos formed as initiatic journeys through which the solist guides the orchestra
  • Le Théâtre du Chêne Noir: Aurora. Le Souffle Continu (ffl060CD). June 2020. Reissue of a classic French underground must, originaly released on Gérard Terronès' Futura label in 1971. The CD edition also contains the reissue of the three tracks from "Miss Madonna", a show recorded two years later at Ariane Mnouchkine's Théâtre du Soleil, that would be the band's final output.
  • Lemur: Critical Bands. Aurora Records (ACD5112). Street date: 05-05-23. This Norwegian Ensemble usually consists of Bjørnar Habbestad (flutes), Hild Sofie Tafjord (horn), Lene Grenager (cello) og Michael Francis Duch (bass), all with a long experience inside contemporary classical and avant garde music. But this album involves more than 50 players, each activating in different ways several architechtonic rooms.
  • Susanne Lewis / Bob Drake: Venus Handcuffs. AD 06. Reissue of their first album, recorded in an abandoned factory in Denver, 1985. Many consider it today as the very first cast by the group Hail
  • Lucier, Alvin"Bird and Person Dyning" is another release from the same series. American avant-garde composer Alvin Lucier is well-known for his pioneering exploration of the physical properties of sound including the use of brainwaves to generate music. This LP features two of Lucier's groundbreaking early works.
  • Macé, Pierre-Yves: Crash Test II. Orkhestra ORK 008. Crash_test is the title of a series of compositions originally intended for concert performance, eachconcerned with the spatial organisation of different instrumental sound sources depending on the performance space itself. Crash_test II calls for a wellknown instrumental line-up, the string quartet. The initial equilibrium of the classical quartet in all its acoustic fullness soon gives way to accident and chance operations as, for instance, the technique of tossing coins deciding on the use of a cassette recorder to play back music previously recorded by the musicians.
  • Mannheimer Schlagwerk featuring Markus Reuter: Sun Trance. Moonjune Records. Street date: 07-08-20. Supported by an eleven-piece ensemble cast, Markus Reuter embarks on a most ambitious project of sorts. Recorded in front of a live audience in Mannheim, Germany, in 2017, "Sun Trance" could perhaps best be described as a sort of trance-avantgarde-psychedelic sonic hybrid. The ensemble is mostly percussive (2 vibraphonists, glockenspiel, several shakers, drums) but also includes electric bass and guitar, synthesizer, bass clarinet. The CD is based on the World-premiere performance on May 23rd, 2017 at Alte Feuerwache, Mannheim, Germany.
  • Marshall, Ingram: Savage Altars. NA 130. June 06. 4 new creations by a pioneer in electronic music, featuring the Tudor Choir. Among others can be found "Five Easy Pieces", written in hommage to Igor Stravinsky
  • Martz, Jasun: The Pillory / The Battle. "The Pillory", released in the late 70's has quickly become a cult album for many music lovers and has behind itself no less than 4 releases on different labels. 25 years later, composer and keyboardist Jasun Martz (who was touring with Frank Zappa on his 1977/78 world tour as his synthesizer programmer) is BACK! The musical ambitions are still higher, calling for a 115 members orchestra, The Intercontinental Philharmonic Orchestra and Royal Choir. Jasun even put announcements to recruit people creating AND playing weird unusual instruments. the result? Two discs filled with dense music made of striking symphonic movements, powerful prog rock, sacred choir and celestial keyboards, gorgeous mellotrons and on the entire second disc dynamic ambient/industrial textures with the help of electronics and use of the highest quality 24-bit digital technology, which stand for the huge last movement / battle.
  • MASK: Healing Senses. CD Single. A new collaborative project featuring acclaimed ambient cellist/violinist/producer Marvin Ayres and cult icon/singer Sonja Kristina (Curved Air). Recording and performing experimental voice and strings soundscapes, MASK mix extemporisation with structured songs and beats, fusing elements of Ambient/Electronica, Trance and Classical music to breathtaking and original effect. The three track maxi single Healing Senses is their first release and is exclusively available via Burning Shed. The label will also release a DVD of films made for these tracks by Coldcut collaborator and Filmic artist Outerbongolia.

  • Meeting of Drummers. Alternative. The recording of this 2CD was made in Laterna Magica, Prague, on October 3, 2004. The following musicians met there: Pavel Fajt / Chris Cutler / Milos Vacik / Alan Vitous / Milos Dvoracek / Jim Meneses / Hearn Gadbois / Elvis Kititi / Ivan Acher / Milan Cais / Filip Topol / Urna Chahar-Turgchi and more yet.
  • The following CDs from french artist Bruno Meillier are now repressed: "Toshimaru Siphono", "Same" as well as a 2002 release under the name of MEILLIER/LENTIN/CONCA "Best Before : 04/04/44"

  • Merzbow: Arijigoku. Vivo 2008037CD. 2008. This is the 4th album by a Japanese noise music group - in fact they are noted as the very first Japanese noise act - created in 1979 by musician Akita Masami. He composes all music here.
  • Merzbow: Higanbana. Experimental / Noise music released on the Polish label Vivo Records (vivo2007032CD)
  • Metal-O-Phone: S/T. Jan. 2011. Coming from the collective Coax, Metal-O-Phone could be described as a laboratorium for electric chamber music. The music is highly energetic and open to any stylistic trends or ways making our present musical landscape; therefore references to Balinese music, the 70's, contemporary music and more!
  • Minakata, Michiko: 54321~Chorale. Tokiwa Records (TCD001). 2009. Without any overdubs and - besides the piano - only equipped with a Korg Kaoss Pad, a Roland SP-404, mikes and a Tapco MIX60 mixing table, Tokyo born pianist and composer Michiko Minakata sends us here her debut solo album; produced by another specialist in both keyboards and production, the one and only Hoppy Kamiyama! Michiko has been active on the Japanese music scene since 1996, focusing on the avant-garde fields and solo performances. She comes here with a witty album and her piano playing is full of various stylistic references, from classical to jazz or stride and other too. Around the piano, itself treated in many ways, small electronic-based snapshots wail, fade in or out, jusxtapose or work against the melodic playing, wipe it out or call it back, at times with a naive feel, colouring the piano canvas with softly aggressive intriguing brush strokes.
  • Modern Silence is a new label focusing on the reissue of classics, revival of forgotten masterpieces and unreleased works in the field of contemporary, modern and avant-garde music ranging from several genres such as experimental electronic music up to free jazz. The releases are limited editions of 500 numbered copies on 180 gram hq virgin vinyl.
  • Myhr, Kim: Bloom. Hubro CD/LP (HUBROCD2578/HUBROLP3578). Street date: 13-09-16. In recent years, Kim Myhr has been one of the leading voices on the experimental scene in Norway as both a composer and a guitarist. His new studio album presents an adventurous and generously sounding new landmark recording, whose richness of texture comes from the recording process and treatments of various electronic and acoustic sounds. It´s a studio construction, with lots of overdubs, electric guitars, electronics and some acoustic guitars too.
  • Myhr, Kim & Jenny Hval / Trondheim Jazz Orchestra: In The End His Voice Will Be The Sound Of Paper. Hubro CD/LP (HUBROCD2569/HUBROLP3569). Street date: 26-02-16. When guitarist, improviser and composer Kim Myhr had an opportunity to collaborate with the never-stagnant Trondheim Jazz Orchestra for the second time, he invited Jenny Hval to join him. Together, Kim and Jenny have created the music that became the present album. The work premiered at the Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival in 2012 and was then described as a musical combination of improvisation, contemporary Feldmanian music, pop and spoken word. The form of the music is fascinating - like a wind that suddenly arises and builds up a song before vanishing again just as swiftly and naturally. The album version was recorded at Rainbow Studio in Oslo in August 2014. Here is powerful music that has the necessary backbone and is eloquently moving at the same time!
  • The first vinyl of the russian/estonian group Ne Zhdali "She-Ye-Ye" was recorded in 1988. Now available as CD on the label No Man's Land. Intense, joyous even delirious alternative music from the ex USSR.
  • Phill Niblock: Sound Collages. Koo Editions (KOO003). Street date: 10-09-21. Limited, numbered edition of 200 copies. Comes with a special insert: a Leporello booklet that includes 7 selected images from the exhibition "Working photos" at Fridman Gallery NYC (2019) and a personal Phill Niblock story that celebrates his 60 years career. The digipak CD presents material selected by the artist from an art exhibition. The music is a journey through magnetic tapes, through what today would be called "sound art".
  • Norton, Doris: Raptus. Black Widow BWR 144 (LP) or BWRCD 144 (CD). Street date: 11/11/11. Sponsored by Apple computer and the Roland Corporation music instruments, early electronic/computer music Doris Norton, associated for many to the dark Italian cult band Jacula, was more involved in experimental electro computerized music and recorded, after "Parapsycho" (1981), in the same year "Raptus" with the help of Antonius Rex, Lorenz Schulze and Tullio De Piscopo. On this 30th Anniversary edition, the CD version contains a TV appearance of Doris in 1981 playing Psychoraptus... Doris Norton is really an Italian Icon of Experimental Electronic Music ... a sort of Italian Klaus Schulze so don't miss it!
  • Nu Creative Methods: Nu Jungle Dances. CHE780. Nov. 06. This is a cardboard gatefolded mini LP reproduction of a cult album, originally released in 1978 on the label "D'Avantage". This album was part of the famous Nurse With Wound list (100 records to have) and the first album by the duo of Pierre Bastien & Bernard Pruvost. The music has a multi-instrumental quality with many non European instruments used like shenaï or Pakistanese oboe, some experimental oddities and an inspiration taken from the sound experiences of a Jean Dubuffet or the beginnings of groups like Sun Ra, Art Ensemble
  • Parker, Evan: Set. PSI 0909. May 2010. Electro-acoustic music in real time, inspired by the works of biologist Lynn Margulis. Both live and studio pieces are featured here. The rhythm section consists of Barry Guy on bass and Paul Lytton on timbales and percussion
  • Petronella, Angelo: Rimandi E Scoperte. Die Schachtel (DSC5 CD). April 2010. Long awaited new album by the enigmatic composer Angelo Petronella, in a superb piece of electroacoustic microsound, intertwining scrupulous minimalism, environmental recordings, and an intense drone nebula
  • Pfangen, Christa: Watch Me Getting Back The End. DSZEIT03CD. Christa Pfangen are Andrea Belfi and Mattia Coletti. The name is a hommage to Nico, although the music has obviously no relation with the icon of the New York avant garde scene. They belong to the new electroacoustic/improv/avant-rock scene which is taking shape in Italy and includes such names as Valerio Tricoli, Å, Stefano Pilia and others. Working with percussion, treated guitar and an array of different objects and noises, they have given birth to a dynamic work of great beauty and reverberating rhythms, oscillating between avant folk and electroacoustic music.
  • Pinhas, Richard: Metatron. Cuneiform RUN 228-229. This 2CD offers 2 hours of space rock with the help of newer partners like Jerome Schmidt on laptop but also the return of two previous Heldon members: Patrick Gauthier on keyboards and Didier Batard on bass. Completing the line-up is drummer Antoine Paganotti. There is a nice bonus as well in the form of a video shot of their North American tour in 2004.
  • Pinhas, Richard: Tranzition. The new Pinhas on Cuneiform Records has called for the young drummer Antoine Paganotti (son of Magma's bassist), violin and computer.
  • Pio, Giusto: Motore Immobile (Edel Cramps 0154552). A talented italian composer, very close friend of Franco Battiato, whose avantgarde albums are very hard to find. "Motore Immobile" is an avantgarde CD by Battiato's gifted orchestra arranger, made of two very long suites: the first track "Motore Immobile" is a composition for organ and violin, with vocals provided by Martin Kleist; the second track "Ananta" is a composition for piano and organ. Performing musicians are Danilo Lorenzini & Michele Fedrigotti, with Giusto Pio on violin. Franco Battiato produced this interesting album from 1979 originally on the Cramps label, now digitally remastered with digipack cover.
  • Alec K. Redfearn And The Eyesores: The Blind Spot. Cuneiform RUN244. Sixth album by this ensemble created in 1997 and mixing with tenderness and humour the folk influences of the Balkans or the Middle East with circus musics, Tom Waits or contemporary composers such as Charles Ives or Harry Partch!
  • Reich, Steve: Drumming. Superior Viaduct. Available as 2CD (SV097DCD) or 2 LP (SV097DLP). Street date: 24-05-18. Divided into four sections, performed without pause, Drumming is written for eight small tuned drums, three marimbas, three glockenspiels, piccolo and voice. The singers recite melodic patterns that mimic the sounds of the instruments, gradually rising to the surface and then fading out. The overall effect can be transfixing - pulling listeners into the rhythm and possessing a raw immediacy, directness and energy. Originally released in 1972 by gallerist John Gibson in a small private edition, Drumming represents the culmination of Reich's investigation into rhythmic phase relationships. This first-time vinyl reissue and first-time CD release has been carefully remastered from the original master tapes.
  • Reich, Steve: Different Trains. New release on the label QB with this time a new and complete version of this piece for 4 superposed quatuors and pre-recorded tape, interpreted by the Quatuor Bozzini.
  • Reich, Steve: Four Organs / Phase Patterns. Superior Viaduct (SV096CD). 04-02-16. "Four Organs" is the ultimate minimalist composition. Performed by Reich, Glass, Art Murphy and Steve Chambers, four identical Farfisa organs strike a single chord and gradually lengthen each note to produce polyrhythms between the players. Anchored by Jon Gibson's stoically steady pulse on maracas, the piece deconstructs its opening burst to a sustained mass of sound, stretching the tones to create (in Reich's words) "slow-motion music". Inspired by Reich's early training on drums, "Phase Patterns" treats the keyboards like tuned percussion instruments: a basic rhythm pattern is played in unison and almost imperceptibly increases tempo to move out-of-sync. Each progressive cycle emphasizes unique figures that are not generated by an individual alone, but rather emerge from the communal expression of the group. Originally released on Shandar in 1971 and one of the most highly regarded avantgarde recordings in the past 50 years. Will also be released as vinyl (SV096) on February 25th.
  • Reuter / Motzer / Grohowsky: Shapeshifters. Moonjune Records. Street date: 03-08-20. Recorded on August 18th, 2019 by Kevin Quinn at the ShapeShifter Lab, Brooklyn, NY, this experiment based on instant improvisations involved three participants: touch guitarist & sonic pioneer Markus Reuter, the equally able, agile and adventurous guitarist and sonic texturist, Tim Motzer and the extraordinary chronological conductor, Kenny Grahowski, each proficient in the mysterious art of "sonic shapeshifting". A session which defied conventional logic, entrancing and astounding all the on-hand observers!
  • Terry Riley & The Paul Drescher Ensemble: Banana Humberto 2000. Sri Moonshine (SMM 004). May 2009. This composition in 4 movements has for ambition to bring forth the qualities of the electro-acoustic ensemble, among other featuring electrified bassoon and alto sax alongside synthesizer and electric guitar, vibraphone and Riley himself on grand piano
  • June 2008 sees quite a lot of reissues focusing on legendary composer Terry Riley!
    + The Last Camel In Paris. Bision Fields (EF102). An unreleased concert given on November 10, 1978 at the Théâtre Edouard VII in Paris. Riley plays organ and electronics. Of course based on his work "Shri Camel" which had just been released in the summer of that year.
    + Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band All Night Flight. Bision Fields (EF103). Remastered version of a milestone in repetitive music, recorded in Buffalo on March 22, 1968. This can also be seen as the sediments of early krautrock (Ash Ra Tempel).
    + Reed Streams. Bision Fields (EF103). Originally released in 1966 and here remastered, this album presents the first recording of the so called "time lag accumulators" system, an analogic delay conceived with two Revox machines. As bonus you'll be treated with a first version of "C" for big orchestra, recorded in Montreal in 1970.
  • Terry Riley & Roberto Cacciapaglia Ensemble: In C. Mirumir CD / 2LP (MIR100733CDD / MIR100733). 26/01/15. A very special and unique performance of the iconic 1964 Terry Riley minimalist piece "In C". The Roberto Cacciapaglia Ensemble with the American composer Terry Riley togheter in a previously unreleased live performance recorded in Ferrara at Aterforum Festival, July 9, 1988.
  • Reissues of works by Terry Riley!
    + Music for The Gift (Elision Fields EF105). Besides the seminal title piece, which would be a reference source in early Soft Machine (the Spaced album), this CD reissue also presents Bird of Paradise (1965), Mescalin Mix (1960-1962) and The Three-Legged Stool, a piece for two pianos (Riley and La Monte Young) and 5 tape recorders
    + Walls Of Sound II (Sub Rosa SR 218). The saxophonist Ulrich Krieger is a specialist of John Cage & Fluxus but also a recent collaborator of Lou Reed (its new interpretation of Metal Machine Music). He interprets here pieces of early American minimalism: 1 + 1 (1968) and Music in Fifths' (1969) by Philip Glass, Reed Phase (1967) and Pendulum Music (1968) by Steve Reich, Dorian Reeds (1964) by Terry Riley.
  • Riley, Terry: In C. Long Arms LA 01033. The seminal piece is here heard in a new version interpreted by a 18 players ensemble in april 2000.
  • Riley, Terry: Solo Piano Concert. Long Arms LA 01032. Recorded during Riley's visit to Moscow in April 2000.
  • Rothenberg, Ned: Solo Works / The Lumina Recordings (TZ 7615). Reissue on a 2CD of his 3 solo albums (Trespass, Portal and Trials of the Argo),released between 80 and 85 on the label Lumina. The boxset includes a 20 minutes long piece for bass clarinet and electronic and a very well documented booklet of 36 pages.
  • Rouge Ciel: Veuillez Procéder. MF 12. 2nd album by this group from Canada. 12 pieces, acoustic or electric with a touch of electronic and a spontaneous character in the vein of their previous album
  • Ruscigan: Viaggio Nel Domani. Dagored (RED 302). June 2015. A daring experimenter and former student of Karlheinz Stockhausen, Guido Baggiani (aka Ruscigan) crossed the door of Piero Umiliani's legendary Soundworkshop Studios to create together an album that still surprises the listener with its clarity of execution and the sense of musical research and adventurous sound.
  • Selwyn Lissack's Friendship Next Of Kin: Facets Of The Univers (DMG 702). March 09. This is an essential document of the Pan-African avant garde, recorded in London in 1969 and originally released on LP by a sub-label of the French BYG. Led by the too less known South-African drummer Selwynn Lissack, it features other reknown names of this country such as Mongezi Feza on pocket trumpet or - not too often seen - Louis Moholo on percussion. Add Harry Miller on bass and saxophonist Mike Osborne and you have another important actor of the Anglo-South-African community. The CD release even brings forth a drum solo, which was omitted on the LP because of missing place.
  • Sharrock, Sonny & Linda "Paradise" on the label Water (WATER104CD) was originally released on the Atco label in 1975. The duo's free-form avant-garde guitar and vocals are blended with fusion/electric grooves on Moog, Rhodes piano, Clavinet and percussion. Newly remastered and available for the first time on CD with detailed liner notes by Byron Coley.
  • Last release ever from the french cult band Shub-Niggurath on the label Gazul. Because of the death of one of their members, this has become some kind of testament with over 72' telluric music recorded between 92 and 94. Pretty agressive with an omnipresent drummer and lots of fuzzed or flanged guitars. Occasional trombone too.
  • Sonore Releases!
    - Conceal: Baptized Troopers. Brain Escape Sandwich BESR-006. 2005. Conceal brings Satanicpornocultshop's Ugh together with ambient tweaker and noted visual artist Bayion, owner of the Brain Escape Sandwich label. Hipo hop mixed with electronica, veering from the slick and danceable to the convulsive and demented, making out with the beat and screwing the motorik.
    - Satanicpornocultshop: Zap Meemees. SON-22 CD 2005. Puzzling hip hop with a surrealistic touch and new technology know-how.
    - NEXUS6 Yuko: Nexus6 Song Book. SON-23 CD 2005. Singing jazz, folk and traditional standards in Japanese, English and German, Yuko NEXUS6 processes her voice using the most high-tech devices as well as the cheapest recording gadgets. Sound-art oriented, Yuko NEXUS6's work is minimalist but full of wit.
    - Satoru Wono: Sonata for Sine Wave and White Noise (SON 20). His "Sonata" album emerges from only two sounds: sine wave and white noise.
    - Carl Stone: Nak Won (SON 19). Carl Stone plays with sound layers, building his compositions while experimenting with new resonance combinations. Stone is a computer music authority and his work is mature and precise
    - Yuko Nexus6: Journal De Tokyo (SON 18). Develops works based on readings, in part texts from Uchida Hyakken (Japanese writer from the 30's) then carefully applies a blend of the analog color of the audio cassette on sounds generated by new musical technologies, offering a technically destabilizing linguistic and temporal experience.
    - Hifana: Fresh Push Breakin'. (W+K Tokyolab - MTCD-1024, CD+DVD 2004)Avant rock / progressive rock. Outstanding hip hop / break beat duo that deserve to make it BIG! No sequences, everything is humanly triggered by pushing buttons and scratching records. This is their unique "Fresh Push Breakin'" technique. Their live-set is awesome with a combination of samplers, turntables and a real percussion set. This album comes with a CD+DVD set in a gorgeous papersleeve packaging.
    - Le*Silo: 8.8 (TUTI-0007 CD 2004). Le*Silo has just released a phenomenal first album! Produced by Yoshida Tatsuya (Ruins' drummer) who provided his personal touch to this wonderful recording. A mixture of raw punk-rock energy and neoclassical technique or how to head-bang while wearing a powdered wig!
    - Ningen Rocket: Tribute to Roger Mayer (Nu Nulax Nulan - NUCD-1867, CD 1999). Rock'n'roll guitar / exotica. Ningen Rocket (aka Rocket Son) is much more than an appealing garage rock fuzz duo. Rocket Son's original guitar lines and singing are totally haunting. Supported by a mere bongo, this spartan album renews the rock'n'roll, exotica and voodoo genres with a really particuliar flare. You will stand mouth agape when the fuzz guitar slides over Indian sitar like scales.
    - Ruins: 1986-1992. (Magaibutsu, MGC-21, CD 2003) hard core / progressive rock. Released in 2003, this archival document album gathers Ruins' masterpieces from the first 7" EP in 1986 to Burning Stone album in 1992. 23 tracks are resurrected in clear and powerful sound images by Yoshida's remixing/remastering. It shows the gradual changes of their song making process from impulsive hardcore pieces of early years to later complex structures.
    - Urabe Masayoshi: Ware wa Seidai no Kyojyo zo. (PSF, PSFD-147, CD 2003) free jazz / improv. Undoubtly one of his generation's most extreme alto saxophone player, reminiscent of Abe Kaoru. Extremely physical, on the edge of exhaustion, Urabe's music is utterly tragic and magnificient.

  • Steen, Jos: Music For Tape And Turntable. Ultra Eczema (UE-48). This LP is a selection of tracks of a recent cdr of tape and turntable experiments spiced with vacuum cleaners, rotting voices, undefinable strings, piano's etc... This LP comes in a gold and white cover and is a limited edition
  • Markus Stockhausen, Lino Capra Vaccina with Alireza Mortazavi: Free Spirits. Dark Companion (DC015). Street date: 17-06-22. Released in a limited run of 500 copies on golden audiophile CD. Recorded in 2021. The German trumpeter and the avantgardist Italian founding member of Aktuala join here forces and spirit with a Persian avant garde musician and composer, a new broaden step following the album "Intimate Dialogues" from 2019, which already united Stockhausen and Mortazavi.
  • Stoll, Michael : From Faust. Long Arms LA 02038. Oct. 06. This solo performance recorded in Moscow in April 2001 will appeal all fans of the German band Faust. This is a long suite of some kind of industrial chamber music composed of multi layers and where bass, flute, voice and electronic are the main ingredients.
  • St. Ride: Piume Che Cadono (2006). ZI 001CD. Second album by a new gifted Italian group coming from Liguria. A true discovery and a nice album, composed by several light and inspired electro-acoustic tracks.
  • Storløkken, Ståle: The Haze Of Sleeplessness. Hubro (HUBROCD2616). Street date: 29-03-19. A unique synth album by the keyboardist with many talents and memberships (Rypdal, Motorpsycho, Bol, Elephant9 ...).
  • Sudnick, Nick : Promenade. Long Arms LA 02047. Oct. 06. Sudnick is the oldest member of the Latvian band ZGA, an adventurous mix of noise and primitive rock. Promenade is a suite of 22 miniatures recorded in 2002 and following a sound logic in the same vein
  • Sysygys: Complete Studio Recordings. This instrumental duo from Japan plays with a microtonal tuned organ, violin and voices and produces original pop inspired by Harry Partch.

  • Taylor's Free Universe: Family Shot (MOBCD 013). The new TFU has just been released and keeps on investigating all possible musical corners, thoughts and sounds. This time, saxophonist Karsten Vogel is replaced by his long time Burnin Red Ivanhoe mate Kim Menzer on clarinet, trombone and flutes. On drums and objects, the chair is now taken by the excellent and multi facetted Danish musician Lars Juul.

  • Taylor's Free Universe: 9 Eleven. The new release is a 2CD recorded at the Copenhagen Jazz House on september 11, 2002 (thus the title) and coproduced by the Danish Radio. Much varied in its atmospheres, from free jazz to Crimsonian soundscapes and with a dense work from Kalle Mathiesen on his sampler.
  • Peter Friis Nielsen & Taylor's Free Universe: On-Plugged in Elsinore. The new album is a club gig recorded on march 13, 2003. No rehearsals, no overdubs, just improvised playing magic! This record is actually nominated to a Danish Music Award Jazz in the following category: Danish jazz release of the year.
  • Andrey Tarkovsky / Edward Artemiev: Solaris. Sound And Vision: The Film Album. Song Cycle (CY001BC). Street date: 04-10-18. This is a collector's edition book, limited to 1000 copies worldwide, that includes the exclusive photo book with unreleased images of the movie set and essays about music and cinema of the duo Artemiev/Tarkovsky, and the soundtrack on CD realised by the great Russian composer Edward Artemiev for Andrey Tarkovsky's masterpiece film Solaris (1972).
  • Thee Maldoror Kollective: Knownothingism. Argonauta (REX17). 03/11/14. Those Italian avant-garde masters are actually the ongoing collaborative project involving members of the ritual drone doom outfit Shabda and a very close bunch of talented musicians that led to a over 15 years activity. Lyrically inspired by the Yin hemisphere of universal energy, the album features the charming vocals of Pina Kollars (courtesy of Peter Gabriel's Real World Records), moving further the entire work to smartly touch of rock, psych, prog, jazz, while keeping the sound into the most adventurous fields of laptop experimentalism. Knownothingism, with its atmospheres slightly reminding of Portishead, Ulver and Morphine, is a creative zen walk into sound.
  • Thielemans, Eric: A Snare Is A Bell. Ultra Eczema (UE-49) / STS-01. This is the first in a new series of solo percussion LP's on Ultra Eczema, titled STS! Thielemans is based in Antwerp, Belgium and has made percussive pieces for theatre, has played psychedelic guitar music with Mauro Pawlowski, spaced freemusic with Sickboy and Cassini Division and a ton load of great free jazz with Andre Goudbeek and Peter Jacquemyn. This record is limited to 500 copies, has an insert and comes in a dual coloured psychic design by Dennis Tyfus.
  • Third Person: Lucky Water. Knitting Factory Works FKW156. Sept. 07. The concept of Third Person is one of a permanent duo - cellist extraordinaire and electronic manipulator Tom Cora + drummer/percussionist Samm Bennett - to which is added a guest, a different one each time, here the saxophonist Kazutoki Umezu, without any doubt acknowledged as one of the true masters of the instrument in Japan. The recordings are taken from tours in the USA and Japan.
  • Tori: Albatross. Gazul (GA 8852). April 2011. Tori is a japanese experimental duo. Their music consists of the electronic sounds of the computer and a live recording of the drum. They want to make original and innovative music that nobody have ever made and have many people listen to it by performing around the world. They do include elements of the traditional Japanese music in their music so that the listener can feel the Japanese spirit.
  • Trrma': S/T. Auand (AA4001). Street date: 05-04-18. Out now the new Trrmà record, an instrumental duo formed by Giovanni Todisco (percussion) and Giuseppe Candiano (synths). It was recorded at Reh Officine di Strada in Terlizzi by Dario Tatoli and Fabio Gesmundo and mastered by Rashad Becker at Dubplates and Mastering in Berlin. The record is composed of 5 movements that mix acoustic percussion with synthesis. Symphonic and Mediterranean percussion built polyrhythmic structures to create primitive and ancient imagery connected to synthesizers, which draw dystopic and sci-fi soundscapes.
  • Turner, Simon Fisher: Riviera Faithfull. This collaborator of Brian Eno or David Lynch has his own blurred musical universe, somewhere between ambient and experimental electronic. The CD includes unissued OST tracks.
  • UMA: Hymn To Undiscovered Land. Street date: 24/05/10. This 2nd album is a mesmerising and inventive merging of atmospheric European jazz and electronic influences, that highlights the evolving abilities of guitarist Robert Jürjendal and trumpet player Aleksei Saks. Recorded and mixed by celebrated percussion player Andi Pupato (from ECM band Nik Bärtsch's Ronin), who performs throughout, the album also features an evocative vocal contribution from No-Man's Tim Bowness.
  • Uz Jsme Doma: 20 Letu. Alternative Rock. Uz Jsme Doma will celebrate their 20th birthday not just by a grand concert in the Prague theatre Archa but also by releasing a live CD of this concert. Apart from all this the band will also add a video recording on DVD during the spring of this year.
  • V/A: Veterans of the French Underground Meet la Jeune-garde. Gazul (GA 8859). Jan. 2012. Veteran musicians from the "post-68" movement and their relatively young "heirs" are gathered here for thirteen exclusive collaborations, showing that continuity exists despites the generation gap and passing the baton IS possible and necessary! Daevid Allen with Klimperei, Jac Berrocal with Ghédalia Tazartès and David Fenech, Joseph Racaille with Toupidek Limonade, Richard Pinhas with Bérangère Maximin are some of them!
  • Voé: Lendayana. NM 215. Duo of two women, Françoise Brobst singing and playing cello, Isabelle Lentin singing and playing accordion and percussion. Creative and poetic, in a vein not unlike the Czech duo Tara Fuki or the group Pied De Poule.
  • Volcano The Bear: Golden Rhythm / Ink Music. Rune Grammofon (RCD2127). 02/03/12. Here is the brand new studio album from the band that have, in the words of The Wire magazine, "produced some of the finest, wildest British music of the last 10 years on record and on stage". This album is also the most focused and driven of VTB's prolific output so far, showcasing much more of Padden and Moore's drum/guitar combination than before, proving the duo's unique musicality and interplay, whilst retaining their trademark eccentricity and humour throughout. A calculated hysterical melting pot of This Heat, Robert Wyatt, Faust and The Residents, of musique concrète and ethno-folk, all seen through a prism of theatrical improvisations and unhinged set pieces.
  • The Work: Live In Japan (AD 13). This is a first time CD release of a classic album which has been OOP for ages! Going back to 1982, this group included two members of Henry Cow: drummer Chris Cutler and Tim Hodgkinson
  • Yesterday's Heroes: 1979. This is a duo composed of Haco (voice, vocoder, FX) and Terre Thaemlitz (instruments, FX ...), the DJ winner of the "Underground Grammy Awards" who has already collaborated with Bill Laswell and the Golden Palominos. If you like Casio synths, cheap rhythm boxes, toys and the Japanese inventiveness, this record is for you!
  • Yoshihide, Otomo: Modulation with 2 Electric Guitars and Amplifiers. Doubt DMS 119. March 08. For this concert in Hiroshima on May 12, 2007, O. Yoshihide came on stage with two full bodied electric guitars, bulb amplifiers, volume and distortion pedals. Welcome to the joy of feedback, drones, phase shifts and doppler effects; the sound is at start thin but gets thicker, goes into larsen, gets double and keeps working on your brain. A listening at full volume is recommended to benefit from all the facets of this unique acoustic experience!
  • Zaboitzeff, Thierry: Iva Lirma (margen Records 0607/2). The daring and imaginative composer Thierry Zaboitzeff both embraces and transcends the bounds of new music. Being part of the scene for about 30 years now with hundred of great gigs played and over 20 marvelous albums released in solo and with Art Zoyd, he has written as well works for theatre, dance and multimedia spectacles. Iva Lirma, the newest album of Thierry Zaboitzeff, is a fine document of one of the most exciting creative composers currently exploring new sonic territories to bring you something that is both challenging and rewarding at the same time.
  • Philip Zoubek / Ivann Cruz / Marcin Witkowski: Radium. Circum-Disc (LX 015). Digisleeve CD. Dec. 2019. Prepared piano, primed guitar, extended drums and electronics. After two years of sonic explorations, ambient textures and unstable harmonies, the trio is collectively creating improvised music by deconstructing their instruments in an electro acoustic setting. Their music is driven by the idea of builing a meta instrument, an ego-less creative process to open up new soundworlds and to explore unheard musical territories.


  • Antenata: S/T. Ambiances Magnétiques (AM 138). This Italian sextet from Bologna works out a cross between prog rock, chamber music, improvisation, new electro-acoustic approaches and sound poetry. Voice, theremin, samplers, electronics, violin, sax, acoustic bass, guitar and drums are the tools.
  • Pierre-André Arcand: Atlas Epileptic. This is a 2CD with an audio CD (between poetry and non-music) and a video CD offering a surprising interactive material
  • Mélanie Auclair: Puce à l'Oreille (AM 123). The cellist meets here various guests
  • Berthiaume / Sirjacq / Teale: Leaves And Snows. AM 135. A trio of piano, percussions / guitares, percussions / electronics, mixing, which can be summarized in two words: transparency and poetry
  • Tim Brady: Three Cities In The Life Of Dr. Norman Bethune. Ambiances Magnétiques AM139. June 06. Chamber opera for voice, electric guitar, piano, percussion, saxophones, string quartet and tapes; it focuses on various aspects in the life of the Canadian doctor and humanitarian Norman Bethune (1890 - 1939).
  • Tim Brady
    + Symphony #1. Playing himself guitar, sampler and "on the spot" treatments, the composer meets and directs 15 musicians (strings, wind and piano). Impressive!
    + Unison Rituals. Five pieces of chamber music composed for extremely original and variable ensembles, from a sax quartet to a 45 instruments unit. It shows the growing interest of contemporary ensembles towards composers of new musics.
    + Twenty Quarter Inch Jacks. Three visions of electric guitar, a 20 guitars multitracked orchestra, sampled guitars and toys or Glasgows street sounds.
  • Bull / Heïkalo: Concentrés Et Amalgames. Ambiances Magnétiques AM 151. Dec. 06. Duos between guitar (acoustic, electric, prepared and drums/percussion.
  • Pierre Cartier "Dis Blaise" is a 2CD where Cartier sings a very epic poem by Blaise Cendrars, accompanied by fellowmen Jean Derome (sax), Tom Walsh (trombone), Pierre Tanguay (drums) & Bernard Falaise (guitar).
  • Del Fabbro, Guido: Carré De Sable. Ambient sounds, multi-track improvisations or written short pieces and a plethora of tools, objects and instruments. First solo album.
  • Jean Derome Et Les Dangereux Zhoms: To Continue. Ambiances Magnétiques AM172. Dec. 07. 4th record after a break of nearly ten years! The Canadian reedman keeps pushing away the borders between jazz and contemporean music, helped by Pierre Cartier on electric bass, his long time partner, drummer Pierre Tanguay, the pianist Guillaume Dostaler and trombonist Tom Walsh
  • Ensemble Supermusique: Canevas "+" (AM 124). Edited from 14 extracts of 5 various concerts given by the ensemble in Quebec between 1998 and 2004. Features Jean Derome, Pierre Cartier, Pierre Tanguay and many more
  • Falaise / Samworth / Tanguay / Van Der Schyff: The Unexpected One (AM122). Improvised quatuor with 2 guitarists and 2 drummers./li>
  • Fenaison: Plat. Ambiances Magnétiques AM169. Dec. 07. A trio consisting of amplified cello, electronics + prepared piano and saxophones. All three use their voices too. Says Fred Frith about them: "Listening to Fenaison reconforts me in the why I like improvisation; they make a passionated music, mysterious and like filled with contrasts, meticulous and abandoned, melodic and noisy, logical but not to foresee; a music with no meaning, in a word, it lives!"
  • Freedman, Lori "À Un Moment Donné". Improvised suite for clarinets.
  • Fred Frith Guitar Quartet: Up Beat. Ambiances Magnétiques AM063. Dec. 07. Reissue of this OOP album featuring René Lussier, Nick Didkovsky & Mark Stewart. It gathers extracts from their European tour in 1997.
  • Frith, Fred: All Is Bright, But It Is Not Day. This studio session associates the guitarist to Jean Derome on saxophone and Pierre Tanguay on drums.
  • Lepage, Robert: 20h17 rue Darling. A new soundtrack by the clarinettist and multicomposer. Strong lyricism, dark strings dominating, use of a glass organ as well as the usual tapes, noises and voices necessary to bake the right dough.
  • Lepage, Robert-Marcel & La Nef: La Machine à éplorer le tempo.
  • Lerner, Marilyn:Luminance.
  • Noma: Diversion. 2nd album of this ensemble presenting trombone, prepared guitars, samplers, drums, acoustic & electric bass.
  • Pui-Ming, Lee "Who's Playing". Jazz, chinese traditional music, experimental improvisation mixed together.
  • Robert, Jocelyne: Pandore. Ambiances Magnétiques AM 903. 4CD boxset presenting the works of the electro-acoustic artist from Quebec who has been around for more than 20 years, exploring many corners and directions such as manipulated voices and sampled urban sounds, using text as numeric object instead of written language, etc...
  • Taxonomy: A Global Taxonomical Machine (Ambiances Magnétiques AM 136). Guitar, electronic and computer are the main actors of this trio whose music is grounded in an electro-noise esthetic made of abstract electronic effects, acoustic passages, concrete noises, all carefully decomposed and re-structured to reveal a previously invisible shadowline between osmosis and isomorphism.
  • Otomo Yoshihide / Martin Tetreault: Hmmm. Ambiances Magnétiques AM4HMMM. This is the 4th part of the series documenting the work of the two turntable players during their European tour in 2003. This comes after Grrr, Tok and Ahhh
  • Yoshihide / Tétreault: 1. Grrr / 2. Tok / 3. Ahhh / 4. Hmmm. Ambiances Magnétiques AM 902. This boxset of 4 records gather the 3 first released in 2005 and adds the new one "Hmmm",also taken from the marathon European tour of 15 concerts in 2003.
  • Otomo Yoshihide / Martin Tétreault: Ahhh. AM 133. Last part of the frenetic trilogy documenting the tour of the duo in 2003.
  • Otomo Yoshihide / Martin Tétreault: Tok. AM 132. 2nd part of the trilogy (see above)
  • Otomo Yoshihide / Martin Tétreault: Grrr. AM 131. 1st part of the trilogy (see above)
  • Otomo Yoshihide / Martin Tétreault: Studio - Analogique - Numérique. Turntables, electronics and tape recorders are the main focus here.


  • The Boxhead Ensemble: Quartets (ALP 136)
    From Atavistic, this record is the american answer to the canadian from God Speed You Black Emperor.
  • Branca, Glenn: Symphonys 8 & 10 Live at the Kitchen. Filmed with 3 cameras in 1995. Now as DVD.
  • Branca, Glenn: Symphony N° 2 (The Peak of the Sacred). Atavistic ALP 005. This recording from 82 set up on stage and in sounds an ensemble of guitarists including Thurston Moore. A superb booklet presents archive pictures of the event. A must in US repetitive music!
  • Branca, Glenn: The World Upside Down. Atavistic ALP 016. Music for choreography from 1990. 7 movements and calling for more than 50 instruments: wind, strings, keyboards, percussion. It was the work which intronised Branca in the establishment of contemporary music.
  • Brötzmann, Peter "Balls". Reissue of this first explosive record with the complicity of Hank Bennink & Fred Van Hove.
  • Christman / Müller "White Earth Streak". This project involving a previous member of the Globe Unity Orchestra goes back to a meeting of the musicians at the Moers festival in 1980. A milestone in improvised musics.
  • E.A.R.: Millennium Music. Atavistic ALP 072. The music consists of improvisations made from analogic electronic instruments ( AKS VCS 3, Theremin, Serge Modular System) and prepared acoustic instruments. Close to the spirit of the first Cluster albums and confronting in this project musicians like Eddie Prevost, percussionist in the group AMM or Sonic Boom, leader of the Spaceman 3
  • All about Lydia Lunch's releases
    - 8 Eyed Spy: Luncheone. ALP 075. 2nd group of Lydia after Teenage Jesus & The Jerks and before 13:13. Post punk from the 80's
    - Lydia Lunch: Universal Infiltrators. ALP 055. Recorded in England in 94. The lyrics of this black quasi *soundtrack* deal with themes like poison, drug, violence and sex
    - Lydia Lunch & Rowland S. Howard: Shotgun Wedding. ALP 090. 2CD from 93 with studio and live versions of a music close to Sonic Youth.
  • Neumeier, Mani: Smoking The Contracts. Atavistic (ALP 198). May 2011. Summit meeting between the ex-drummer of German Guru Guru and Australian ambient guitarist Oren Ambarchi. Recorded in Melbourne in 2007 and 2009, the album offers two long suites, one in duo, the other as quartet (add bass player Edmondo Ammendola and a second guitarist: Brandan Walls).
  • Ranaldo, Miller & Hooker: Out Trio (Vol.1) (ALP 146)
    This record launches a new series on the label dedicated to the trio format in concert. This first opus is recorded at the Knitting Factory, produced and masterized by sound wizzard Rick Harte, featuring members of Sonic Youth, Mission Of Burma ...
  • Sun Ra & His Arkestra "Music From Tomorrow's World". Chicago 1960 and the great visions …
  • Terminal 4: When I'm Falling. Atavistic ALP 326. For their second album, the group gathers many forces, from the innovating cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm to the trombonist Jeff Bishop from the Chicagoan group Vandermark 5 without forgetting guitarist Ben Vida from the group Town & Country. Completing the set up is bassist Jason Roebke. The music is made of pop-jazzy instrumentals harmonically close to Tortoise. Their first self titled album from 2001 is also available (ALP 319)
  • Van Hove, Fred "Complete Vogel Recordings". Recorded between 72 and 74.


  • Willem Breuker / Otto Ketting / Robin De Raaff / Bart Wisman: The Eindhoven String Octets. Bvhaast BV0204. Commissioned by the Frits Philips Muziekcentrum of Eindhoven, four Dutch composers wrote those works for double string quartets. They are interpreted by the Mondriaan Quartet and the Schönberg Quartet. Recorded during a tour in Holland in 2003. Luxurious packaging (4/3 format, red velvet and golden inscriptions)
  • Willem Breuker Kollektief
    - Baal, Brecht, Handke. BV 9006. With Han Bennink & Marteen Altena
    - Metropolis: rewriting of the original soundtrack
    - Sensemayà: Breuker, Mahler, Rachmaninoff, cole Porter put together
    - Meets Djazzex: meeting with a dance company at the Sevilla exposition
    - Thirst: in collaboration with singer Denise Jannah. Originally written for the Italian Instabile Orchestra and rearranged by the Kollektief. Compositions span from Lorre Lynn Trytten, Bartok (Bagatelle Op.6 No X), Ravel (Pavane) to afterwar popular Dutch songs.
    - To Remain: recorded between 83 and 89 and featuring trombonist Garrett List.
    - Mondrian Strings: with the violinist Vera Beths and the Kollektief period 87-88. Together with the string ensemble they perform compositions by Gershwin, Morricone, Breuker and Schlippenbach.
    - The Parrot: Recordings from 1980 to 1986. Prokofiev, Morricone, Breuker, Kurt Weill.
    - Johan Van Der Keuken - Music For His Films 1967-1994. 8 films musically visited and a lot of surprise guests on this 2CD (Tchicai, Bennink, Marteen Altena).
  • Gottfried Michael Koenig: Acousmatrix I-II. Bvhaast 9001-2. This double CD presents a patchwork of essential works created between 1955 and 1977: Klangfiguren II, Terminus I & II, Essay, Output and Funktionen Rot, Grau, Violett, Blau and Indigo. Koenig is one of the very first pioneers of electronic music, having made his learnings in Köln in the 50's together with Stockhausen


    + John Luther Adams: Clouds Of Forgettings. With the Apollo Chamber Orchestra directed by Joann Falletta.
    + Robert Ashley: Superior Seven.
    + Milton Babbitt: Philomel. A piece for sopran voice and electronic sounds by one of the first american followers of Schoenberg.
    + Konrad Boehmer: Acousmatrix V. BV 9011. Pupil of Gottfried Michael Koenig but also Boulez, Pousseur, Stockhausen. This CD presents works like "Apocalipsis Cum Figuris", recorded with the The Hague Percussion Ensemble, "Cry of this Earth" recorded live in 1984, etc...
    + Konrad Boehmer: Position / Ouroboros / Etc. BV 0504. Other works like the recording of Position's first performance in 1963, "Il Combattimento" (1989) for orchestra, violin and cello, Orobouros (2002) for piano solo, just recorded in Haarlem by concertist Nicolas Hodges.
    + Arno Bornkamp: Reed My Mind. BV 9304. Rereading and rewriting for saxophone of works by Berio, Stockhausen, Noda, Méfano
    + Elliott Carter: Piano Concerto. Ursula Oppens on piano and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra conducted by Michael Gielen.
    + Eric Chasalow: Left To His Own Devices. 7 pieces where traditional instruments go along with electronic orchestrations. Boston Modern Orchestra conducted by Gil Rose.
    + Chostakovitch / Roslavetz / Mossolov: Keys To Russia. BV 9602. Recital of Russian music by the Australian pianist Geoffrey Madge.
    + Combustion Chamber: Interconnector. BV 0804. Young composers interpreted by this Dutch ensemble founded in 94 and conducted by Rudger Van Leyden.
    + George Crumb: A Haunted Landscape. New York Philarmonic & Arthur Weisberg.
    + George Crumb: An Idyll For The Misbegotten. Pensylvania Chamber Players & Richard Wernick.
    + Francis Dhomont: Mouvances / Métaphores. BV 9107/08. Electro-acoustic music by this French composer born in 1026 and pupil of Nadia Boulanger
    + Roger Doyle: Passades Vol 2. BV 0505. New creations by the Irish copmposer. Electro-acoustic music generated by computer. The pieces are: Frozen in Stereoscope, The 6th Set, the 7th Set, The Idea and its Shadow, Virdissa.
    + Morton Feldman: For Stefan Wolpe. This major work written in 1986 is choral music interpreted by The Choir Of Saint Ignacius Of Antioch.
    + Luc Ferrari: Acousmatrix 3. 5 pieces of electro-acoustic music composed by this pupil of Arthur Honegger and Olivier Messiaen.
    Ferrari was also assisting Pierre Schaeffer.
    + Kenneth Gaburo: Five Works. Pieces composed between 1956 and 1974. Featuring The Walden String Quartet, the trumpetist Jack Longan and the New Musical Choral Ensemble.
    + George Gershwin: Tip Toes / Tell Me More. Two forgotten jazz operas released for the first time on this 2CD. Carnegie Hall Orchestra & Bob Fisher.
    + Lou Harrison: Performed By Keith Jarrett. With the New Japan Philarmonic & Naoto Otomo.
    + Charles Ives: 5 Sonates Pour Violon Et Piano. Bvhaast BV1305-14. Recorded in Eindhoven in 2003. Those sonatas were composed during the composer's most fertile period between 1901 and 1914. Heleen Hulst plays the violin and the pianist is Gerard Bouwhuis.
    + Charles Ives: Sonata N° 2. Marc-Andre Hamelin on piano.
    + Joan La Barbera: Shamansong. A suite of different extracts from film musics.
    + Arnold Marinissen: Traces Of Cultures. Bvhaast BV0303. June 06. Pieces for solo percussion recorded in 2002.
    + Arnold Marinissen: Percussionist Songs. BV 0904. 2CD. CD 1 presents the complete "Ursonaten" by Kurt Schwitters while CD2 has other works by various composers, one of them being "Story from Living Room Music" by John Cage.
    + Olivier Messiaen: Préludes (1929). BV 0600. Interpreted by Kyoko Hashimoto: The CD is completed by « Rondeau », « Fantaisie Burlesque » and « Pièce pour le Tombeau de Paul Dukas ».
    + Tomoko Mukaiyama: Hello Pop Tart. BV 9801. Reissue of an album released in 97 and presenting a daring programme in contemporary music: Aeolian Harp of Henry Cowell, Celestial Railroad of Charles Ives, The Little House I Used to Live In by Frank Zappa, XIV by John Zorn as well as works by WILLIAM BOLCOM, FREDERIC RZEWSKI and DAVID DRAMM.
    + Henri Pousseur: Acusmatrix 4. 3 pieces in which is developed a very personal concept of serial music. Born in 1929, Pousseur is considered one of the founders of electro-acoustic music along with Boulez, Berio & Stockhausen.
    + James Tenney: Selected Works 1961-69. By the pionneer of computer music.
    + Marcel Worms: Jazz In 20th Century Piano Music. Bvhaast BV9403. June 06. This CD wants to show the strong influence and mark of jazz on 20th Century composers: Trois Rag - Caprices (D. MILHAUD), Ragtime (I. STRAVINSKY), Ragtime from Suite 1922 (P. HINDEMITH), 5 Etudes de Jazz (E. SCHULHOFF), Blend (M. PADDING), Rêve (J. WIENER), On the Train (T. LOEVENDIE), Boogie Woogie Etude (M. GOULD), Three Improvisations (C. IVES), Jazz Sonata (G. ANTHEIL), Three Preludes (G. GERSHWIN), From 4 North American Ballads (F. RZEWSKI).
    + Marcel Worms: Tangos For Piano. Argentinean and european tangos by Stravinsky, Albeniz, Weill, Wiener, Piazzolla & Gardel.
    + Iannis Xenakis: Waakvlam. 2 compositions of 1977 and 1984 alongside pieces by Willem Breuker & David Del Puerto. Performed by The Xenakis Ensemble.

  • 2 releases by Gary Lucas & Jozef Van Wissem
    - Diplodia. The guitarist of the legendary Captain Beefheart meets here a lute player also interested in electronics.
    - The Universe Of Absence. BV 0105. This time covers of Nico, Kratftwerk & The Beatles
  • Tomoko Mukaiyama: Amsterdam x Tokyo. In 2000, the Japanese virtuoso asked various composers living in Tokyo and Amsterdam to write for her a repertory of contemporary works for piano. On Bvhaast.
  • Jozef Van Wissem: Simulacrum. Prepared oud, electronic and recordings.


    An American label for new musics in contemporary Classical!

  • Adams, John Luther : The Light That Fills The World. CB 010. Sept. 2005. The 3 pieces of this record mix the sounds of the bass clarinet, marimba, vibraphone, piano, organ, violin and double bass. At the exact crosspoint of the roads followed by Cowell (for its polyryhms) and Feldman (for his sense of space).
  • Cold Blue: S/T. Sept. 2005. CB 008. This is an anthology of works by many composers of the new music scene in California, originally issued on vinyl in the 80's.
  • Cox, Rick. Various releases from Sept. 2005
    - Maria Falling Away. CB 006. Featuring Jon Hassell on trumpet, Chas Smith on pedal steel and Thomas Newman on piano.
    - Fade. CB 020. A 25mn long piece written for piano, guitar, bass and electronic
    - Last Things. CB 001. 2 compositions by Fox. Texts in the booklet are penned by Wadada Leo Smith & Carl Stone
    - The City The Wind Swept Away. CB 015. Piece for trombone, strings and piano.
  • Fink, Michael Jon:
    + A Temperament For Angels. Sept. 2005. CB 017. Written for strings ensemble (violins and cellos), percussion and electronic instruments, this elegant 29mn long piece shows a perfect balance between static grace and compositional dareness. Its composer is no stranger to the works of Satie, Debussy and Feldman.
    + I Hear It In The Rain. Sept. 2005. CB 004. Compositions for piano solo, celesta solo, clarinet ensemble and electronic instruments. Same inspiration as above, to which one could also add Harold Budd
  • Fox, Jim: Descansos, Past (CB 021). Classical work for bass and 9 cellos, kind of road travelling throughout the West of the USA.
  • Works of Letz, Daniel
    + On The Leopard Altar (CB 022). Written for voice, piano and glass ensemble. First time those 6 compositions are released on CD
    + Los Tigres De Marte (CB 016). Landscapes related as much to Debussy as to bop or electro-jazz. Marty Walker on clarinet faces a string quartet and keyboards.
  • Polansky, Larry: Four-voice Canons. Sept. 2005. CB 011. 13 canons showing a richness of ideas and an original choice of sounds (from marimba, gamelan, electric guitar to choirs, children voices or computers, etc.).
  • Smith, Chas. Smith is a creator of metallic instruments and plays pedal-steel. In full harmony with the brotherhood of a Harry Partch, he brings his inventions to service some kind of post-industrial ambient music. Here are some of his works released:
    + Descent (CB 023). For this 6th contribution to the label, he plays big metallic structures and a prototype of a 3 double neck pedal-steel.
    + Aluminum Overcast (CB 007). He can be heard here exciting, beating titanium structures or playing them with a bow.
    + An Hour Out Of Desert Center (CB 013). The link between Cage's sound mobiles and the most abandoned aspects of Godspeed
    + Nikko Wolverine (CB 003). Metallic structures excited by many ways


    A german label presenting reissues and unreleased works by many of the main artists who started industrial music and the current electronic wave.

  • Chrome "Ghost Machine". This californian group is reformed by guitarist Helios Creed after 19 years. Metallic hardcore!
  • Endemonia "Aeon" is the electro-ethnic-industrial project of Tim Staeglich. Agressive versus atmospheric!
  • Helios Creed "Spider Prophecy". Led Zeppelin & Black Sabbath re-viewed and corrected by Sigmund Freud!


  • Tetuzi Akiyama / Jason Khan: Till We Meet Again (FOR 1654). Nov. 2005. 9 pieces recorded between 2003 and 2005 in Zurich and Tokyo. While the first is playing acoustic guitar, the latter is featured on percussions and analog synths. Long harmonic patterns weaving over percussive sequences
  • Ambarchi / Müller /Samartzis: Strange Love. Sustained or reinjected sounds from guitar, electronics, minidisc, field sounds and percussion.
  • Hug / Laplante: Brilliant Days. Alto, electronic and computer for electroacoustic sound spaces.
  • Jason Kahn / Günter Müller: Blinks. A duel laptop, ipod, percussion & electronics
  • Leimgruber, Müller & Arte Quartet: e-a.sonata.02. Composed by Urs Leimgruber, the music played by a sax quartet is treated via mini disc & electronic.
  • Erik M / Müller / Nakamura: Why not Béchamel. Shhhhhs + gloops + white noise produced on ipod, percussion, electronics, "no input" mixtable, 3-k. pad system
  • Samartzis / Müller / Voice Crack: Wireless Within (FOR 1655). Nov. 2005. One of the last legs by the duo Voice Crack recorded in Melbourne in July 2002. A musical universe looking like a thick jungle of natural and artificial sounds
  • Fredy Studer / Ami Yoshida: Duos 21-27 (FOR 1656). Nov. 2005. Realized during a single session in Zurich, November 2004. Studer has at his disposal drums, percussions, cymbals, bells, gongs while his Japanese partner operates with minimal singing


  • Lapslap: Granita. Leo Records (LR 636). May 2012. Fourth CD by this trio from Edimburgh who confront traditional instruments (piano, saxophone, percussions, ocarina) with computers; several recording sessions were edited to reach at the end a work of one hour
  • Ramon Lopez "Duets 2 Roland Kirk". Give an homage to Kirk by inviting 9 different musicians in a series of duos. The guests are Joëlle Leandre (bass), Noël Akchoté (guitar), Emmanuel Bex (Hammond organ), Benat Achiary (voice)
  • Thierry Maucci: "Liaison Acoustique". 8 solo pieces played on alto, tenor or baritone sax.
  • Metamorphosis : Luff. Leo Records LR 474. 2nd album by this 21 string ensemble from Austria, Turkey and Czech Republic whose inspiration or influences can be found by groups such as Kronos, Die Knödel, Friends or Dean Martinez.
  • Metamorphosis "Dip" combines the musicality of a classic quartet with the energy of a punk band.
  • Momentum "3". The two previous had some success in the international press. New musicians this time.
  • Soegaard Ensemble: Soundmapping the Genes. Leo Records (LR 560). April 2010. This Danish trio with guitarist Fredrik Soegaard in front applies the complex structures of the DNA code to their music where MIDI converters, laptops, electronics work together with gamelan, mbiras, gongs and cymbals
  • Tibor Szembö "Danube Exodus". Film music played by Szembö on flute and the Gordian Knot Company.
  • Andreas Willers: Drowning Migrant. Leo Records LR 532. March 09. The German guitarist (from Berlin) bases his guitar work on re-recording techniques and delay pedals, thus profiling himself in fields not unlike Robert Fripp or French guitarist Richard Pinhas. But his playing spans wider and should be discovered!


  • Beth Anderson: Swales And Angels (NW 80610). Modern neo-romantic chamber music
  • Kui Dong: Pangu's Song. New World NW 80620. This young Chinese composer living in the USA has her debut here and presents works for piano solo, flute, percussion, electronics and traditional Chinese instruments. A new perspective to US contemporary music; sophisticated, rich in ornementation with a sense for textures and love for details.
  • Stephen Hartke: Sons Of Noah (NW 80568). 2 works composed for soprano voice, a flutes, 4 bassoons and 4 guitars and a music with liturgic references.
  • Charles Ives: the Unknown Ives Vol.2 (NW 80618). Many piano pieces interpreted by Donald Berman
  • Steven Mackay: Heavy Light. New World. Created from a project with choreograph Donald Byrd and not without a certain psychedelic esthetic. Also includes 2 other compositions: "Microconcerto" and "Indigenous Instruments"
  • Music From the Once Festival 1961-1966 (NW 80567). This 5CD boxset + a 140 p. book gathers 35 works from the founders of this festival (Robert Ashley, Gordon Mumma, George Cacioppo, Roger Reynolds & Donald Scavarda)as well as those who took part in it (David Behrman, George Crevoshay, Philip Krumm, Pauline Oliveros, Robert Sheff, Bruce Wise). Some of the works are released here for the first time and will give a unique opportunity to delve into the history of avant garde or contemporary music from that time.
  • Harry Partch
    + The Harry Partch Collection Vol.1 (NW 80621). This is the first part of Partch's integrale, reissued and remastered from the archives of the "Historic Recording Series" by the CRI company. It covers his "third period", first half of the 50's where Partch is shifting from purely vocal works to a more dense writing for percussion ensemble. Features pieces like "Eleven Intrusions", "Ulysse at The Edge", "Plectra And Percussion Dances", "Castor And Pollux", "Ring Around the Moon", "Even Wild Horses".
    + The Harry Partch Collection Vol 2. New World NW 80622. Compositions from the 40's like "The Wayward", presented here in its integrality and also a later composition recorded in 67: And on the Seventh Day, Petal.. + The Harry Partch Collection Vol 3. New World NW 80623. Some film musics ("The Dreamer That Remains", his last work and "Windsong" from a 1958 film) and the original "Water ! Water !" from 1961.
  • Mel Powell: Settings (NW 80616). 7 pieces from this recently deceased composer (1998) and expressively written for members of the California Ear Unit.
  • Harold Shapero: String Quartet, Serenade in D for String Quintet, String Trio (NW 80569). Older works from a composer who remains one of the treasures of neo-classical american music to discover. The music refers to diverse influences like Copland, Alban Berg or Walter Piston.
  • Xenakis Ensemble: Xenakis, Tsoupaki, Del Puerto. Ensemble directed by Diego Masson.


  • Derek Bailey & Steve Lacy: Outcome. P 299. Sept. 2005. Duo recorded in Paris in 1983 at the club Le Dunois.
  • Derek Bailey /Joëlle Leandre: No Waiting. P 198. Sept. 2005.
  • Frédéric Blondy & Lê Quan Ninh: Exaltatio Utriusque Mundi. P 203. Duo percussion / piano
  • Butcher / Charles / Dörner: The Contest Of Pleasures. P 201. Trio saxes/clarinet/trumpet
  • Michel Doneda: Anatomie Des Clés. P598. Sopran sax solo (with electronics)
  • Doneda / Bosetti / Rhainey: Placés Dans L'Air. P 103. Sax trio
  • Doneda / Leimgruber / Rowe: The Difference Between A Fish. P 302. An art built on the attention to details and space, where showing off is banned. Created by two saxophonists (both sopran and one doubling on tenor) and a guitarist + electronics.
  • Kristoff K. Roll / Xavier Charles: La Pièce. P 199. Electro-acoustic devices facing a clarinet
  • Daunik Lazro / Carlo Zingaro: Hauts Plateaux. P 498. The first on alt & baritone sax, the second on violin & electronic.
  • Lazro / Zingaro / Leandre / Lovens: Madly You. P 102. The latter on a musical saw! Recorded at the Banlieues Bleues Festival, Paris, in 2001
  • Denman Maroney & Hans Tammen: Billabong. P 100. Hyperpiano and endangered guitar!
  • Misère Et Cordes: Au Ni Kita. P 101. String Quartet
  • Evan Parker / Keith Rowe: Dark Rags. P 200. Sax versus guitar & electronics
  • Phosphor: S/T. P 501.
  • Stephane Rives: Fibres. P 303. Solo Sopran sax.
  • Trio Sowari: Three Dances. P 105. electronics / Tenor Sax / Percussion & objects
  • Triolid: Ur Lamento: P 202. Theremin & computer / clarinet & voice / bass & small percussion
  • Fred Van Hove: Flux. P 2398. 2CD of piano solo


  • News from the Russian Association of Independant Genres (RAIG)

    + Womba: Evidence Of Letta. 2006 (R016). Experimental Electronic/ Post-Industrial. CD in cardboard folder (24 tracks - 75 mins). Fascinating allure of sound sculptures, organic and industrial flotsams catalyzed by shed sonic manipulations. This sounds like a refined post-industrial symphony of nostalgia, sentiment and lust.
    + Lebenswelt: S/T. 2006 (R015). Experimental Electronic/ Post-Industrial. CD in cardboard folder (13 tracks - 64 mins). Inspired by the ambiguous works of German prophet poet and translator Stefan George (1868-1933), Lebenswelt to a great extent sounds aristocratic, remote, and dark, with many references to the modern European symbolist movement. Mixing distinctive drones and ambiences with repetitive industrial hammerings, well-designed noise layers, and shape-shifting rhythmic structures, they depict apocalyptic industrial canvas with morose and hopeless atmosphere. A berhyme of a kingdom ruined!
    + Joan silver Pin: Chiaroscuro. 2006 (R014). Experimental/ Ambient/ Instrumental Rock. CD in cardboard folder (9 tracks - 70 mins). Incorporating electronics, traditional instrumentations, esoteric vocalizations as well as atypical arrangement and production techniques, «Chiaroscuro» sonic landscapes can earn the praise among a diverse variety of different audiences. The group relies most often on the experimental ambient aesthetic with subtly changes in content and timbre, mixing a warm, clean fusion of deliberate analog synths, gentle guitars, stark trumpet, smart percussive bits, loose and forceful vocal improvisations. An accomplished post-rock architecture of the various elements from synth-music, avant-garde, jazz and rock.
    + Seven That Spells: It Came From The Planet Of Love. 2006 (R013). Instrumental Rock/ Psychedelic. CD in jewel-case (2 tracks - 52 mins).
    + Seven That Spells: My Mommy Wants To Kiss Your Mamma. R012CD. File under: instrumental rock/ psychedelic. Prepare Urself for this hallucinogenic trip! The first full-length album by this extraordinary Croatian outfit and an hommage to acid rock in its most energetic form! Ltd x 1000 copies
    + Infront: Wordless. R011CD. File under: instrumental rock/ progressive. This new great force of the local progrock scene comes with their all-instrumental debut album - a sound combination of power, melodism and artistism. Ltd x 1000 copies
    + Won James Won: Theorist Attack. R010 CD. File under: indie-rock/ avantgarde-pop. For all admirers of lyrics extravaganza and hop-the-twig instrumentations. The cd comes with a pocket-book of T.Hee-Haw's poems and drawings. Ltd x 500 copies
    + Irmologion: Dynatos. 2005 R009CD. File under: dark ambient/ experimental electronic. The anonymous masters behind this record have chosen to preach in the language of electro-acoustic music instead of the language of words. One single track of 77 mn. ! The album comes in a special packaging designed by ZonderZond: hard cover with a cd wrapped and fixed inside a piece of brocade (Ltd x 350 copies).
    + Andrei Suchilin: Iki. 2004 R008CD. 3 tracks for a total running time of 58 mn., over ten musicians of various background involved in the making of this recording, many scores for the images of several Russian underground film-directors, here are elements that can help describing what this new release by one of the finest Russian independent guitarists and composers is about: a variety of soundscapes, found noises, classical miniatures and rocky grooves, which flows with the imaginary movie-action, reflecting the intensity of the images yet without overpowering them.
    + Won James Won: Tol's Toy. 2004 R007CD. Their collective approach is a tight knit of the experimental, the abstract, and the absurd. Though calling for their love of 90's alternative rock, a sure inspiration, they move well beyond exploring territory uniquely their own with no boundaries between various music genres (funk, hard-core, jazz, indie-rock, techno, noise, etc.). The group's sarcasm and caustic sense of humor keep things unruly and absolutely unpredictable. Housed in a handmade cardbox
    + MUX: The Second Confession (2004). R006CD. This duo from St Petersburg calls themselves MUX. They are armed with analog synthesizers, noise devices, instruments, computers, etc. They are also part of a broader creative laboratory called ZveZdaZ, including other outfits such as Won James Won and Womba. Await a new paroxysm of grief electro-shock therapy reaching you again and over!
    + Womba: The 27th Baku Comissar (2004). R005CD. 27 fragments of minimalist drone aggression which shrives fleshes down and shakes bones up. Not noise, but a textured and tangled experiment schemed to subdue tympanic membranes and seduce one's numbing consciousness.

  • New from RAIG! The Russian label has recently introduced a beautifully cardboard packaged series of CDs. They include the following items:
    + Anton Batagov: Music For Piano (R001). 4 previously unreleased piano masterpieces composed and performed by the maestro in 1999 (duration: 55mn). A true meaning of what Anton Batagov did more than five years ago is a continuing movement along the path of Knowledge. With this in mind, the listener will definitely comprehend the delicate and charming nature of Batagov's piano performance, as well as the pure and blessed spirit of his music. Limited edition of 500 copies.
    + Andrei Suchilin: Quasiland (R002). Suchilin has earned the reputation of being one of the finest Russian independent guitarists and composers, perhaps the only musician from this country who has studied under Robert Fripp at his Guitar Craft School. "Quasiland" is purportedly a series of his more "occasional" pieces. A claustrophobic, intense, and defiant album not without a strange beauty,focused on the variety of moods and allures and not on the stylistic or conceptual cohesiveness. 10 tracks and a 62mn duration. Limited edition of 500 copies.
    + Irmologion: Same (R003). Some kind of horror-documentary soundtrack redefining one's dark vision of the world intoxicated by deceits, illusions and errors. Consistently dark and deeply disturbing chants grow up from some distorted references to holy hymns and raise up everything to the level of apocalypse. 9 tracks - 72mn. Limited edition of 350 copies.
    + Disen Gage: The Screw-Loose Entertainment (R004). Debut studio album which blends the intricate instrumentation of old-school progressive-rock, the melodic expressionism of world-music, and the rough drive of garage-rock. The CD also includes 3 live bonus tracks. A 500 copies limited edition / 13 tracks - 52 min. This one is NOT a cardboard packaged edition!


  • Blast: Altrastrata. A wise mix of rock and contemporary composition for this dutch group.
  • Chris Cutler: Twice Around The Earth. RER 9020. This is an editing of recordings broadcast on the Londonian radio station FM Resonance between July 2001 and 2002. This radiophonic recomposition also features many guests like Jon RoseHaco.
  • Chris Cutler "Solo". Chris on drums and electronics!
  • Thomas Dimuzio: Slew. A compilation of compilation albums to which this composer from the Republic of Macedonia took part during the last 15 years.
  • Dockstader / Myers: Bijou (RER 3217). Nov. 2005. 27 electro-acoustic miniatures elaborated from classic soundtrack tapes (Vertigo, Jaws, Psychose) and excerpts of TV documentaries. From fiction to reality, here is a new cinema for the ear!
  • Tod Dockstader "Omniphony 1". A collaboration work from 1961 with James Reichert. Music for tapes.
  • Bob Drake: 13 Songs and A Thing. The unclassificable wizzard alone on various instruments for a collection of seriously twisted instrumental arrangements.
  • Fred Frith: Live in Japan. Recommended Records (RER 90220). April 2011. This is the CD re-issue of a 2LP boxset released in 1981 as a very limited edition. Taken from various solo concerts, the pieces presented Frith playing several guitars laid flat on the ground and activated with all kind of tools (bow, chains, resonators, Casio, etc...)
  • Fred Frith: The Happy End Problem. Recommended RER 9018. April 07. Those two pieces for chamber music ensembles call again for the violinist Carla Kilsteht and guitarist Frith experiments here with new dialects and textures.
  • Fred Frith:
    + Allies. Reissue by Recommended (ReR 31922) of an album for choregraphy from the mid 90's. Featuring the late Tom Cora as well as the eminent drumming of Joey Baron or the alt sax of Curlew's founder George Cartwright.
    + Prints. A new album of pop songs composed between 1987 and 2001, between David Byrne and Wyatt!
    + Middle of the Moment (RER 9008). Soundtrack of Nicolas Humbert & Werner Penzel's film.
  • Haco: Ash In the Rainbow. Her latest album, presenting a lot of experimental arrangements and innovative sound treatments, especially due to her workmate - cellist Hiromi Sakamoto - and Haco's multiple sound sources.
  • The Hat Shoes: Differently Desperate. Recommended Records (AD 23). April 09. Remastered digipack edition of the first album, originally released on Rec Rec in 1991. The band featured the equilibristic vocalist Catherine Jauniaux alongside drummer Charles Hayward, the ever creative cellist Tom Cora, saxophonist/reedman and ex Henry Cow member Tim Hodgkinson, among the most known
  • Nikola Kodjabashia: Les Rêveries du Promeneur Solitaire. Electro-acoustic works, Middleage music and orthodox chants.
  • The Necks: Chemist. Recommended RER 9024. 13th album by the trio, winner of the Australian award 2006 as best jazz record, keeper of a long tradition of repetitive atmospheric music, soundtrack of a fictive road movie between the Miles Davis of the 70's and Eno crossed with steve Reich
  • The Necks "Aether". Australian group known for their minimalist and repetitive music; electronic bass, dms and el piano
  • Reissues by Recommended include After Dinner "Paradise Of Replica", a mix of RIO and japanese culture, the reissues of Fred Frith's "Step Across The Border" and "Guitar Solos".
  • Peltonen, Aki: Radio Banana. Recommended RER 2072. Radio Banana superposes short waves and very expressive accordion modulations to haunting Afro-Cuban grooves. Maybe this is the definition of Finnish salsa!
  • Jon Rose: the People's Music. His new record has a background stage camped in Mao's China but it could have been titled "how to use intensively violins in daily life as a means of fighting the cultural uniformisation of a dangerously worlwide society" !
  • Skeleton Crew: Learn To Talk / The Country Of Blinds (RER 9014). This welcome reissue (with 10 unreleased bonus tracks) brings us back to the 80's in company of the late Tom Cora on cello, the mysterious Zeena Parkins (vocal, accordion, keyboards and drums) and the man who supervised in person this recording, guitarist, violinist and multi-craftsan Fred Frith.
  • Tickmayer, Stevan Kovacs: Repetitive Selective Removal Of One Protecting Group. Recommended Records (RER 3214). Nov. 2005. The music of the Serbian pianist switches all the time from acoustic to electronic, playing with structures to better cheat the listener. The writing is complex, calling for microtonality or polyrythms. Somewhere between Zappa and Ligeti!
  • Michael Vogt: Argonautika. Recommended ReR 3192. An astounding saga for tuba and electronics with modern techniques subtly applied to the instrument. An atmospheric incitation to an imaginary journey!

  • ZNR: Barricade 3. Recommended Records (RER 3016). 2012. Eissue of the first album by the French duo of Hector Zazou & Joseph Racaille. Naive chamber music filled with winks to many idealized names: Wyatt, Eno, Frith


  • Fred Frith / Ferdinand Richard: Dropera. RecRec (REC32). This album from 1991 is the most unexpected that the two have done together. It is conceived around the story of a French cook hunted by the Arab secret police! Ferdinand Richard was, let's remind you of this, the bass player in the French RIO band Etron Fou Leloublan
  • The Hat Shoes: Home. Back after 10 years, The Hat Shoes features the belgian singer Catherine Jauniaux (ex Aksak Maboul) and the keyboardist Bill Gilonis, here together with percussionist Martin Spühler for a musical meeting between Cathy Berberian, Harry Partch and Erik Satie.
  • Transfargo: Mill Transit. A collaboration between the australian guitarist Hugo Race and the experimental DJ Dimitri De Perrot. Ambient soundscapes reminiscent of Syd Barrett, Daevid Allen or Fripp.
  • Catherine Jauniaux / Ikue Mori: Vibraslaps. RecRec Music (REC52). Dec. 07. This album from 1992 was recorded and produced by cellist Tom Cora and presents us some kind of secret Eurasian cabaret built up by two reknown musicians in their own category: singing for Catherine and electronics for Ikue (also using here drum machines)
  • The Pales Nudes: Wise to the Heat. RecRec Music (REC71). Dec. 07. This album from 1995 brings forth strong songs and compositions due to the singer and accordion player Amy Denio and her band


  • Christopher Adler: Epilogue For A Dark Day. Recording focusing on a mouth organ instrument from Thaïland, associated to viola, violin, percussions and ensemble
  • Ayuo / Ohta Hiromi: the first is a known figure of the new Japanese music, here meeting a pop star.
  • Ayuo: Aoi (TZ 7260). One of the most prolific Japanese musicians has worked out a new masterpiece where he revisits the musical forms of the Nô Theater. Traditional instruments and singing are here deliciously spiced with psychedelic sound ingredients.
  • Derek Bailey "Pieces for guitar" is a private recording presenting the oldest works (1967) of the british guitarist.
  • Chris Brown: Rogue Wave. TZ 8014. In direct line with other Californian pioneers like or James Tenney. A music where computer is at the core of sound remodelling.
  • Death Ambient: Drunken Forest. Tzadik TZ 7264. Third recording of this band featuring guitarist and violinist Fred Frith, the Japanese electronic wizzard Ikue Mori, the Japanese bass player Kato Hideki and calling this time to duty one of the veterans of the downtown New York scene, percussionist Jim Pugliese. Strings are mixed with electronic, computers in a mysterious and luxurious way!
  • Frank Denyer "Fire City". Composer and theorician, Denyer is a legendary figure in the tradition of Giacinto Scelsi or Harry Partch. His music requires instruments created by himself and played with very special and radical techniques.
  • Morton Feldman: Patterns In A Chromatic Field. A 2 hours long composition for cello and piano
  • Fred Frith: Back To Life. Tzadik TZ8045. Jan. 08. This is a new chamber music album, again in collaboration with the ex-Kronos Quartet cellist Joan Jeanrenaud but also percussionist William Winant and the orchestra leader, pianist and composer Stephen Drury. 5 pieces defying and pushing the borders, well not exactly surprising when talking about a man like Frith, well?
  • Fred Frith / Evelyn Glennie: The Sugar Factory. Tzadik TX7623. Sept. 07. Sessions recorded during the shooting of the documentary film "Touch the Soundabout" by Thomas Riedelsheimer, a first meeting between two experienced and hyper sensitive musicians accustomed to create within wide musical fields. Evelyn Glennie is a percussionist. Fred is ... you know him, don't you?
  • Fred Frith: Eye To Ear II. Second volume of his music for films released on Tzadik.
  • Fred Frith / John Zorn: 50th Birthday Celebration vol.5
  • Annie Gosfield: Lost Signals & Drifting Satellites. Tzadik TZ 8007. 4th album for Tzadik and new experiments: duo for violin and satellite sounds, a piece composed for the Fluxus String Quartet and a piece for prepared piano. Also to be seen here is Joan Jeanrenaud, the ex-cellist of the Kronos Quartet
  • Ken Jacobs / John Zorn: Celestial Subway Lines (TZ 3004). Nov. 2005. This is a DVD presenting the music Zorn created with Ikue Mori to illustrate the works of one of the most exciting makers of experimental movies, Ken Jacobs. The DVD captures the best of a series of performances given at The Anthology Film archives of New York in 2004. NTSC/all regions/colour/stereo/93mn.
  • Scott Johnson: John Somebody. Tzadik TZ 8009. This previous collaborator of Laurie Anderson is one of the greatest original voices of 20th century experimental music whose wish to synthesize rock and avant garde trends brings nothing but admiration. This work, not available since years is presented here in a restaured and definitive version. Would probably appeal to those who liked Steve Reich's "Come Out" or "Le Trésor De La Langue" by René Lussier
  • Okkyung Lee: Nihm. TZ 7715. Enigmatic personality of New York's downtown scene and cello player, Lee gives us here an album with a soundtrack quality, helped by a who's who of the Tzadik team, let's just name pianist Sylvie CourvoisierIkue Mori.
  • Lukas Ligeti: Mistery System. This young Hungarian composer presents here exciting works where you'll find a string quartet facing a rhythm box accompagniment, a marimba duo and pieces for percussion ensemble
  • Pierre-Yves Macé is the new discovery of John Zorn. This 21 year old french composer has been totally unknown until now and "Faux-Jumeaux" is his first record, bringing french romanticism in collision with minimalism and electronics.
  • Ikue Mori: Bhima Swarga. DVD Tzadik TZ3007. Ikue Mori is here animating wall paintings of a Balinese temple. This surprising experience have been filmed in two versions: one rhythmed alone by her laptop and another, written by the saxophonist Matthew Welch for a gamelan ensemble, himself on sax and Mori on electronics. Like a LSD trip!
  • Mr Dorgon: God Is Greatest. TZ 7408. 4 *disturbed* electronic compositions
  • Muddy World: Finery Of The Storm (2006. Tzadik TZ 7261). Japanese guitar/bass/drums trio mixing jazz, rock and flamenco. Balancing the precision of a This Heat with the improvisation talent of Massacre, the three young musicians shape a new free progressive rock, intelligent as well as tortured.
  • Painkiller "Talisman". Recorded in 1994, this stage group was formed of Bill Laswell, John Zorn & Mike Harris.
  • Pateras, Anthony: Mutant Theatre. Music from a young Australian composer mixing sustained rhythms with overwhelming sounds from prepared piano, percussion based or electronic instruments.
  • Raz Mesinai:
    + Cyborg Acoustics. Electro-acoustic compositions featuring well known musicians such Mark Feldman, John Zorn, Mark Dresser and more ...
    + Resurrections For Goatskin. One of the most interesting electronic musicians of his generation, Mezinai offers here a new electro-acoustic journey filled with subtle rhythmic modulations, going from minimalism to maximalism.
  • Romitelli, Fausto: Anamorphosis. Tzadik TZ8087. July 2012. Five major works from this Italian composer are grouped here; having studied at the IRCAM, the famous temple for research on contemporary music, he has also worked with the Belgian chamber orchestra Ictus or the French Ensemble InterContemporain (EIC). This time, the task is in the hands of the New York based Talea Ensemble; a spectral music mixed with psych-rock or electro and to be found at the remote corners of rational perception, not unlike composers like Gyorgy Ligeti
  • Scheinman, Jenny: Shalagaster. Scheinman is a sought after violinist, often working with Bill Frisell. On her second release for Tzadik, we'll have the pleasure to hear Myra Melford on piano and harmonium. Trumpet, bass and drums complete the setting for a music close to some kind of contemporary folk jazz.
  • Seiichi, Yamamoto: Nu Frequency. Solo project from a musician who is the spine of groups such Omoide, Hatoba, Boredoms & Rovo. Extravaguant music with a sense of psychedelism close to hardcore.
  • Sharp, Elliott: String Quartets. This release presents on one CD the integral work of Sharp for string quartets. Those are the Meridian String Quartet and the Dave Soldier Quartet
  • Simons, David: Prismatic Hearing. This partner of Samul Nori presents here a music mixing sampler, theremin and gamelans.
  • Smith, Wadada Leo "Luminous Axis". This 6th record from the trumpetist and composer on Tzadik explores new territories with the help of the japanese live electronics wizard Ikue Mori.
  • Synapse: Raw. TZ 7254. Experimental pop by 4 prolific Japanese musicians: Haco: vocal, Ikue Mori: electronics, Aki Onda: tape and cassette recorders, samplers, Uchihashi Kazuhisa: guitar, daxophone.
  • Tomomi Royal Chorus: Yo. Experimental vocal group based in Tokyo. Punk, hard core, TV spots, cartoon musics, conceptual art are some of the influences they bring in their highly imaginative, humoristic and energetic miniature compositions.
    Jon Madof: Rashanim. This dynamic trio from New York covers a wide range of styles from Jim Hall's ballads to James Blood Ulmer harmolodic funk.
  • Matthew Welch: Dream Tigers. TZ 8015. This Scottish composer offers here his works in collaboration with the Flux Quartet, completed by a hypnotic piece for clarinets and a concerto for bagpipe and percussion.
  • Charles Wuorinen: On Alligators. TZ 8010. One of the most important US composers is here interpreted by the Brentano String Quartet in "Quatuor à Cordes N. 4". The title piece is very coloured and intense. "Natural Fantasy" is a meditative piece for organ and the third concerto for piano appears in a new fresh reworked version
  • Yoshida / Fuji: Erans. A new meeting between the marvellous Japanese pianist and the exhuberant drummer
  • Otomo Yoshihide / Bill Laswell / Tatsuya Yoshida: Episome. Tzadik TZ 7263. April 2006. The Japanese guru, here on 6 string guitar is backed by a terrific deadly rhythm section!
  • John Zorn / Yamataka Eye: Naninani Ii. Tzadik TZ 7250. The two free-wheeling experts of improvisation meet again. Drum machines, electronic sounds, percussion, contribute to a generally sweet sound landscape, though a twinkle of the eye in form of a noise piece (Uf Off) DO appear and change the odds until there set up by ambient incursions which Brian Eno wouldn't deny, seducing drones or exotic sounds.
  • John Zorn has released in 2002 a series of film musics entitled Filmworks. "Filmworks 13 Invitation To A Suicide", "Filmworks 12 Three Documentaries" and "Filmworks 11 Under The Wing" are the latest, 12 & 13 featuring Marc Ribot


  • Eugene Chadbourne & René Lussier "L'Oasis". Improvised ideas painted with humoristic and sarcastic touches
  • Satoko Fuji & Tatsuya Yoshida "Toh-Kichi". The meeting of the pianist with the drummer of Ruins in a live concert.
  • Aki Takase & Konrad Bauer "News From Berlin". Between dream and rationality in a duo piano/trombone
  • Cecil Taylor/Bill Dixon/Tony Oxley "B+T+C". Still fresh after a carreer spanning over 40 years!
  • My Cat Is An Alien: Il Suono Venuto Dallo Spazio. Victo VIC 101. March 07. Try to figure out something like Ash Ra Tempel without the synths and crossed with minimalistic music made of vibrating looped guitars, caressed percussion and other odd objects and you will start nearing the music of the Italian brothers Maurizio & Roberto Opalio


  • Eivind Aarset: Phantasmagoria, or A Different Kind of Journey. Jazzland Recordings (CD: 3779391 / 2LP: 3779392). Street date: 24-09-21. New album by the guitarist's quartet, with Eivind on guitar and elektronics, Wetle Holte and Erland Dahlen on drums and percussion, and Audun Erlien on bass. Collectively composed, the nine tracks present a powerful and compact sound mix, nearly four-dimensional and rich in details. An invitation to an inner journey through various musical styles, filled with dream landscapes in which also appear and contribute some guests like Jan Bang, producer/musician John Derek Bishop and trumpeter Arve Henriksen.
  • Aarset, Eivind & Jan Bang: Snow Catches on her Eyelashes. Jazzland Recordings, digipak CD or 180 gram vinyl edition in slip cover, both with full artwork by Nina Birkeland (3779250 / 3779252). Street date: 13-03-20. Brand new opus from two of the brightest luminaries on the Norwegian scene. "Snow Catches on her Eyelashes" emanates musical authority, a hyperconscious layering of textures and musicality, at once evocative of some otherworldly space, yet familiar at a deep human level that resonates with each sonic flourish. Featuring contributions from Nils Petter Molvær (trumpet), Hilde Norbakken (piano), Anders Engen (drums/percussion), Audun Erlien (bass), and a vocal sample from Sidsel Endresen, the album brings an endless diversity to the tonal characteristics of each piece while maintaining the consistency of the musical language the duo have created and evolved during their many years of collaboration.
  • Acousmatrix Series: The History Of Electronic Music. Bvhaast BV0206. This is quite a luxurious boxset of 5 CDs and 2 double CDs. It presents works by Luc Ferrari, Francis Dhomont ...
  • Aleph-1: ST (Ideal048). Aleph-1 is a project by Carsten Nicolai aka Alva Noto / Noto. Besides his sound works under those pseudonyms, aleph-1 is electronic music with an acoustic sound aesthetics that was especially developped for the Ideal Recordings label. The concept of aleph-1 derives from the theories of the mathematician Georg Cantor. The sound pieces of aleph-1 deal with the idea of infinity in terms of structure and length. Without actual beginning or end, they fade in and out. The pieces have a very logically constructed nature of overlapping tracks, which seem to be never the same thus could be extended into infinity. The album consists of eight rhythmic circles, based upon acoustic material, at first sight very minimal but always carrying pulse and melody. Music you can loose yourself in.
  • Anathema: Resonance. Burning Shed. A collection of Anathema's more ambient moments, brilliantly showcasing the band's ability to create memorable and intense atmospheric rock music. The album contains 6 tracks which have never been available outside Germany and Japan, plus the unreleased live version of 'Angelica' and covers of Pink Floyd classics, "One Of The Few" and "Goodbye Cruel World".
  • Arc And Sender: S/T. Post-Rock / Ambient project, evoking some of Brian Eno's compositions, the guitaristic researches of Glenn Branca or younger geroups such as Godspeed You Black Emperor. Composed of 3 guitarists, one also playing percussion.

  • Astro Voyager: Lunation Tour. Musea (FGBG 9030). Nov. 2011. French keyboard player Philippe Fagnoni endeavors to compose in a very personal style original themes between soundtracks and relaxation music. His art relates as much to the great masters of the genre like Vangelis or Jean-Michel Jarre, as to the most renowned soundtracks composers, such as Hans Zimmer, Eric Serra... Astrovoyager uses synthesizers and electronic keyboards to develop music mixing electronic and cosmic tracks with symphonic layers. To avoid the traps of common electronic music, he develops real melodies, alternating dreamlike climates and chiseled rhythmic patterns.
  • Astrovoyager: Symphotronic Lunation (DR 8460). CD+DVD. May 2010. Behind the name is French keyboard player Philippe Fagnoni, always searching for new musical and sonic sensations. Coming from Metz, he endeavors to compose in a very personal style original themes between soundtracks and relaxation music. His art relates as much to the great masters of the genre like Vangelis or Jean-Michel Jarre, as to the most renowned soundtracks composers, such as Hans Zimmer. He uses synthesizers and electronic keyboards to develop music mixing electronic and cosmic tracks with symphonic layers. To avoid the traps of common electronic music, he develops real melodies, alternating dreamlike climates and chiseled rhythmic patterns. This release is presented in a luxurious book including a CD and a DVD.
  • Atomine Elektrine: Nebulous. Essence Music (ESS007). Limited edition of strictly 800 copies in snowy white gatefold digisleeve and tracking paper pack! On this second installment for Essence Music, the trancey beats and sacral atmosphere of the previous "Binomial Fusion" are past and widely replaced by a truly out-of-body, deeply layered and dynamic cosmic experience in form of a masterful ambience filled with energy outbursts, synthetic movements and algorithmical rhythms. An aural projection for a detailed exploration of nebulas, black holes, exploding stars and unknown deep corners of the cosmos. Very much influenced by the electronic side of the kraut scene and with the ability of imposing his very own classic trademark, Peter Andersson sets a new stone and makes "Nebulous" one of the greatest albums related to this genre since the early 70s.
  • Ayres, Marvin: Cycle. Cellist and composer Marvin Ayres' experimental and evocative soundtrack for the acclaimed DVD film Cycle.
  • Ayres, Marvin: Scape. Fusing orthodox and off-kilter beats with city-scape cacophony, yet remaining defiantly ambient in its approach, Scape is a hybrid of music specifically developed for the DVD film "Scape" and Marvin Ayres unique take on the art of the remix.
  • Baaden, Andreas: Slow Down (DR 8471). Jan. 2011. 4th album by the German musician, "Slow Down" is about a better, healthier and more sustainable life, respecting each other and discovering the real essence of life; driving beats and choral landscapes are the main elements of the twelve electronic journeys on the album. Most of the songs were recorded during rehearsals and improvisations in Andreas' small home-studio in the village of Aegidienberg, Germany. They are inspired by the beautiful landscape of the Siebengebirge. But the music also drifts into eternity; the last two tracks simply take us into space !
  • New album by Richard Barbieri titled "Stranger Inside". Following the artistic and critical success of his 2005 debut album "Things Buried", Stranger Inside further develops Barbieri's unique approach to texture, harmony and rhythm. Writing and producing the album himself, the album includes contributions from long-term creative partners Steve Jansen (mixing/co-arranging), Steven Wilson (mastering), Gavin Harrison (drums) and the legendary double bass player Danny Thompson (currently enjoying renewed acclaim as part of the reformed Pentangle). Although instrumental in nature, most tracks feature radical and atmospheric manipulations of the sampled voices of Tim Bowness and Suzanne Barbieri.
  • Richard Barbieri: Things Buried. Surprisingly this is his first solo work despite a musical career that has spanned four decades. Things Buried is an instrumental work that highlights Barbieri's unique approach to sound and mood, ranging from textural atmospherics to dynamic rhythmic passages. The album also features the distinctive styles of Percy Jones (Brian Eno, Brand X) on fretless bass guitar and Andy Gangadeen (The Bays, Massive Attack) on drums.
  • Bass Communion: Untitled Deluxe 4CD Box. Street date: 23/05/2014. Limited edition of 2000 copies in a deluxe hardback slipcase, complete with 60 page booklet, featuring each of the four discs in a Japanese style mini album sleeve.
  • Bass Communion: Cenotaph. Tone Float. Limited edition of 700 copies on 2LP. Described by Steven Wilson as a sequel to Ghosts on Magnetic Tape, Cenotaph is, in fact, far more than that. Carving out vast aural sculptures, the album is made up of four massive compositions; says Wilson: "it's a very dark and spectral album, four 20 minute clouds of brooding drones ...".
  • Bass Communion: Molotov And Haze. The brand new 2008 CD by Bass Communion features four layered guitar drone pieces, two noisy and two transcendently beautiful.
  • Bass Communion: Ghosts On Magnetic Tape. Now repressed as a double disc including the full length Andrew Liles reconstruction, which Steven Wilson described as being "even creepier than the original!", this is the third full length album by Bass Communion, a one hour work divided into 5 distinct sections. The album is inspired by alleged tape recordings of the dead communicating with the living world, paranormal research most famously practised by scientist Konstantine Raudive in the 1970's. This is a spectral and brooding album, rich with dark clouds of sound, beautiful textures, creepy drones and eerie crackling. It is housed in a beautiful Japanese style thick card gatefold mini LP sleeve. Steve Wilson considers this to be one of the finest recordings he has ever made.
  • Daniel Biro / Rob Palmer: The Long Journey Home. Sargasso S 28050. Dec. 08. Between ambient and improvised music, here's an interesting duo and meeting where repetitive Fender Rhodes arpeggios are juxtaposed to looped guitars in real time.
  • Brain Damage / Harrison Stafford: Liberation Time. Jarring Effects. Street date: 20-10-17. French Dub pioneer Martin Nathan(Brain Damage) and multi leveled Roots crusader Harrison Stafford (Groundation, Professor Band)deliver here a Zionesque unification that shows no boundaries and absolutely elevates the spectrum of King's Music. Both artists are firmly committed in their vision of universal cry of liberation, equality and justice and a profound testament flows freely within the heights of this project. The ethereal sessions took place at JFX Studio (Lyon, France).
  • Steven Brown & Ninerain: Choice. This new album in limited edition presents the latino combo of the ex Tuxedomoon sax player who has been living in Mexico since 1993.
  • Building Instrument: Kem Som Kan å Leve. Hubro CD/LP (HUBROCD2561/HUBROLP3561). Street date: 22-04-16. This Norwegian trio exist in a sort of fantasy-filled no man's land between electronica, organic pop and something more mystical and fantastic. On their second album, their mode of expression is deeper and more dreamlike, the soundscape is broader and more substantial, and their music is still extremely addictive and strangely catchy. The members of the trio Building Instrument are Mari Kvien Brunvoll (vocals, sampler, zither, percussion, kazoo), Øyvind Hegg-Lunde (drums, percussion) and Åsmund Weltzien (synth, electronics).
  • Andy Butler: Livelooping. Debut solo CD from guitarist Andy Butler. Utilising Echoplex looping systems, the highly structured and composed pieces were recorded in real time, with no subsequent overdubs added. Occasionally recalling the experimental solo guitar work of Phil Manzanera, Robert Fripp and Andy Summers, as well as drawing on complex gamelan rhythms, Butler's intriguing compositions avoid much of the improvised indulgence associated with the contemporary looping scene.
  • Cacciapaglia, Roberto: Sei Note in Logica. Mirumir (MIR100703LP). 180 gram LP+CD. Street date: 26-10-17. An impossible to find album, reissued for the first time ever on vinyl. 1979's Sei Note in Logica is Italian experimental composer Roberto Cacciapaglia's second LP, a minimalist album that features one continual composition "for four voices, computer, and orchestral ensemble," in the same vein as Fred Rzewski, Steve Reich, and Terry Riley. Presented on 180-gram vinyl with a bonus CD containing an acoustic version of the entire album.
  • Laurent Calomne: Monstres Et Chimères (DR 8437). Feb. 2006. 1st album by this Belgian musician and music teacher (clarinet, percussions and saxophone) specialised in music theory, also composer of electronic musics. May remind of '70's Tangerine Dream.
  • Camera Obscura: S/T (featuring Michael Peters). During the 1980s, Burning Shed artist Michael Peters worked with experimental German band Camera Obscura. A subtle fusion of Ambient, Krautrock and Progressive influences, this CD reissue of the band's debut album sometimes recalls vintage Fripp/Eno, early Genesis and the delicate atmospherics of Cluster.
  • Centrozoon: Angel Liquor. Label: Divine Frequency. An experimental, wholly instrumental, release, the album is more atmospheric, brooding and spacious than previous offerings such as "Blast" and at the same time it is the band's first excursion into Dark Ambient territory. Another excellent and unexpected addition to this intriguing German band's catalogue.
  • Centrozoon: Blast. 2008 finally sees the remastered re-release of this sold-out classic, complete with new artwork and an epic bonus track that didn't make it on the first edition.
  • Centrozoon:Never Trust The Way You Are. Centrozoon's long-awaited album with No-Man singer Tim Bowness finally arrives on Berlin-based Resonancer Records. Also featuring contributions from King Crimson's drummer Pat Mastellotto. The album presents some free jazzy stuff and bits that sound like the King Crimson ProjeKcts.
  • New releases by Mikhail Chekalin! The Selected Works from the 80's are now available separately in 3 volumes or gathered in a 3CD boxset. They include such works as "Between Spring And Autumn By Stealth", "Green Symphony", "Borderline State", "The Symphony Phonogram", "Concerto For Piano, Synthesizer And Voice" and more yet. Also available are "Meditative Music For A Prepared Organ" Vol.1 and 2, "A Pagan Suite", "Avoiding The Desire For Cutting And Piercing Objects". Contact me by mail if you need those CDs since they are quite hard (and take time) to get .
  • Cipher: Elemental Forces. Burning Shed. Cipher's third album Elemental Forces finds the core duo of Theo Travis (Gong, David Sylvian, Bass Communion) and Dave Sturt working alongside versatile percussionist Steve Hubback. Augmenting the band's trademark fusion of ingeniously looped compositional structures and highly melodic improvisations with a more pronounced Eastern meditative influence, Elemental Forces is an exquisite and accessible blend of accident and intention, intensity and beauty.
  • Close Encounters: S/T. DR 8428. 17/02/05. Close Encounters of Electronic Music was the name of a special concert concept which took place in Libourne, France on August 7-8, 2004. Six composers of the '70's inspired French electronic music scene were invited to perform one composition each. This recording will introduce you to the works of Awen, Nightbirds, Bertrand Loreau, Olivier Briand, Christian Richet and Jean-Christophe Allier.
  • Commodity Place: Requiem For A Living Planet. Pocket Panther Records (PP035). 8-10-15. The Commodity Place project was born from the musical inspiration of two roman musicians Massimiliano Loretucci (computer and synths) and Riccardo Frosoni (guitar and percussions). Their sound is characterized by the most elegant electronic and psychedelic influences which shape a unique style: between krautrock, balearic and ambient. Here, the duo gives life to its first CD album. A totally focused ambient and chill out job. The nine tracks which compose the album follow a unique theme whose aim is to hypnotize and fascinate the listener, to take him through an emotional trip which goes from ambient to more cultured krautrock, that can be listened in one sitting, to then go back to, and be repeated again and again.
  • Cybotron: S/T. Kray (INT3). Street date: 10-02-23. Cybotron was one of the first,if not the first, electronic rock bands in Australia. They released their self- titled debut in 1976. This reissue comes in jewel case with slipcase in a limited edition of 300 copies.
  • Deison / KK Null : Yugen. ST.AN.DA. (ST.AN.DA.1916). Street date: 02-09-20. Ten years after their first collaboration ("Into", Silentes, 2009) KK Null - Japanese composer, guitarist, singer, mastermind of Zeni Geva - and Deison are back together with "Yugen", a new work exploring darkness and controlled chaos through deep and dense sounds. Pulsating and fractured electronics are mixed with an eerie atmosphere of clunks, broken tribal drums and hovering electronic tones.
  • DJ SPOOKY: The Secret Song. Thirsty Ears (THI191). Nov. 09. This CD+DVD presents recordings by various artists, remixed with intelligence and creativity, like for example the versions of Led Zeppelin's "Dazed And Confused" or "No Quarter" with dub rhythms and washes of violins.
  • DJ WallyNothing Stays The Same. Thirsty Ears THI 140. March 07. Kind of abstract hip hop close to DJ Shadow, those 14 short sound pieces have a filmic essence, which could remind of an early Spike Lee. The staff of the label is called on duty since we'll find here among other contributors Matthew Shipp, William Parker, David S. Ware, Khan Jamal
  • DVA: HU. Indies Scopes (MAM475). Street date: 09/05/12. This is the third album by the Czech electro-acoustic band. Dva is abroad the most successful band coming from the Czech Republic. Circus, cabaret, beatbox, tango, popsongs, acoustic electro and electro acoustic in a two layers cover. Human voices and acoustic instruments in loops, lyrics in universal languages, folklore of non existing nations. Somewhere between North and South, where Dva means 2.
  • Roger Eno: Fragile (Music). Roger Eno's first album for over four years is the most uncompromising, personal and starkly beautiful of his career, comprising a series of haunting and spacious computer manipulated piano pieces, quietly intense compositions With echoes of the cool Minimalism of Erik Satie and Harold Budd
  • Eno, Zazou, Garnier, Depeche Mode, Etc: Fractured Reality. Minus Habens MH 042. March 06. This Italian label founded in 1987 released this compilation of electro ambient pieces for their 15th birthday in 2002. The headline of the label is the group Visions of Excess but there is here a plethora og guests.
  • Fayman & Fripp: A Temple in the Clouds. Projekt PRO104. Street date: 06/04/09. Nine years in the making, A Temple In The Clouds is a unique collaboration between one of rock's most important and influential guitarists and a contemporary cinematic composer. Fripp's contribution of two hours worth of treated guitar work (his trademark "Frippertronics") formed the basis for Fayman's layering of interwoven electronic soundscapes. Focusing on the subtleties and slight shifts in overtones and harmonics, Fayman and Fripp have created a dynamic musical kaleidoscope, ever changing and intrinsically radiant in each sonic fractal, in the vein of the classic Fripp & Eno "No Pussyfooting" collaboration
  • Fear Falls Burning: Frenzy Of The Absolute. Street date: April 22, 2008. Conspiracy Records (CORE061). Released as CD and 2LP limited edition (500 copies) on 180 Gr. vinyl, 150 copies on clear with White vinyl, 350 on black with a gatefold double LP cover. The vinyl version has one extra track "The Passage Of Wrath" and one extra hidden track.. On this album the group blends drone spectrums with slow repetitive drums and additional guitar layers, manifesting a work of mysterious landscapes of ghostly echoes and whispered guitars, long stretches of blissy drift and dark washes of distorted hiss...
  • Fijeri: Endless. 10 years in the making, Fjieri's debut album Endless represents the satisfying conclusion to a meticulously executed labour of love. The band, led by Stefano Panunzi and Nicola Lori, are joined by an impressive cast of guest musicians, including Mick Karn, Tim Bowness, Andrea Chimenti, Peter Chilvers and Porcupine Tree members Gavin Harrison and Richard Barbieri. Co-produced by Barbieri, the album artfully combines Ambient and Progressive Rock influences to create a sophisticated sound that incorporates delicate atmospherics, rich melodies, looping rhythms and hard-hitting riffs. Recalling aspects of Rain Tree Crow, Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Eno, King Crimson and No-Man, Endless is a powerful debut statement from an Italian band in the ascendant.
  • Furt: Sense. PSI 0908. Nov. 09. With Richard Barrett & Paul Obermayer on electronics. One composition (Uranus) recorded in 2008 and another piece dedicated to Karlheinz Stockhausen, recorded in concert in 2009
  • Gandalf's Project: Insights. Mellow Records (MMP 514). 04/01/12. Born in 2005 as a solo project of Marco Chiappini, Gandalf's Project developed through the sounds and the years and now it is a prog rock/ambient duo. If you like Pink Floyd, early Porcupine Tree and Nosound, you should check them out! Rough instrumental tracks ranging from progressive rock to ambient and electronica, an aetheral yet powerful soundscape to relax and dream on. Emiliano Pedruzzi, bass and 7-strings guitar man, delivers great riffs and lots of innovative ideas to the songs, bringing the mixture of genres even beyond.
  • John Greaves: Tambien 1-7 (1995). Resurgence RES 141CD. Tambien started life in 1995 when Voiceprint MD Rob Ayling suggested to John Greaves that he records an ambient album. Almost ten years later the album is finished. It is around an hour long and consists of seven pieces of improvised music. Release date: 21/03/05

  • Directly from Estonia and only a few copies left! Sven Grünberg: Hukkunud Alpinisti Hotell. A 3CD boxset which is a collection of his film music recorded between 1979 and 2001
  • Harmonia: De Luxe. Lilith LR 122 180 Gr. LP. Formed in the early seventies by Hans-Joachim Roedelius & Dieter Moebius of Cluster with Michael Rother of Neu!. Although this Kraut rock supergroup produced only two albums, their minimalist sound laid the groundwork for ambient and motorik rock for decades to come. Leaning slightly more towards Cluster?s sound for their second and last release, 1975's De luxe featured more structured songs, along with a sparse spattering of vocals, and the guest appearance of Mani Neumeier of Guru Guru on a few tracks.
  • Hemmelig Tempo: Who Put John Cage on the Guest List? Gazul (GA 8850). April 2011. The lab-coat dressed quasi-scientists of Norwegian improvisational sound research trio "Hemmelig Tempo" are known for their unique live research seminars and surrealistic experiments. The present album is a remarkable collage of the trio's electronic sound experiments across three years.
  • Ikeno, Kozo: Trumpetronics. MG002CD. Kozo Ikeno is a trumpet and electronics player from Japan. He creates experimental jazz, abstract break beats and field recordings. He is out now with this new album produced in Italy by Braxtone Records. It is a real must for experimental music connoisseurs!!! All compositions by Kozo Ikeno, composed and recorded in 2001
  • Illàchime Quartet: I'm Normal, My Heart Still Works (fratto007-cd lizard 062). This instrumental project released in collaboration by two Italian labels presents an experimental project with a strongly cinematic character. Ambient and improvised music, acoustic and electronic are living side by side. The instrumental palette includes piano, samplers, synths, electronics, el bass, guitars, cello, drums. The band has been active since 2002 and their first album came in 2004.
  • Inoue, Tetsu: Yolo. DIN records. Based in New York and with over 40 albums to his credit, including collaborations with such left-field luminaries as Bill Laswell, Atom Heart, Peter Namlook and Jonah Sharp, Tetsu Inoue has established himself as a musician equally comfortable in the contrasting worlds of ambient, sound installation, and computer music. Intriguing and mysterious, "Yolo" dissects a combination of Max random synthesised sounds and field recordings into fragments and particles which are then sieved through in microscopic detail.
  • Steve Jansen / Richard Barbieri: Other Worlds In A Small Room. Feb. 2010. With "Other Worlds In A Small Room", Steve Jansen and Richard Barbieri created an atmospheric collection of instrumentals that they considered "Ambient in the traditional sense". This release features music from the the original Japanese only album, "Worlds in a Small Room", which was originally commissioned by JVC to accompany a documentary on the Space Shuttle "Challenger's" mission.
  • Jean-Michel Jarre: Rarities - Late 60s/Early 70s. Dreyfus. Available both as gatefold 180gr. LP (FDM46050362901) and 2CD (FDM46050362872). Sept. 2011. For the very first time compiled, here is a selection of tracks composed and chosen by Jarre himself before the success of Oxygene. At that time, Jarre was member of the GRM (Groupe de Recherche Musicale / Musical Research Group) and was heavily influenced by concrete music composer and music theorician Pierre Schaeffer, as well as his early study of classical harmony; the present selection of tracks reflects his work from this time
  • Jean-Michel Jarre: The Originals Masters. Dreyfus (FDM46050368922). Sept. 2011. This 3CD boxset reissues the albums Oxygène (76), Équinoxe (78) and Les Chants Magnétiques (81)
  • Mick Karn: The Concrete Twin. March 2010. Boldly defying easy categorisation, "The Concrete Twin" is a dense and dramatic instrumental outing from the former Japan legend, Mick Karn. Laced with symphonic ambition and unexpected jazz, swing, Drum & Bass textures and rhythms, TCT marks yet another series of creative stylistic departures for the ever-inventive Karn.
  • Steve Lawson: "Behind Every Word" is his 4th solo album and most complete statement as a composer and performer to date. Nine of the Eleven tracks are completely solo tunes, combining the ambient improvs of his previous work with more structurally composed music and a greater emphasis on melody. The album features two very special guests - pedal steel guitar legend, BJ Cole and one of London's finest jazz singers, Julie McKee.
  • Steve Lawson: "Grace And Gratitude" is an all-solo all-live-in-the-studio album of looped and processed bass. Combining ambient soundscapes with brooding chordal work and dark jazz harmonies, the album's overall feel is the contrast between dark atmospheres and richly melodic explorations
  • Steve Lawson: "Conversations" is a collaborative album of free improvisations or "spontaneous compositions" between pianist Jez Carr and looping bassist Steve Lawson. With no subsequent edits, or overdubs, the album consists of real-time 'in studio' experiments and is released in the form in which it was created.
  • Steve Lawson: "For The Love Of Open Spaces" is the long-awaited duet cd from Lawson and British Jazz legend Theo Travis. Consisting of a series of edited improvisations that combine looping soundscapes with sophisticated Jazz harmonies, the album bears glorious testimony to the creative empathy that has developed between these two regular live collaborators.
  • Liir Bu Fer: 3 Juno. Lizard/Zeit Interference CD 003. 2010. The music here is a mixture between electronic with an acoustic soul and reflective ambient all bound together with post rock and kraut rock. Hailing from Italy!
  • Like The Snow: S/T. ST.AN.DA. (ST.AN.DA. 2022). Street date: 02-09-20. The band delivers their first work after five years of research and experimentation. The project came to life, collecting a series of tracks that travel through electronic and ambient music in a dark sound world... At times almost danceable, absorbing the influences of the beloved synths of the 80's, reinterpreting in their own peculiar way the moods accumulated over time.
  • Lili Refrain: Kawax. Subsound Records. CD & LP (SSR031CD / SD019). Feb. 2014. Third album for this guitarist, composer and performer based in Rome, Italy. Since 2007, she has a solo project in which she uses electric guitar, vocals and loops in real time, without using any computer or pre-recorded tracks. Her songs are created by overlapping sounds that combine minimalist repetition to folk, psychedelia, blues, rock, metal, lyrical opera and guitar virtuosity. Her masterful technique and her refined taste, lead the listener through the maze of an unforgettable act beyond the boundaries of any genre.
  • Lisfrank: The Human. ST.AN.DA. (ST.AN.DA. 2020). Street date: 02-09-20. New work and studio album by legendary early 80's Italian synth wave pioneer Lisfrank. Even though some of the songs on "The Human" were conceived as early as 2011, the album took shape in 2018; all tracks have been produced, remixed and remastered again and again, to guarantee the best recording result. Expect that classic, catchy, typical Lisfrank's minimal electronic / 80's new wave trademark! Limited edition of 300 copies only.
  • Maclise, Angus: The Cloud Doctrine. Sub Rosa / Quatermass (SR182). July 10. Minimal electronic music, spoken word, film soundtracks are the prime material used on those recordings taken from the personal archives (from 1963 to 1976) of Velvet Underground's first drummer
  • Malone, Brian: The Mechanical Voices. Muséa Parallèle (MP 3220). Sept. 11. This debut album is a lush soundscape of experimental music written, produced and engineered by an Irish artist. Although ambient in feel overall, this album features a mixed bag of musical adventure. There is a diverse range of instruments used on the album, all played by Malone and accompanied by sampled voices, with various sounds such as music boxes, bells, operatic voices and atmospheric pads. While there is strong evidence of a strong rock guitar background, the album itself is an ecclectic mix which fluctuates from being sinister and foreboding to more gentle and whimsical, with a sprinkling of world. The use of repetition and the layering of textures are also reminiscent of minimalists like Philip Glass and Michael Nyman.
  • Markus Reuter Oculus: Nothing Is Sacred. Moonjune Records. street date: 06-08-20. Recorded at the now famous La Casa Murada, Spain, on May 15th, 2019, this project by one of the 21st century's most joyously unconventional, innovative musician and composer, Markus Reuter, gave birth to an album which hails as one of the most brilliant, spellbinding and 'immediately essential' ensemble works in decades. Joined by a stellar cast, featuring legendary King Crimson alumnus, violinist/keyboardist David Cross, the extraordinary veteran timekeeper Asaf Sirkis, fretless bass virtuoso (and renowned producer) Fabio Trentini, Markus employs a more premeditated, disciplined, yet radically divergent approach to group performance on this monumental session, with contributions from fellow guitar pioneer Mark Wingfield and the iconic West Coast USA ambient pioneer, keyboardist Robert Rich.
  • Marutti/Giordani: Impressioni Organizzate Di Ansie Liquide. ST.AN.DA. (ST.AN.DA.2024). Street date: 02-09-20. On this release, the vast array of analogue / digital synthesizers and other electronic devices handled by Marutti is perfectly matched to Giordani's field recordings and tapes, giving life to a totally immersive environment in which the listener can only get lost, handing out moments of considerable tension, but also sudden flashes of light and calm mesmerizing passages. The album is presented on a glass-mastered CD limited to 200 copies which is housed in a deluxe six panel digipack with black finish, and features pictures by Stefano Gentile.
  • Orsi, Fabio: Tre Giorni E Un Mattino D'estate. ST.AN.DA. (ST.AN.DA.2019). Street date: 02-09-20. A long journey of over one hour that aptly summarizes the whole sound world that Fabio has created during the years. Ambient textures and long electronic excursions permeates these timeless tracks in the best tradition of the Italian ambient master.
  • Mastelotto, Pat & Markus Reuter: Face. Tempus Fugit (TF VÖ 41). Street date: 24-03-17. One long piece of 34 minutes makes the material of this album, packaged as a three panel digipak. The music was recorded between 2007 and 2011 and has undergone a long working process, with attention to multiple details, contrasts, complexity and artistic expression. A journey presenting a wide panorama of musical shades, forged through the musician's various experiences of Crimson related projects. Prominent guests also appear on this album, like for ex. Steve Wilson!
  • Moonbound: Confession And Release (Unsung Records). This debut album combines accessible hooks and potent rock energy, with inventive production values. Featuring Markus Reuter and King Crimson's Pat Mastelotto, the album was recorded between October 2005 and April 2007 in Europe and the US. The expanded European version comes with a 10-page booklet.
  • Moore, Steve: Demo 2003 (HLAVA003). LP. You may have already heard Steve Moore's work as one-half of the unbelievably awesome prog-rock instrumental duo Zombi or through his phenomenal first solo-album called "The Henge" (Relapse/Static Caravan, 2007). Now Moore gives us "Demo 2003", a re-issue of his first solo recordings from the turn of the millenium. In contrast to Zombi's tightly structured progressive epics, "Demo 2003" is an exploratory, psychedelic meditation. Over the course of its 10 tracks, including the previously unreleased "Fever Dream", "Demo 2003" explores psychedelic paths through dark atmospheres and drifting harmonies. Smaller in scale than "The Henge," these tracks document Moore's initial fascination with analog synthesizers, focusing more on experimental timbres and droning ambience than on composition or form. This is why this long-player becomes the soundtrack of the mind. It is paranoid, monumental music that hypnotizes the listener with an unholy mix of gloomy, nightmarish, electronic ambiences and the neverending and almighty cosmic beauty. Limited to 500 copies! release: 04/04/2008
  • Music A.m.: Unwound From The Wood. Quatermass QS 174. Dec. 06. This is the 3rd album of this band based in Germany but also including a Scottish player. The lineage can be traced towards groups like Stereolab, Laïka, Tuxedomoon. Elastic rhythm loops, whispered voices, guitar and analog synths are combined here in a rather contemplative work
  • Musica Improvvisa is a project of electronic improvisation, an open dialogue among musical experiences, different narrations and aesthetics made to disorientate and orientate again in new soundscapes. The label Die Schatchel label is behind this enormous box (available for sale early in June 2010): 10 albums, 10 groups in a free and temporary line-up = 10 CDs + 1 DVD + 1 poster!
  • Myhre, Jo Berger & Ólafur Björn Ólafsson: Lanzarote. Hubro CD / LP (HUBROCD2619 / HUBROLP3619). Street date: 04-10-19. The Norwegian - Icelandic duo comes here with their second output, after an award nomination for their debut album from 2017. They keep seeking deeper, accenting the emotional impact of their music.
  • Nadja: Autopergamene. Essence Music (ESS013). NADJA at the peak of their sonic language of slow-blooming, heavily nuanced ambient guitar constructions and slow motion, lush, epic heaviness. Divided in three colossal movements, the album starts blissfulyl, paced and almost orchestral, travels through straight up, super distorted and rumbling sludge riffages to finally unfold delicate acoustic guitars that glacially give birth to an enormous, heavily layered symphonic wall. Breathtaking. 6-panel digisleeve packaging housing a 6 cards set with beautiful paintings by the gifted Portuguese artist L Filipe dos Santos. Superb mastering via James Plotkin.
  • Nadja: Touched. Street date: April 22, 2008. Conspiracy Records (CORE063). Limited edition (750 copies). Following Nadja's releases of Radiance of Shadows (2LP) and Truth Becomes Death (2LP), here's the third opus! All 3 are to be released as a limited edition of 750 copies, 250 on coloured (Silver vinyl for Touched)and 500 on black. All 3 releases have similar special 'deluxe' packaging, including embossment, die-cut sleeves and heavy full colour innersleeves with pictures by Seldon Hunt. As if this isn't enough, all LPs will have an ETCH on side D.
    With "Touched", Nadja have hit the perfect meld of punishing doom/sludge six-string fuzz, endless militant drum machine bludgeon, and chest-swelling shoegaze/post-rock/ambient-influenced catharsis. Nadja's brand of doomy ambient metal incorporates beautiful melody into crushing riffs....
  • The Necks: Silverwater. Recommended (RER 0276). May 2010. Named after an industrial suburb area of Sidney, this first album of the Australian trio is now reissued. El piano, guitar, bass and drums were called for building something that could be the soundtrack of an imaginary road movie!
  • Nemezis: Inbetween. SPIREA400CD. Nemezis is the living legend of Polish electronic music scene. Their new album "Inbetween" is the first new one since 6 years. New electronic ambience. Beautiful, subtle, deep and very emotional sound. The album was being recorded between September 2006 and June 2007.
  • Norton, Doris: Raptus. Black Widow (BWR 144). CD & LP. 15/12/11. Here's the 30th anniversary edition of an album recorded in 1981 with with the help of Antonius Rex, Lorenz Schulze and Italian drummer Tullio De Piscopo . The CD version contains a TV appearance of Doris Norton in 1981 playing Psychoraptus... she is really an Italian icon of experimental electronic music and a true pioneer of early electronic/computer music, a sort of Italian Klaus Schulze.
  • Nosound: Lightdark. 2008. Burning Shed. Three years on from debut album Sol29, Nosound returns with its highly anticipated second album, "Lightdark", released through the Burning Shed label. Regarded by critics and fans alike as one of the most interesting up and coming alt/art rock bands in Europe, "Lightdark" sees the Nosound identity evolve into something even more focused and powerful. Highlights include the 15 minute epic "From Silence to Noise", the ethereal "The Misplay", and the epic piano/mellotron driven ballad "Someone Starts To Fade Away" (which features No-Man's Tim Bowness on vocals). At the same time, the band also took the opportunity to reissue their debut album "Sol29" in a remastered and recompiled final edition. "The Red Song" and "The World Is Outside" have been added (taken from the Sol29 studio sessions, the songs have already appeared in different mixes on Nosound's live dvd)
  • Nosound: The World Is Outside. DVD-R. An elegantly produced companion piece to Nosound's debut album Sol 29, The World Is Outside is partly live chronicle and partly audio/visual Ambient experiment. Containing three songs from the band's debut performance, three unreleased Ambient pieces (with atmospheric visual accompaniment) and a variety of audio and photo outtakes from the Sol 29 sessions and performances, The World Is Outside provides a fascinating behind the scenes glimpse into the inner workings of this fresh and emerging Italian band.
  • Stefano Panunzi: Beyond the Illusion. Street date: 26-03-21. Digipak CD or red vinyl. This third album by the Roman keyboardist expertly blends cinematic art rock with ambient and jazz influences. Many guests appear and among them are drummer Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson), singer Tim Bowness (No-Man), Italian bass player Lorenzo Feliciati.
  • Stefano Panunzi: A Rose. Planned for February 2010, Stefano Panunzi's second solo album is a sublime mixture of exotic ballads, rich textures and Art Rock adventurism. It features an impressive list of performers: Mick Karn, Tim Bowness, Thomas Leer, Giancarlo Erra, Robbie Aceto, Sandra O'Neil, Theo Travis and Markus Reuter.
  • Stefano Panunzi: Timelines. Released on the label RES, this newly mastered project of ambient-rock-progressive music features quite an impressive row of involved artists such as Mick Karn (Japan, Kate Bush, Jansen/Barbieri/Karn), Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree, Lisa Stansfield), Haco, Nicola Alesini (David Sylvian, Glen Velez), Markus Reuter (Centrozoon), Peter Chilvers (duo with Tim Bowness, Henry Fool), Sandra O'Neill, Mike Applebaum (Stan Getz, Zucchero), etc...
  • Perrey, Jean-Jacques: Moog Sensations. Reissue CD or LP. Dare-Dare DD017. J.J. Perrey is a brilliant manipulator and cult artist, one of the precursors of the techno sound, of pop space age and of easy listening.
  • Blaine L. Reininger: Ocean Planet. Dark Companion (DC017). Street date: 04-03-23. Now signed to the Italian label, the Tuxedomoon musician offers here an ambient-avangarde opera written, recorded and mixed by himself in Athens, composed of 12 deeply intense, atmospheric and introspective tracks. The beautiful cover is taken from a paining of Blaine's wife, Maria Panourgia. Some of the tracks were laying in Blaine's drawer since a while when producer Max Marchini discovered that some of them, here proposed, fitted perfecly one after the other, describing a wonderful, intimistic continuum.
  • Blaine Reininger & Coti K.: Uneasy Listening. NEO 06. The co-founder of Tuxedomoon meets here the confirmed Greek wizzard in numeric electronic, Coti K.. The tracks present an assortment of various types, from MIDI and keyboards to violins and the crooner voice of Reininger, which may remind of Bowie or Tom Waits.
  • The Resonance Association: Failure Of The Grand Design. Debut album for Burning Shed. Clocking in at just under 55 minutes, the album consists of nine dark and ambitious instrumentals described by the band as being an "ambient-techno-goth-prog crossover". In any case a powerful mixture of electronic atmospherics, soaring guitar solos and fractured motorik rhythms.
  • Reuter, Markus: Trepanation. Burning Shed. Trepanation is German Warr-guitarist Markus Reuter's first release with US electronica label Lotuspike, and is a typically inventive example of his unique compositional style and instrumental dexterity. Trepanation shimmers with complex layers and contrasts, combining soft atmospheres and pulsing rhythmic guitar textures.
  • Reuter, Markus and Ian Boddy : Dervish. Probably their most challenging studio collaboration to date! Dervish pushes beyond the usual comfort zones of electronic and ambient music. You may have heard Boddy and Reuter before but you've not heard them sound like this. Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson) guests.
  • Robert Rich / Ian Boddy: Outpost + Lithosphere. DIN Records. Those are two collaborative works between the British synthesist Ian Boddy and American recording artist Robert Rich. Both Boddy & Rich have been involved in electronic music for over twenty years but have travelled very different musical paths. Rich is best known for his many releases on the Hearts of Space, Hypnos and Release/Relapse labels. Boddy's numerous electronic albums on his Something Else Records label garnered respect throughout Europe during this same period. Full of surprising transitions and dynamic extremes, "Outpost" shows these two veteran recording artists stretching their music into new vocabularies. Four sections of the album feature pulsating rhythms from Rich's MOTM modular synthesizer. Boddy departs from his normally electronic voicings with abstract textural interludes on prepared piano, which he performed on the 1925 vintage baby grand in Rich's studio. Interwoven with NASA broadcasts, ionospheric radio whistlers, Boddy's extreme Metasynth excursions, and Rich's signature steel guitar, "Outpost" promises to take the listener to new sonic terrain. Whereas "Outpost" was sonically 'out there' and was perceived by many to have it's heart in the realms of space music, "Lithosphere" has a more earthy, organic quality. One of the binding forces for this album was the duos decision to utilise an alternate just intonation tuning. This at times gives the harmonies a piquant flavour whereas at others a glistening quality that just adds to the sonic exotica that Boddy & Rich have concocted on "Lithosphere".
  • Steve Roach: Destination Beyond. Projekt PRO 235. Street date: 02/11/09. This all-new release combines immersive atmospheric harmonic zones and the setting of spiraling patterns and hypnotic rhythms. Perfectly blending these two sonic qualities over the course of the continuous 71-minute piece, the flowing soundscapes on Destination Beyond propel the mood to a mesmerizing state which is unique from any of Steve's pure rhythmless immersive work while achieving a similar sensation that works perfectly in repeat playback mode.
  • Steve Roach: Dynamic Stillness. Projekt PRO 228. Street date: 02/11/09. Dynamic Stillness presents ambient-electronic pioneer Steve Roach in the deep end of the pure atmospheric, among the realms of amorphous soundworlds filled with a sense of unresolved expansion and mystery, blooming into cloudlike form. Contemplative, silent and mysterious!
  • Roger Roger: Call Him Roger ... Les Disques Cassés. LDC-001SP. Reissue 22/06/05. Precursor of Electronic Music, sound explorer, great orchestrator... his career brought him worldwide recognition and acclaim.
  • Satelliti: Im Magen Des Kosmos (PCR01). 2011. An experimental record by a Tyrolean duo that always hangs in between the relaxing and the unsettling, leading us to infinite spaces to dig into. Bizarre, perhaps, but far from stodgy. It is also in a way an atypical release for 2011: drum'n'synth in the era of drum'n'bass, keyboards used as guitars, distant drums, acoustic drums that fit discreetly on vagaries of sliding or screaming electronics.
  • Schicke, Fuhrs& Frohling: Ticket to Everywhere. Esoteric Reactive (ereacd1004). Street date: 24/05/10. First ever UK CD release of the final album made by drummer Eduard Schicke, keyboard player Gerd Fuhrs and guitarist and bassist Heinz Frohling. They were a uniquely gifted trio who blended ambient synthesiser music and space rock with jazz-rock to create a style all of their own. Ticket to Everywhere was originally released on the Brain label in 1979. A classic of the genre, this expanded CD reissue has been newly re-mastered and also includes three bonus tracks of rare live performances by the band recorded in 1978.

  • Schnitzler, Conrad: Contakt. Margen (1103). Those unreleased recordings from the 70's present a melodic face of Schnitzler which is not far from Klaus Schulze or Ash Ra Tempel; surely one of the most accessible!
  • Scorn: Stealth. Ad Noiseam ADN88CD. 15 years since his début and 5 since his last studio album: Mick Harris breaks the silence and delivers with "Stealth" one of his most massive works so far. Staying faithful to his trademark sound, this corner-stone of a musician, constantly redefining the boundaries of electronic music, delivers here 8 salvoes of monumental bass, sparse dry beats and deep drones.
  • Secret Voices: No Time For Silence. Conceived by producers Tim Motzer (Nine Horses/Ursula Rucker) and Enrico Marani, Secret Voices combines epic compositions, potent improvisations and mesmeric wordplay from a unique collective of poets and musicians. An ambitious collision of ambient, dub, classical, free jazz, and electronics, laced with Motzer's trademark guitar feedback and loops, Secret Voices also features the sublime poetry of Ursula Rucker (4 Hero), Rich Medina, Elliott Levin, Kalaf Angelo and Adriano Englebrecht. Musicians Barry Meehan, Jeremy Carlstedt and Gloria Justen all make powerful contributions to Motzer and Marani's compelling and culturally eclectic dark cinematic vision.
  • Sepvlcrvm: Vox in Rama. Argonauta (REX43). Digipak. Street date: 12-05-16. Sepvlcrvm is a mysterious journey of mystical ascent, based on a deep inner interpretation of primordial knowledge and ancient sacred scriptures. Working as a sonic incantation to a back-drop of bold religious imagery and iconography, this duo summons a haunting soundtrack of pure uncontaminated improvisation, whispering evocations, occult drones and hypnotic guitars.
  • Show of Exaggerations. Featuring Synapscape's Philipp Münch, Centrozoon's Bernhard Wöstheinrich and produced by Markus Reuter, Show Of Exaggeration is a heady Dark Ambient concoction, fusing powerful tribal rhythms with harsh electronic textures.
  • Sixth June: Pleasure. 12" Mannequin Records (MNQ045). Jan. 2014. Serbian duo Sixth June - Laszlo Antal, composer of all the tracks and daily an illustrator and music video director + Lidija Andonov, eitherway a professional actress - come with a fresh new 5 tracks 12" EP "Pleasure". They play minimal, industrial synthesized music - digging into the colder corners of the synthetic 80's for inspiration (Gary Numan, John Foxx, Depeche Mode). Limited edition of 500 copies.
  • Slick, Julie & Marco Machera : Fourth Dementia. Sept. 2014. Not a typical bass-dual project, this recording reinvents the role of solo electric bass and brilliantly displays the songwriting abilities of the duo; a captivating combination of loop music, ambient soundscapes and interlocking bass patterns, always melodic yet aggressive and edgy at times. The bass guitar has a prominent role throughout the record, however more tracking was provided by acclaimed drummers Eric Slick and Pat Mastelotto, and violinist extraordinaire Sarah Anderson.
  • Spheric: Music For Laboratories. ST.AN.DA. (ST.AN.DA. 1914). Street date: 02-09-20. This is a project by Orlando Lostumbo - a Roman double bass player and composer - who, for this work, has chosen the moniker of Spheric. For the realization of "Music For Laboratories", the artist has been inspired by his working environment, a research institute - the Istituto Superiore di Sanitá - where, for over thirty years, he has been working as an employee at the internal library, one of the most important in the biomedical field in Italy. In this work - close in nature to Brian Eno's "Music for Environments" - Lostumbo uses electronic sounds, piano and - in some tracks - the double bass, deconstructing, superimposing and displacing the electronic and acoustic sounds, creating effects that lead to continuous processes of sound transformation within a 'circular' and 'mantric' music.
  • Splashgirl: Hibernation. Hubro (HUBROCD2559). 06-11-15. Fifth album for this jazz doom trio, continuing their close collaboration with technician and producer Randall Dunn (Earth, Sunn O))), Marissa Nadler). The music on "Hibernation" is rich in detail, catchy and laid-back, and has a solid drive and a powerful motor. Now the band sounds better than ever.
  • Geir Sundstøl: St. Hanshaugen Steel. Hubro (CD: HUBROCD2642 / LP: HUBROLP3642). Street date: 01-10-21. This album - his 4th solo output - is an homage to a steel factory that was working from 1890 to 1969. Weaving a musical universe of dreamy landscapes with a host of instruments and gear, bearing an unquestionable filmic character, Sundsøl has with him keyboardist David Wallumrød, bass players Jo Berger Myhre and Mats Eilertsen, drummer Erland Dahlen, as well as performing guest Arve Henriksen on the opening track.
  • Sword Heaven: Entrance. Load 107CD. Sword Heaven is a Columbus duo using sheet metal, electronics, horn, drum and treated vocals to bring a supercluster of black clouds into your zone. While there is an undeniable black tone of metallic grime hanging over the proceedings, this music will appeal to those wanting something absolute in their lives. Yes, name check pre-industrial dive bombers like the Swans or Godflesh, but realize that will not prepare for the all out bombast this duo spreads on your toast.
  • Tangerine Dream releases on the BootMoon label:
    - Cleveland 1986. BOOTMOON 006. The material captured on this recording is drawn from a number of sources including the bands then current album 'Underwater Sunlight' (Scuba Scuba, Dolphin Dance and Ride On The Ray) the concert also featured a re worked version of Stratosfear and Yellowstone Park from Le Parc.
    - Brighton 1986 Live. BOOTMOON 007. Brighton 1986 is the next stage in the Bootmoon series. Recorded in Brighton this album finds the line up of Edgar Froese alongside Chris Franke and newcomer Paul Haslinger who had joined Tangerine Dream in late 1985 following the departure of Johannes Schmoelling.
    Those recordings have been remastered for release and as with others in the Bootmoon series of recordings are released in a limited edition.
  • Tangerine Dream
    The german band is still much alive but current releases are also digging up material from their golden age. Here are the latest arrivals:- Bootleg Box Vol. 2: a 5CD boxset of concerts from the 70's following the previous released vol.1.
    - Dream Mixes IV: actually only the work of Edgar and Jerome Froese.
    - Bootmoon Series. The first releases of those live recordings on a 2CD started in february 2004. More are to follow this year and already available now are: Montreal 1977, Aachen 1981.
  • Tilomo: Soft Lunch. Tilomo is the brainchild of ace Philadelphia-based producer/guitarist Tim Motzer (Nine Horses, Ursula Rucker). After his more experimental excursions with Burnt Friedman and Jaki Liebzeit (Can), and his powerful groove-orientated work with King Britt and Ursula Rucker, Tilomo is Tim's first venture into Chill-out/Ambient territory and displays his typically uncompromising and inspired touch. 10 soundtracks, each a world in its own. A seductive soundwomb of soft electronics and fresh ideas.
  • Trajedesaliva: Ultratumba. áMARXE (0221). Street date: 08-02-21. The Galician duo of Mon Ninguén (music, instruments) and Una Vena (words, voice and visual concept) are back with an album full of passion, anguish, bitterness and sadness. An architectural wonder of pure analog electronic sound resulting in a very moving and demanding music, where the boundaries between dark ambient, synth prog, spoken word and industrial noise meet.
  • Tuner: Totem. Debut outing for Pat Mastelotto and Markus Reuter. Experimental and driving electronic rock music incorporating adventurous and unpredictable electro-acoustic arrangements and typically powerful instrumental performances, "Totem" blends the potent force of King Crimson and the textural scope of Centrozoon to produce a thrilling and challenging statement of intent. A powerful calling card from two of Avant-Rock's most unique players.
  • Piero Umiliani: L'Uomo nello Spazio. Dagored (RED 301). June 2015. First ever and long awaited reissue on black vinyl of one of the most rare releases on the legendary Omicron label.
  • Vitolo/Buoninfante: Aend. ST.AN.DA. (ST.AN.DA.2021). Street date: 02-09-20. Here is an electro-acoustic impro-duo born in 2016 that mixes several musical styles and approaches such as musique concrète, field recordings, sound processing and live electronics. Luca Buoninfante: objects, microphones, laptop, field recordings + Anacleto Vitolo: live electronics, laptop, Fxs. Recorded at Laughin' Grass Studio in Cava de' Tirreni (July 2018).
  • Bernhard Wagner is a Swiss musician who started playing the electric guitar in 1981. He has been heard lately in several projects, studio or live, connected to the ambient scene. Here are a few of the latest released!
    + Pedal Tone. On Burning Shed. Treated textures collide with ascending minimalist pulses to create an unexpected and highly atmospheric collaboration between Burning Shed's innovative guitarist-in-residence, Michael Bearpark and the German Swiss looping guitarist Bernhard Wagner.
    + Bernhard Wagner: The Fourth Night (2005). His 1st solo album recorded in Zurich and Norwich (UK) with the help of Andy Butler who recorded Bernhard's playing directly to harddisk without telling him that he was doing so. Guitar improvised lines, live loops and vocals are the main ingredients of this album.
  • Some new CD releases on the Italian label WATER!
    + Cluster & Eno: S/T. WATER 156. Originally recorded and released in 1977, this pioneer ambient music album brought together several legends of progressive electronic music: Brian Eno, solo artist and collaborator with David Bowie, Robert Fripp, and Roxy Music; Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius, both of whom had made dozens of ground-breaking recordings throughout the 70's and Michael Rother, of the hugely influential krautrock band Neu!. This album was the first of several celebrated collaborations between these artists, whose influence looms over many current artists such as Moby, Radiohead, Aphex Twin, Massive Attack, and Tortoise. The first in a series of Brian Eno/Cluster related collaborations to be reissued by Water in 2005.
    + Cluster: Cluster '71. Water 160. Reissue. On the outer edge of German space rock, Cluster '71 stands as a testament to minimalist "kosmische" music. The three untitled tracks composed and performed by Moebius & Roedelius are exploratory, ever-changing pieces with focuses on guitar distortion and synthesizer wails, though each goes far beyond.
    + Eno / Moebius / Roedelius: After The Heat. Water 162. Brian Eno's second album collaboration with Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius of Cluster consists of slow-moving instrumentals full of repeated synthesizer sound patterns and sustained guitar notes in the ambient style familiar from Eno's collaborations with Robert Fripp and albums of his own, such as "Discreet Music.
    + Eno / Moebius / Roedelius: Begegnungen. WATER163. A prime compilation from the Eno/Cluster family, Begegnungen features solo, duo, and trio recordings circa 1976-1984. These include pieces from various configurations of Eno, Moebius, Roedelius, Plank, and percussionist Mani Neumeier. The compositions are strong and inventive, and the music, an eclectic mix of progressive Krautrock and artistic, ambient electronica, is the best of its genre. All the material is synth-based and mostly upbeat, even bubbly at times.
    + Eno / Moebius / Roedelius: Begegnungen II. WATER164. These tracks, recorded from 1976-83, are an appealing mix of artsy electronic ambiance and progressive Krautrock. Eno's mechanical "Broken Head" stands out as the only vocal track - a dark, almost oppressive industrial tune. "Speed Display" is a fantastic showcase for percussionist Mani Neumeier's speed and endurance. He generates an incredible rhythmic groove, supplemented by sparkling synthesizer flourishes. Roedelius shines with two contributions to the set. His atmospheric "Mr. Livingstone" is an Asian-influenced synth piece with percussion. Along similar lines, the warm colors of "Langer Atem" may have been inspired by Eno's more melodic ambient work, perhaps "Music For Films." Moebius and Plank's "Conditionierer" scores as upbeat, quirky synth rock.
  • Erik Wollo & Bernhard Wostheinrich: Arcadia Borealis. Norwegian ambient artist Erik Wollo in collaboration with DiN / Centrozoon stalwart Bernhard Wostheinrich. A beautiful, atmospheric album inspired by the early arctic explorers.
  • Thierry Zaboitzeff: Prométhée. Remastered reissue on the Spanish label Margen of the debut album of a founding member of Art Zoyd. This is the music of Aeschilus Prometheus (a work conceived by the "Collectif Théâtral du Hainaut" in 84), very close in its form as well as spirit to Art Zoyd's "Le Mariage du Ciel et de l'Enfer" and Nosferatu.
  • Zazou, Hector & Caillaud, Bernard: Quadri + Chromies. Materiali Sonori MASO90139. this is in fact a CD + DVD featuring great folks such as David Sylvian, Eno, Ryuichi Sakamoto and more as well as the Archea Strings (Mauro Fabbrucci, Vieri Bugli: violins / Marcello Puliti: viola / Damiano Puliti: cello / Filippo Pedol: double bass)
  • Zazou, Hector & Caillaud, Bernard: Quadri + Chromies. Materiali Sonori MASO90139. this is in fact a CD + DVD featuring great folks such as David Sylvian, Eno, Ryuichi Sakamoto and more as well as the Archea Strings (Mauro Fabbrucci, Vieri Bugli: violins / Marcello Puliti: viola / Damiano Puliti: cello / Filippo Pedol: double bass)