• Music Publishers

  • Advance Music one of the finest jazz publishers in Europe. Based in Germany. Sher has the New Real Books and is getting a must inside latin jazz publications. Aebersold Jazz Inc. covers so much pedagogical jazz material.

  • Record Labels & Distributors

  • Those members of the Gong family have a nice label of fusion music. from New York City. Few references but high quality. one of the biggest european distributors of progressive and new music the russian association of independant genres. Have a look! progressive music from Canada A great place to enrich your knowledge of music from Hungary and the Balkans!

  • Great sites of Progressive Rock

  • from Uzbekistan another important source of information on progressive musics with many reviews

    Calyx The bible in Canterbury musics

    Chronological Prog-Rock Discography You wouldn't believe me so take a look by yourself!

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  • Great Jazz Discographies

  • Great sites related to Brazil

  • Brazilian Artists

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  • Magma The One And Only Alien Band!

    Soft Machine A superb discography of Soft Machine.