Taylor's Free Universe

Taylor's Free Universe
From left to right: Kalle, Johan, Pierre, Karsten and Robin

Taylor's Free Universe (TFU) had their long awaited live debut at an experimental music festival in Copenhagen in the spring of 2001. TFU's music draws a line from european free jazz (avant-garde) in the 60's up till today's contemporary music aided by electronics.
Danish born band leader/guitarist etc... Robin Taylor has in the past decade put his name and skills to a large amount of highly acclaimed CDs, all in the vein of an experimental crossover between (prog)rock, jazz and avant-garde. In recent years he has been collaborating more and more with the Danish saxophone legend Karsten Vogel (of Secret Oyster and Burnin Red Ivanhoe fame) and the French violinist Pierre Tassone. TFU was formed in 2000 with the addition of Swedish born bassist Johan Segerberg and the Danish drummer Kalle Mathiesen. Since 2002, the core of the group became more and more Taylor, Vogel and Tassone, while the rhythm section changed with time, including in turns bassists Peter Friis Nielsen and Klavs Hovman, drummers Pere Oliver J°rgens and Stefan Pasborg for live concerts and Lars Juul for live concerts and studio albums since 2004. Another Burnin Red Ivanhoe member, reedman Kim Menzer, became member of the group and is featured in the "Family Shot" album from 2005.

Robin Taylor runs his own label Marvel Of Beauty.

  • 5th best Danish jazz release of 2002! That's the rank TFU's CD "File Under Extreme" achieved this year as a jury of journalists had to find the best Danish jazz release among 136 productions.

  • Nomination to the Danish Music Awards! The CD "On-Plugged In Elsinore" (MOBCD 008) is nominated in the category Danish jazz release of the year! This is a live club recording from march 13, 2003. We had the pleasure to share the stage with the great Danish bass player Peter Friis Nielsen. No rehearsals, no overdubs, just improvised playing magic! The record was officially launched on july 5, 2003 on which day TFU played at the Copenhagen jazz festival.

  • TFU's new release is out. "Manipulated" is now waiting for your comments! The record is already nominated to the upcoming Prog Awards 2006! You can read more about this in the CD page, news section

  • Robin Taylor's Web Page! http://www.progressor.net/robin-taylor/index.htm




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